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Thugs which mantra (anagram)

How plain can we put this? Human Rights Watch (HRW) is not some genuinely caring, highly moral crusader for the freedom, the justice, the well-being and the equality of the world’s people, it is an inherently flawed mafia of corrupt propagandists whose catalogue of failures over the past three decades constitutes a level of human-rights violation – in its own right – that is practically unscalable. Its doctrine of hate which it spreads with bias and inaccuracy in equal measure is voluminous while, by contrast, its achievements for the betterment of mankind would not fill the back of a postage stamp.

Predictably, it continues to go after President Rodrigo Duterte and his war on drugs and the rising body count in the Philippine crackdown, like a hyena pack circling its latest victim. Yet the other side of this coin – as illustrated in Execution of the people’s will – is never broached.

The latest piece of street theatre – a “die-in” acted out by prostrated placarded protesters lying on props of FX-bloodied cardboard outside the Philippine National Police headquarters in Quezon City – if not an HRW production was certainly a dramatisation based on a story by HRW.

And so, while we would rather be writing about the Philippines’ investment potential and neglected areas of the economy which this administration is endeavouring to address with the same passion and commitment that it is taking to the drug gangs that seek to turn the country into the biggest crystal-meth marketplace in the region, we cannot stand silently by.

HRW and its mouthpiece in the Philippine Senate, former Justice Secretary, Leila de Lima – one-time head of the Philippine Commission on Human Rights – link Duterte to extra-judicial killings as if it was some self-evident fact. They offer no evidence of this; they have none. But they paint the president as if he is the reincarnation of Romanian madmen, Nicolae Ceauescu and Vlad the Impaler. Like thugs at a picket line, they chant their mantra of allegations to stir the mob.

They talk about “crimes against humanity,” of a “human-rights calamity” and the Philippine road “to complete anarchy and savagery” – utterly ignoring the irony of what is undeniable: that the effects of the wholesale marketing of illegal drugs is the real crime against humanity; that their use and the lawlessness that fosters that use is what is really blazing the trail towards anarchy and savagery. So let’s take a little closer look at Human Rights Watch.

Headquartered in the Empire States Building in New York City, its targets regularly mirror those of the US Government whose foreign policy it reflects – in 2014, their cozy relationship was described in an open letter signed by two Nobel Peace Prize laureates and more than 100 scholars, as “a revolving door”.

Nor is it too choosey who its donors are: Saudi Arabia, for example – fundraising famously once described as “like a women’s rights group asking the Taliban for a donation” – or the US$100 million it gratefully accepted from multi-billionaire business mogul and political activist, George Soros, in return for becoming his hand-puppet to be used as a fist against Israel. After all, someone has to pay for this organisation’s US$75,702,574 annual lifestyle, which is what it cost last year.

Its “researcher” ranks teem with the disciples of radical activism; its evaluations are determined by a ready reckoner compiled by the ultra Left – they fit where they suit. With their hallmark double standards, they demonised UK gay-rights campaigner, Peter Thatchell, as a racist, a colonialist and an Islamaphobe when he spoke out against the execution of homosexuals in Iran, while declaring that “discrimination” against the LGBT community in Malaysia is “pervasive” and that the people of Moldova should take their parliament to task for proposing child-protection legislation which HRW considers to be anti-gay.

This organisation’s litany of anti-Semitic bias – its anti-Israel campaigning in particular – is as transparent as its arguments are fabricated; its findings and pronouncements, as ideologically self-serving as they are inaccurate, and as ill-researched as they are fanatical.

As far as the illegal-drugs trade is concerned, not only does it not treat this as a present-day plague, it calls on governments to “reduce the use of criminal law to regulate drug use and production”. No wonder they have a problem with Duterete; he certainly won’t be acquiescing to that request.

Duterte is not engaged in crimes against his own people, he is desperately trying to provide them with lives that are not scarred by the blade of a drug culture. There’s no question that he loves his people; that he will risk his own life to protect them should make that patently obvious.

Hopefully, the voice of the silent majority can rise above the din of his enemies and answer these attacks with the derision they deserve. In that pursuit, we would urge those of you who agree with the sentiments expressed in this article, to Like it and Share it wherever you can and let the president know that the people who depend on him for a brighter Philippine future, can depend on them for their support.

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