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The Washington Post sticks its nose in

Washington Post

Super-propagandist, The Washington Post, one of the shabbiest purveyors or corrupt journalism to be found anywhere, and an unapologetic protector of select interests within the Capital Beltway, is clumsily attempting to infer that Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s switch in foreign-policy focus – away from the US and towards China – contradicts the will of his people.

And here’s its evidence; that a poll conducted by the Pew Research Center shows Filipinos love Americans more than any other nation on Earth – including possibly Americans themselves. In the poll, 92% of Filipino respondents (we don’t know the sample size) gave the US the thumbs up. By contrast, the Post article points out, only 54% expressed a liking for China.

So what was the question they were asked? Was it: Does American foreign policy in East Asia serve the Philippines well? Was it: Are Filipinos satisfied with remaining a virtual US dependency – 70 years after gaining independence from it? Was it: Should America drive a wedge between the Philippines and its biggest neighbour, China – a country with which it also has a long and enduring history? Or was it: Should Manila accede to the wishes of Washington on all regional issues and let Philippine policy be made in the White House and not Malacañang?

Well, it was none of those. It was this: “Do you have a favorable or unfavorable view of the US?” A fairly anodyne question. But anything could be going through people’s minds – from burgers to basketball; CocaCola to Hollywood; Lady Gaga to Spiderman; online dating to a Green Card. It was a ridiculous question and it deserved a ridiculous analysis of its findings which The Washington Post willingly supplied. In its view, Filipinos’ love for America means that Duterte has betrayed his people. That’s so far from the truth that we are awarding the Post eight Pinocchios – the badges of dishonour which the paper normally reserves for those it deems untruthful.

Meanwhile, The Volatilian™ has decided to take a closer look at that Pew Research survey and, using the same Post’s once-over-lightly analytics, draw a few more conclusions.

What it clearly shows is that countries where the US Government has been actively engaged, there is a less favourable view of Uncle Sam. For our purposes we will look at countries in the region which America is desperately trying to pivot away from – the Middle East – in order to set up in East Asia. This is how they marked America’s favourabiliy.

Jordan, 14%; Lebanon, 39%, Palestinian Territories, 26%; Pakistan, 22%, and Turkey (a NATO partner), 29%. Pew apparently couldn’t find anyone to ask in Afghanistan, Libya, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Iran, or Yemen, but we’d hazard a guess that in some of those places US favourabiliy would be struggling to make double digits.

Aside from the paucity of thought that went into this survey – that speaks for itself – what The Washington Post article shows is that it will manufacture any argument it can, however irrational, to make a case against Duterte; a man who has repeatedly put the US establishment’s nose out of joint. And of course it has to; it’s in Obama’s back pocket for one thing, and it’s a leading member of the mainstream media glee club of White House coddlers for another; it’s not going to break rank.

It’s as if Obama’s tame media are on some kind of bonus system which rewards anti-Duterte editorial in proportion to the number of column inches of it which it spews out. And the more fallacious, also the bigger the pay out.

None of this, of course, is remotely relevant to Duterte’s realignment of his country’s foreign policy. Furthermore, Duterte’s eastward policy shift has nothing to do with the people of Idaho, Nebraska or the Carolinas – nor with the Filipino people’s love of them; nor their high regard for things American.

What it does have to do with is the constant dictating by the Washington political class of what is acceptable to it in terms of the Philippines – and, we repeat, three score year and ten after the archipelago gained its independence from that political class.

What The Washington Post would like us all to believe is that Duterte has snatched his people, from the comfort and safety of the American cradle and delivered them to a dark and evil stepmother. The VolatilianTM has been saying this for quite some time: Washington, and the many-tentacled octopus it controls, want Duterte out of office and will do almost anything to achieve it. And that certainly includes sowing dissent within the Philippine population.

This is nothing to do with people-to-people relations; between Filipinos and Americans they will endure and continue to prosper. Nothing can stop that. This is about an extremely popular democratically elected leader saying that he wants full and unreserved sovereignty over his country’s future. And that is all it’s about.

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  • Your characterization of the Washington Post is perfectly correct, it is the ex Soviet Pravda of the West, with very little credibility these days. Nonetheless, they are right when they say that president Duterte’s pivot to China is “against the will of the Filipinos”. You say yourself that 92 percent have a favorable view of the US and only 54 percent hold a similar view with regards to China. No doubt these attitudes are the result of a century-long brainwash and it will take time till the Filipinos will adopt their president’s stance on China vs. America. If you read your own text again, you will see the logical gap I am pointing to.

  • ..never mind WPost,..just take a look at some local FB sites,it is a natural sentiments of the Filipino People,it is their reactions that SWS survey had validated with their own assessment..,it shows +66% of Pinoys trusted US,than the -33% as againsts China …

  • the 92 percent of Filipinos who likes the Americans don’t know the history and what the USA is doing to the Philippines. Asked ko lang dyan sa 92 percent why the USA doesn’t like to lose the Philippines? Mag research kasi kayo bago sumagot sa mga survey.. and for the Filipinos who are Americans citizens who doesn’t like the Duterte administration stay were you are..Kasi ako I want to be independent from aAmericana not a puppet na sunud sunudsunuran..And herea Pres. duterte who gives panic and stirs the USA..Finally I have a president na hindi pwedeng diktahan..

  • what u trying to do americans to out pres. duterte due to people power. it will never happen again in this country, nagsasawa na kami sa people power. wala nang power ang people ngaun . people nalang. hahah. they are brain washing us to a people power.

  • majority of Filipinos like America but it does not follow that our leader will always follow your foreign policy which only protects Americas interest. it is now time with Pres. Du30’s leadership that we will pursue our own interest and chart our own independent foreign policy…

  • I don’t care on medias and those high headed people, i voted for President Duterte, simply to believe in him, that above all negas and is the man whom i can depend upon for CHANGE after decades of government flaws and mismanagement..miscalculations and all..

  • Alam namin na lhat ng paraan gagawin ng mga kanluranin pra masira ang Pinas.pero kmi ang nkakaalam xa srili namin.wla kming pkialam xa mga sinasav ng news ng lintik na Washington na yan.pilipino kmi at ndi mamamayan ng Washington. Kya qng jan xa Washington malakas ang survey pabor xa inyo.kming mga pilipino ang nkakaalam na mahal namin ang aming ayaw naming gwing lugar ng giyera.tulad ng mga plano mhal din namin ang aming Presidente.

  • Pres. Duterte said that now is the time for “separation”. Meaning, Filipinos should now be independent (NOT DEPENDENT) on the dictates of USA. But the President added that there will be “no severance” of ties with USA.
    Filipinos react negatively because of our colonial minds thinking that USA is our angel when in fact we are considered as a slave country of America.

  • false information … how could you say that ??? thier are over 105 M. popullation in the phil .. are you sure that is reliable? hmm .. #colonial mentality #they have a lot of influence to the Filipino youth in todays generation thought we are no longer colonized physically but we exhibit colonized mentality … 🙁 🙁 🙁 reality check 🙁 🙁 🙁

  • Nagkakamali kyo The Washington Post..We agree on what our Pres Duterte did in separating from US..We Filipinos want to be independent from you..We will try our best through our hardworking and tough president …to stand alone…We love the Philippines more than any nation…We want to have our sovereignty .How can we do this if we still cling to US who for a long time is always backing us..Isn’t it the right time for us to be independent??Why react too much???

  • US Philippinos can own property in the US, get jobs, get retirement from our businesses, join our military, send 10b a year in remittance to the Philippines, I ask you are US citizens afforded the same rights in the Philippines? how much money from Philippines is sent back to the US? does china want nothing for their investment? what is chinas immigration policy? japans? korea’s? US tourism there is millions if not billions of your business yearly, I like your president and his Philippine first stance ..what would you think of America if they went in same direction? I see a lot comments that phil first even while living and working in the states, but if American in the Philippines think the same way we are bad?….I can’t own property in the philippines, work there, unless it’s a contract (few), and have to pay monthly just to stay with my family… we pay taxes and contribute to the economy also…. reeks of war? your prior gov asked us for help after china took your sea rights and fishing grounds pretty much by force, we come to help and now you say you don’t want us to help…personally I agree and think we should do as you ask and pull out the whole S china sea and surrounding areas (trade, aid and militarily)…of course japan and s korea would not want that, china would and n korea would…..seems to me that war would hit your shores rather quickly, japan knows this and s korea and few other countries over there know this…anyway americans are also tired of our gov not putting our country first, we are one person away from following in your New Presidents footsteps and putting America first…the rest the world will be able to liv in peace and harmony and America would prosper again…

    • Actions in self-interest don’t always have the intended result but that doesn’t alter their original purpose. It’s the nature of our unpredictable world.

    • very true, I agree America should do the same as your president, worry about ourselves and our country..all this trade and doing business with that side the world obviously has caused nothing but problems, instead of looking the good it does for economies over there everything about us anymore is negative, we have many countries eager to do business with us much closer and will cut out the proxy fighting over shipping lanes on that side the world….our own people believe this and want this change to. Unfortunately we have so many immigrants that believe the current gov policies and refuse to vote for change therefor tipping our elections for more the same….Asia does not need us and trade among yourselves will be win win for you..

    • we are trying that’s for sure…that is one the reasons,my wife and her family supported Pres Duterte because he cares for his people…i like that and admire it in a president to, unfortunately only one the candidate’s is thinking in the same lines as President Duterte, the other not so much

  • Madali lng po ang kasagutan sa mga problemang yan. Magdaos ng Referendum. Itanong sa taong bayan kung ano talaga ang gusto, democratic o communism. Murahan ng murahan. Di bale sana kung bilihin….. Nakakabanas na!!!#

    • can’t afford? american patriotism will topple anything since the 9-11 attacks. they are GUARDING their COUNTRY 24/7. it we pose as a threat do you think they will even think twice to attack us?

    • Yes they will for any unreasonable reason. But this time they have to think it twise. They will lose the war if they have no control over the Phil. Which i don’t let this to happen.

    • phil is just nothing sorry to say what do we have? minerals resources? they have those in other countries! they can survive without us but we cannot survive without any help from any country

  • You got a one sided review Vola-tilian. Its crystal clear that you have thrown your unquestionable support to PRD depending every acts and posture of this controversial leader. Praising every good deeds and justifying every wrong moves and actions. You’re even accusing reliable and dependable media’s as biased and paid media to the detriment of your own kind. Now tell me, who is more apt to be called as super-propangandist?

  • That may be true, since most Filipinos grew up looking up at America as a benevolent nation and a friend of Filipinos. I, for one, still like America but it does not mean that because i like it i have to be enemies with nations which go against it.

  • About time for us to have a breakup with the boyfriend who takes us for granted as if we are doormats. Find another boyfriend+ (with additional”S”) where we are more respected & be happier. O, me angal?

  • Ang US hindi napapabilang sa most corrupt samantalang ang pilipinas ay nsa top 10 most corrupt papaano kita papaniwalaan .hintayin natin ang susunod na pres ng US kung anong magiging reakyon nila sa pres natin .

  • This is because of false propaganda against China. China is not a warlike nation unlike the USA is a warlike country, US loves war because they profit from it. Shame on you ugly Americans, the ugliest people in the world, a no.1 hypocrite & human rights imperialist and violator. Let’s move forward, never backward.

  • I am for independence… our kababayans there in U.S. are simply a product of friendship including my wife but, I salute our President Duterte for being a true patriot!

  • The Americans are complaining the media is controlled by the oligarchs, Therefore, only what benefits them will be reported. Same as the Philippine media, full of market of junk ideas..they are just mind conditioning the Filipinos, in truth they are afraid and is hiding the truth, the oligarchs are benefitting from the Philippines. Let us all welcome the change. Join the economic tiger China so we Filipinos will be a tiger. .

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  • “I announce my separation from the United States. America does not control our lives.”

    Duterte did not hesitate to say that America, which is part of the New World Order, “has lost now. I’ve realigned myself in your ideological flow [China], and maybe I will also go to Russia to talk to Putin and tell him that there are three of us against the world—China, the Philippines, and Russia. It’s the only way.”

    Keep in mind that Duterte is not against the West’s achievement in science, medicine, and even in language. Duterte admitted to a reporter that “I am more articulate in English than in my own dialect.”
    But Duterte seems to have had enough lies and fabrications being forced down his throat. He has realized that the New World Order has produced a batch of propaganda against countries like China and Russia.

    “Now that I am president, and by the grace of God I read a lot. I’m a lawyer, and I study Geopolitics and now I get to know how to balance these contending [ideologies]. At this age I now have the proper perspective to judge whether the foreign policy is good for us or not.”

    Shazam! Duterte nailed the New World Order right here. Duterte moves on to say that one of his motivations was to wage a frontal war against drug traffickers and gangsters and thugs who wanted to destroy the Philippines. “I will charter a new course,” he adds, “changing direction of the foreign policy and be with friends with everybody.”

    As academic and former diplomat Peter Dale Scott of the University of California points out in many of his scholarly studies, the CIA and the Mafia have been spreading political terrorism through drugs in nearly all the five continents on the planet. Scott writes:
    “In country after country, from Mexico and Honduras to Panama and Peru, the CIA helped set up or consolidate intelligence agencies that became forces of repression, and whose intelligence connections to other countries greased the way for illicit drug shipments.”[2]
    It is inevitable, then, that Duterte would find himself squaring off with the New World Order and its agents.

    He argues right after was elected that that he has observed how elected officials used government funds to destroy lives through illegal drugs.

    If the drug business continues in the Philippines, says Duterte, then the country “will be a failed state, just like Latin America and Mexico, which have already produced sixty thousand deaths [through the drug business].” Duterte has a case here: “I’ve never heard of Obama and the EU complain about it. They were focusing on me.”
    Duterte has also declared that the oligarchs were more interested in spreading illegal drugs across the country than protecting the helpless, the poor, and the defenseless. In fact, the oligarchs, as one writer has shown, were “helped by communists” since the 1980s in the Philippines, and it “explains much of our quagmire to this very day.”

    The Philippines, like the United States, has been ruled by “A greedy oligarchy unconcerned over, even blocking, the redistribution of assets and radical basic reforms that could improve the lives of majority of Filipinos.”

    “I have seen how illegal drugs ruined family and destroyed relationships,” he said. His job, he said, is to counterattack and destroy the world that the oligarchs have created through drugs. He declared.

    “Love of country, subordination of personal interest to the common good, concern and care for the helpless and the impoverished—these are the lost values that we seek to recover.”

    If that is the case, then New World Order agents have every reason to fear Duterte. This is why Zionist organs such as the Washington Post can preface their remarks by using words such as Duterte’s “self-proclaimed ‘drug war’…has claimed thousands of lives.

    The Post nevertheless admitted: “Philippines’ Rodrigo Duterte poses a major and unpredictable challenge to the U.S.

    As we have already seen, Duterte is in talk with Russia and China, which means that NWO agents will almost certainly have more serious challenges in 2017. It is no reason that New World Order organs like the New Yorker would misquote and then twisted Duterte’s words.

    In any event, it seems that Hegel’s “cunning of reason” is back on the political table again.

    Duterte also shows that one country (in this case Russia) can make a difference after all. Vladimir Putin has been holding the fort against the New World Order for quite a while, and perhaps now he is seeing some fruit with Duterte’s rise against the establishment.
    src: Veterans Today

  • Why President Duterte is pursuing an independent foreign policy?
    By: Lily Sobrepena

    Understanding Duterte’s Position on South China Sea vs. The Interest of the West The South China Sea area is actually more important to the US and Europe than to the Philippines. Lying in that vast body of water is an international waterway where 5 Trillion US Dollars in global trade passes every year going to the Western countries. If China controls the whole stretch of the waterway, including overflight thereon, global trade to Europe and US will become more expensive. The adverse impact of it to the west will be very costly. This explains why US and Europe were supportive of the Philippines and they were all urging China to respect the decision of the Permanent Arbitral Tribunal favoring Philippines on our claim.

    Duterte’s position on the issue however, is not subservient to the West. When he declared that he is pursuing an independent foreign policy, he is bent on negotiating with China directly instead of becoming confrontational as the West wants him to be. Duterte is aware that our court victory is an empty one for lack of enforcement mechanisms on the decision. Neither the US nor the west and even any of the UN instrumentalities can help the Philippines enforce that decision. It solely relies on China’s recognition for which it has already repeatedly rejected. If we decide to confront China by force, which country will come to help us?

    The NATO military arsenal cannot be stretched to the South china sea because its forces are confined to Europe in an attempt to contain the Russian military flexing in Europe and mid-east. Germany will never come to aid the Philippines because of its trading relations with China. France will be a reluctant potential ally because of the external threats it has been facing. Great Britain will never send its military planes to the Philippines because it has been courting China for trading relations as an aftermath of the Brexit.

    If we use diplomacy, particularly by bringing the issue to the halls of the UN and asking the members to enjoin China into accepting the decision, we should take note of the fact that more than half of the countries in the UN are having trading relations with China for which they cannot afford to severe ties with, much less with ASEAN. What we see here is purely “politics among nations” at work and Philippines must be careful on its approach and for which Duterte has shown a great deal of expertise in terms of diplomatic maneuvering. Given that scenario, we are left with US and Japan at our side to help us in our confrontation with China. However, America is heavily indebted to China and the level of its trading relations with China outweighs any possibility for any war between the two.

    But the more serious question which should bug us is this: Is US really a true ally in this conflict? When Duterte brought out the issue on Bud Dajo Massacre in 1906, he wanted the Filipinos to revisit our alliance with the US in the light of his intention to adopt an independent foreign policy. During World War II in 1941, we fought side by side with America where we lost more than a million Filipino lives. It was never our war, yet we were invaded by Japan because America was with us. After the war, US government helped Japan in its reconstruction efforts financially and economically until it became the world’s second largest economy next to US until to date. What happened to the Philippines as an ally which gave up more than a million lives defending America? While a miniscule of assistance were given to us since World War II, these were handed out with strings attached and were designed to continue US interference in our internal affairs.

    Now, America and its allies in Europe want to use us again as a pawn to serve its economic and political interest in the South China Sea – to keep that international water way navigation-free. On the other hand, our main interest in the area is fishing right as well as exploiting the rich mineral resources underneath. From all indications, China is mainly interested in the control over that stretch of international waterway militarily as part of its hegemony over the region. Duterte believes that by negotiating directly with China using the decision of the court as our leverage, we can get most of what we want. However, Duterte believes that we cannot successfully negotiate with China if we remain under the shadow of Uncle Sam. Hence, the need to project an independent image to convince China that we are negotiating with them in good faith sans any influence from the West. This left US and Europe in quandary on how to protect their interest over South China Sea with the revolting posture of Duterte.

    The only way is to get Duterte out and replace him with a pro west Philippine President. This partly explains why the West is anti Duterte and all forces including traitors from our country are now in global conspiracy to get him out of the presidency by using all sorts of issues to discredit him, e.g. his foul mouth, extra judicial killings, hitler image, and many more to come. For all of us Filipinos, including Anti Duterte forces, the President has just expressed a long overdue rebuke on the US shabby treatment to our country as an ally in the Asia Pacific. He wants US and Europe to treat us well as co-equal. America owed our country big time based on historical accounts and Duterte wants US to realize that and pay our country even with interest. If US made Japan as the second largest economy in the world post world war II and after all the damage Japan has inflicted US and our land, why didn’t US help Philippines as much as Japan if our country is a true ally? Sanamagan.

    Filipinos should realize that there is more to the issues of EJK and the foul mouth of the President as systematically magnified by the West and their collaborators in our country, including both local and international media. We should “look at the forest, not just the trees”. The West wants Duterte out of the presidency for his anti-west sentiments and for his refusal to protect the interest of the west – that’s the crux of the matter and that’s what’s behind all these shenanigans. It’s a grand conspiracy to discredit him internationally because of the massive support he enjoys from our country’s masses. It’s a clear imperialistic design concocted by the West and swallowed hook line and sinker by political prostitutes and opportunists of this country to serve their selfish interests – a grave act of betrayal against the sovereignty of our country.


  • It’s never the Americans,science and inventions,philosophy,democracy in its true sense and meaning,language,humanities and the arts…The problem is it’s politics and belligerent foreign policies and relations.Hitler,if alive today and seeing the continuous strife,genocidal activities,and resulting exodus and inhumanities of 21st cen leaders would simply say~~I told you so!

  • Pls share let us try to fight US paid media if not to destroy to continue to control our nation. Let us all pray we are fighting a hard war against US who controls and manipulates the media.

  • Hahaha, they should not glory in that survey! I tell you, Mr. T. W. Post, if you conducted a survey of the Filipinos living in Spain when we were under Spain, 100% would have answered they love the Spaniards. If you have conducted a survey of Filipinos living in Manila when Dutch briefly occupied it, 100% would have answered they loved the Dutch. If you have surveyed the Filipinos living in Manila when the English briefly occupied it, 100% would have answered they love the Englishmen. If you have surveyed Filipinos living in the Philippines during the Japanese occupation, 100% would have answered they love the Japanese. And if you conduct a nationwide survey of Filipinos living in China, Hongkong and Taiwan today, !00% would answer they love the Chinese.

  • I would like to ask the geographical ang demographic coverage of the survey. They need to explain and show us the whole statistics so we can see and assess it’s correctness

  • Ryan ikaw ang taong wla ng krapatang mnirahan xa pinas..kc ndi mo mhal ang bansang sinilangan mo.bkit.?anak ka ba ng kano.kya gnon na lang ang pagtatanggol mo xa mo nsasabing ndi tau mabubuhay ng srili nating bansa lamang.ang ibang bansa nga nangangailangan xa atin.dhil xa likas na yaman natin.ikaw na lang umalis ng pumunta xa lugar na xa palagay mo magbibigay ng katiwasayan xau…

  • Mark Pascual.ikaw ang taong binabanggit mong gutom xa ikaw din ang taong mangmang..qng dka ba naman tanga at bobo.bkit kailangang srili mong Presidente sraan mo.para ka lang humampas ng tubig xa palanggana na ang talsik ay xa pagmumukha mo.ngayon magisip isip ka..sno nga ba ang tanga dba ikaw nga yon..tanga.