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Filipino people and SWS survey
Filipino people and SWS survey

While elements of the United States Congress, the European Union and the United Nations continue to propagate the lie that they’re working in the interests of the Filipino people by their continued attacks on President Rodrigo Duterte and his administration; while the defeated Liberal Party continues to peddle the same falsehood, those very same Filipino people beg to differ. They believe – a resounding 80% of them at least – that it’s Duterte who’s working in their interests.

This can be concluded from the results of the latest survey conducted by the respected independent research institution, the Social Weather Stations (SWS), which shows eight in 10 Filipinos have “much trust” in their president. This is the result of the first quarter survey of 2017 and continues from where the fourth quarter survey of 2016 left off. In that poll Duterte was given a “much trust” rating by his people of 81%.

These findings are an embarrassment to Duterte’s opponents; and, as such, they will be ignored. They won’t, for example, be reported on in The New York Times or the Guardian. CNN and the BBC won’t be doing a documentary on how a nation is fully behind its president. They’d be reported if the figures had been bad; then they’d never stop quoting them. Such is the blatant self-censorship of today’s mainstream media – you know, the ones that keep crying about “false news”.

The proposed Philippines Human Rights Accountability and Counternarcotics Act of 2017 which The Volatilian™ reported on yesterday – An act of malice – makes this claim, and we quote: “To support the people of the Philippines”.  Co-authored by two US senators, this piece of legislation seeks to ban weapons sales from the US to the Philippine National Police. An act of blatant interference, it seeks to compromise and damage Duterte’s War on Drugs.

It seems, then, that these Western institutions and their dutiful mainstream media know far better what’s good for the people of the Philippines than the people themselves – the ones that actually live there and understand the place.

And yet, in Metro Manila – a conurbation of 34.6 million people which has the biggest drug and criminality problems of anywhere in the archipelago – endorsement of Duterte shot up from a “very good” 76% last December to an “excellent” 82% in this latest SWS survey.

Similarly, we’ve all read the glowing coverage over the past couple of days of the surreptitious visit to the Philippines of UN special rapporteur on extrajudicial killings, Left-Liberal Agnes Callamard; how this self-proclaimed champion of human rights came to the Philippines in a private capacity to preach on drug policy at the University of the Philippines (UP); at an event sponsored by Duterte’s opponents. We learned of how well received her wisdom was.

We didn’t see in that same coverage, however, the blistering outrage as ordinary Filipinos – those not part of that select UP audience – set the Internet on fire calling for Callamard to be declared persona non grata by the Philippine Government and banned from entering the country again. Nor in any future coverage of Callamard’s talk at the university will we read that 84% of college graduates, 82% of 18 to 24 year olds and 81% of 25-34 year olds in the country give Duterte a “much trust” endorsement.

Nor can the Liberal elites claim that the figures represent some reflection of the ‘macho’ tendencies of the nation.  While 82% of men gave him a “much trust” rating, 78% of women did the same.

All this clearly shows that the president’s net trust rating among the Philippine nation continues to receive an astoundingly high approval. For a full year now – May 2016 to May 2017; four consecutive quarters – the people through these surveys they have increasingly backed Duterte with their trust. Interestingly, SWS results were always liberally quoted by the media when they reflected well for the previous president, Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino; though his were never as consistently high as for Duterte.

The most telling statistic, however, is the rate of increase in the people’s trust of this president. In May last year, following his election victory, they gave him a “moderate” grade with just 54% having “much trust” in him.

Back then, however, Duterte’s War on Drugs had barely got off the ground. It would seem the people were holding back; uncertain whether this president, like most of his predecessors, would also renege on his election promises of combating the drugs problem and the culture of criminality that’s pervaded Philippine society for so long.

One year on, however, that uncertainty has been addressed. Duterte has stayed true to his word, and as a result that “moderate” grading has leapt by 26% to today’s “excellent” – the view of 80% of Filipinos.

As Presidential Spokesman, Ernesto Abella put it in commenting on the SWS results, “resistance to change in Philippine society has been breached (by Duterte) … with him we are assured that the interests of the Filipino people come first and last … the President continues to be the most trusted national leader today”.

And he also makes this point: “(Duterte’s) net trust rating has been excellent for four consecutive quarters, considering the deeply entrenched culture of illegal drugs, criminality and corruption”.

In short then, it would seem that in the view of the Philippine people, far from working in their interests, the big Western institutions are actually working against them. Duterte was elected on the strength of what he promised to do. And a big part of that was to give his people a country they could feel proud of and a country where they’d feel safe.

More specifically, he promised them that he’d purge the archipelago of a drugs scourge that’s imprisoned 4 million of its citizens and quell the ever-rising waves of crime that have washed across all stratas of society for generations; that, choose how difficult it would be for him – irrespective of how much he’d be vilified and demonised by his political opponents both at home and abroad – he would stay true to those promises.

The results of the SWS survey is the Filipino people saying thank you to him and telling him that he continues to have their overwhelming support. These, then, are the feelings of the people of a sovereign state – a democratic one at that. And one that is not prepared to have its sovereignty and hard-won democracy trashed by a spiteful opposition from within the country – one represented by the Liberal Party, which the people rejected – nor by intruding, non-representative forces from outside the country which seek solely to further their own self interests.


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  • Duterte is truly an influential president. Anybody wanting to land on papers ride on the popularity of Duterte. And they end up being notorious. You are right Duterte. You are the President of the Philippines. Serve the Filipinos well. That’s all that matters.

  • I will give REAL money if you can give even one incident that EU, UN or US are working for the interest of the Filipino people then it was used to attack the mahal na pangulong digung.

    Wasn’t it our beloved president who kept attacking the US, EU and UN, even declaring aligning the Philippines with China and Russia?

    The mahal na pangulo severing ties with the Americans yet we still have BALIKATAN 2017? He even announce nullifying the MDT with the US, did he?

    The mahal na pangulo then gloriously announcing the Philippines is a sovereign nation, poinsettias yan mga HUMAN RIGHTS critics yet he sends SENIOR DELEGATIONS to defend our Human rights records? Poinsettias na UTUAN ETO AH!

    • Randy Ambog
      Can’t give you real money. I said an incident EU, UN OR US are working for the interest of the Filipino people. Can’t find anything there that is for the good of the Filipino people. It’s all about that lady Agnes.

      This rapporteur does not represent the UN, nor do her views eka ni Tiglao yan ah.

    • Rommel Adap Catalan bakit po nasabi nyo na she doeant represent UN? Di sana ni recall na cxa. Wehh daming sinasabi maconditon lang utak ng mga fans ni duterte. Wag mag alala after callamard yung ICC prosecutor na darating.

    • Mary Jane Luste Patilano
      Nilagyan ko po ng source diba?si rigoberto Tiglao po may sabe nyan. Eka nya -this rapporteur does not represent the UN, nor do her views. Bakit ako pagbintangan mo neh ey ala ako laan diyan kaka 😀😁😊😋

    • Kailan ba ang magnanakaw magsasabi na siyang nagnakaw? Kahit patayin mo man yan, hindi talaga aamin. Kaya gumamit ng dahas. Sa kaso ng US, UN at EU, hindi nman cguro tayo mga bulag at bingi na hindi nakaririnig at nakakakita sa kanilang ginagawa. Yong chief ng Unchr nagsalita laban kay pangulo, ang isang member ng eu parliament nagsalita laban sa pangulo at ang US senators ngsalita laban sa pangulo. Lahat yan nagsalita laban sa pangulo kaya sinagot sila ng mahal na pangulo. Bakit ang germany at france at ibang bansa, hindi pinagsabihan o pinagsalitaan ng pangulo? Bkit sila lang? Sa kaso ng Tsina, sana kung gusto ng US na tumulong, pagsimula pa lng ng pagtayo ng estraktura sa wps, kaalyado mn kaya natin ang US, bkit hindi nila kaagad binomba at sinira yong tinatayo ng tsina tulad ng ginawa nila sa iraq at afghanistan?

    • Renato Pinos
      Self serving? Ang isang member ng EU parliament speaks for EU parliament CONSUMPTION.
      A US Senator when speaking against the mahal na pangulo speaks for the CONSUMPTION of US Senate.
      A UNchr speak against the policies of the mahal na pangulo speaks for the CONSUMPTION of the UN. all of which the President replied with PUTANG-INA NG US, EU AT UN. A very healthy freedom of expressions. (Parang ganito po yan kung sabihin ko na PANGIT ANG MUKHA NG KAPITBAHAY sa aking asawa, that is for the CONSUMPTION OF MY WIFE and I’m not NANINIRA SA KAPITBAHAY, kapag nagreact si kapitbahay ey BAKA NGA PANGIT SYA).

      Then the Chinese building structures ON DISPUTED AREAS on SCS (not WPS, renaming an area for purposes of claiming it doesn’t make it ours). You are Principal II? you should know it’s been SOUTH CHINA SEA since?

      On the ground it’s already settled. China is in possession of twelve geographical features, Taiwan one, Vietnam twenty-one, Malaysia five and the Philippines nine. If China can build a majestic structure and we can’t, while everybody claiming are all in violations, ey tawag dyan INGGIT. Only China had indisputable sovereignty CLAIM OVER SCS, we don’t have such ridiculous claim. Even the arbitral award stated China violated our EEZ and the environment but the ARBITRATION didn’t delimit maritime boundaries because those held outcrop CANNOT GENERATE TERRITORIAL SOVEREIGNTY.

      At kung Tama ang sinabe mo na bakit HINDI TUMULONG ANG US NG MAGTAYO NG ISTRAKTURA ANG CHINA SA SCS (EKA MO WPS) at ey binumba agad eto, ey eto mas maganda tanung, bakit walang ginawa ang PHILIPPINE NAVY, AFP O ANG PRESIDENTE MISMO NG FILIPINAS KUNG TAMA ANG IYUNG SINABE NA TERITORIO NATIN YUN? Kailangan kasi TAMA ang premise mo na ating teritorio ey mali ey disputed pa ey.

      Walang ginawa kasi nga DISPUTED AREAS? Para kang isang bata NANAGHOY sa isang kendi gusto mo ey IAALAY SAYO nakaluhud ng EU, US AT UN. We are a responsible member of the international community and not a little toddler that will enter into a tantrum when we are confronted with NO CANDY.

      So saan nanggaling ang baluktut mo katwiran? Taga Davao ka ba po?

      In short, sa amin sa tagalog, buntot mo hila mo, sungay mo sunung mo.

    • Renato Pinos
      Now this one is different. WE SENT OUR SENIOR DELEGATIONS. We enter into their arena even though the president said PUTANG-INA ng UN at HUMAN RIGHTS?

      (GENEVA—Countries across the world put the Philippines on notice over its deadly war on drugs on Monday, demanding an end to extrajudicial killings by President Rodrigo Duterte’s security services.
      Diplomats from all continents condemned the reported surge of deaths during so-called antidrug operations, which have claimed thousands of lives since Mr. Duterte took office at the end of June last year.)

      Yan ang PAKIALAM pero diba tayo pumunta? Diba dapat PUTANG-INA NILA? So yun PUTANG-INA ng mahal na pangulong potty mouth ey palabas lang pala?

  • I’d been with the First People Power Revolt at EDSA. I voted for Grace Poe. I’ve seen what ‘s in the heart of Duterte and he’s enjoying my trust now. I surely belong to the more than 80% in the SWS survey. Those meddlers and noise makers are not working for me as a Filipino. What a shame!

    • No noise can harm our mahal na pangulong digung. There is nothing in the Constitution that can remove a sitting president of the Republic.

      Except of course if you believe the Edsa revolution kuno. Edsa 1 is a failed assassination attempt and Edsa 2 Erap resigned. There is an SC decision that say so Erap did resign.

  • DU 30 was not really protecting the interest of the the filipino people but protecting the interest and evil intentions of China towards Philippines.

    • Walang gyera na mangyayari ,ayaw ng China yan ang gusto lg ng China ay e dominate ang pinas sa pg papautang ng bilyon2 pera para makuha niya ang pakay niya sa pinas ang natural resources nito dala na y ong posible “oil doposit sa west phil sea at sa benham rise ang pag papakita ng puersa ng China ay panakot lg yon s a ky digong,kung gigerahin na man lg ng shina ang pinas para makuha niya ang pakay nito,eh bakit pa ito mg papautang sa pinas ng bilyong2 dolares ???it doesn’t make sense ika nga.alamin mo sana kung ano ang nangyari sa bansang Venezuela,ano ang nangyari sa kanilang bansa pg katapos pautangin ng China..

    • Ano ba ang katotohanan? Ang katotohana ay talamak sa droga at kuraption sa pilipinas. Kelan nagsimula? Bago dumating si pdutrte. Kelan nalaman? Ng dumating si duterte. Nalutas ba koruption at droga bago dumating si duterte? Hindi. May ginagawa ba ang rehimeng duterte para malutas? Oo. Kung sino ang hindi tumutulong sa paglilinis ay nagkakalat. At ang nagkakalat ay mga basura. Maraming paraan kung ayaw nyo kay duterte. Unang-una, mamundok kayo. Kung ayaw nyong mahirapan, magkulong kayo sa kwarto. Kung mayaman kayo, magpunta kayo sa ibang bansa. Walang pumipilit sa inyo na gustuhin nyo ang bagong gobyerno. Wag lang naman sana kayong magkakalat ng lagim!

    • Ang venezuela bumagsak dahil sa corruption, kung hindi ntin lalabanan ang kurapsyon dito sa bansa ntin na talamak na hindi malayong sumunod tyo sa venezuela.

    • ang pagpapautang ng china ay katulad rin ng pgpapautang ng bansang america sa pinas pero ano ba pakay ng amerikano sa pinas?

      kinuha ba ng amerika ang benham rise at ang mga natural resources ng pinas?hindi diba?

      ang pgbagsak ng bansang venezuela ay isang kapabayaan ng kanilang liderato at pagiging sakim sa salapi at paghahangad ng kanilang sariling interes.

    • Tama ka johnrie de la cruz ceazar. Gusto kc nila sa america umasa. Nang ilang taon tayo sa kanila sumandal, ano kinahihinatnan ng pinas? Di ba binakuran ng china ang scarborough? Kay duterte kasalanan kahit alam ng lahat 2012 pa nagsimula ang pagtayo ng straktura. Kay duterte rin mali kay nangutang sa china. Sino may lahi ng intsik? C duterte nman. Halos lahat ng mali ni Pnoy kay duterte kasalanan. Aba, mahiya nman tayo nyan.

    • Hindi naman tama ang lagi tayong umaasa sa ibang bansa mapa sa America o sa China o ano pa mang bansa kasi kaya naman namin tumayo sa sariling mga paa,ang pangungutang kasi ng mga marcos noon sa IMF at WORLD BANK ay naging sansi ng malawakang kurapsyon sa ating gobyerno,sa ngayon masasabi mo bang hindi na kurap ang mga nasa gobyerno?? tingnan mo ang mga naka paligid ky du30,wala ba silang may mga bahid ng kurapsyon??example na lg c Alvarez,maraming kabit,malinis ba sya??ang Venezuela nga ay bumagsak dahil sa kurapsyon ng mga nasa gobyerno nila at hindi malayong mangyari sa atin to,ang druga ay matagal nang umiiral yan iba iba lang nga ang pangalan ,coccain,hashish at kung ano ano pa pero ang pina ka uso sa ngayon ay shabu at ito ay galing china,ipinasa sa mga pinoy ngayon naging talamak,pero ang war on drugs ba naging epektibo ba sa pg sugpo sa drugs?ang pg patay ba sa mga adik ay tamang sulosyon sa problema sa drugs??marami ang nadadamay na mga inosente ang iba mga bata,ang iba napgkamalan lg ,ang iba ng surender natukhang pa rin,palagay ko hindi dahil dito lg sa aming bayan marami pa rin ang bentahan ng shabu,ng mahal pa nga ang shabu ngayon eh,ang dating 150 na score ngayon ay 500 na o gumanda pa ang kita ng mga pusher di ba??kahit sa anong angulo mo tingnan napakaraming kapalpakan ang ginagawa ng administration ni digong kung si Espinosa ay nag surender at na kulong ay pinatay pa rin sa loob bg kulongan,sino pa sa ngayon ang safe? ang lahat ba ng ipingako ni digong ng panahon ng kampanya natupad ba? isa na ako sa muntik ng mauto,buti na lg naisip ko ang taong palamura ay wala sa tamang kati nuan at ugali”tutoo nga ang kasabihan na hindi lahat na kumikinang ay ginto..

    • Hindi nman mawawala ang droga, ang kaibahan lng ngaun ung mga addict hindi na malayang nkakakalat sa lansangan at malayang nkapambibiktima ng mga simpleng mamamayan. Nagtatago na sila. Ung corruption hindi kyang labanan ng gobyerno lng yan kung wala kang gagawin parang pinahintulutan mo na lng rin yan. Sa inyong bayan marami pa rin ang bentahan ng shabu dahil wala kang gnagawa para labanan un. Ang pagtutulungan ng gobyerno at mamayan ay malaking bagay para tapusin ang isang problema sa inyong kumunidad. Kung maghihintay ka lng ng pagbagsak ng bayabas mula sa puno hwag kna lng magreklamo. Ang kaibahan ng mga pilipino ngaun, marami ng pilipino ang umaasa d tulad dati ang mga pilipino nawalan na ng pag asa nung bumagsak ung venezuela noon naisip ko lng na baka sumunod na ang Pilipinas kong mahal.

    • Kung nagkamali man c Marcos sa pangungutang, basihan ba ito na magiging korap din ang susunod na admin? Sna pagdating ni cory at mga sumunod na administration ay napababa na ang korapsyon. Hindi eh. Ginawa nilang gatasan ang kaban ng bayan. Sinasabi ng iba marami ang nafadamay, sagot ko dyan kung bibilangin natin kakaunti ang nadamay. Anong basihan? Arraw araw may napapatay pero ni isa sa mga kamag anak nagsabi na hindi gumamit ng shabu, lahat gumagamit magkaiba lang sa haba ng panahon at pagkakataon. Inosente daw ang napapatay. Pag inosente ba kailangan ng magdroga, magbenta at humithit nito? Kung inosente ba kailangan ng magnakaw at pumatay? Sino bang ordinaryong tao na pumasok sa opisina at inabangan ang pinatay? Sabihin nga ng mga umaayaw at komokontra sa kampanya laban sa droga kung mayroon. Mayroon bang mga studyante binaril ng pulis o ng pdea kaagad agad dahil pinagdudahan sa pag gamit ng droga? Lahat gumagamit. Kanino kasalanan yan. Kay duterte na nman. Saan kayo makahahanap ng giyera na walnag colateral damage? Marami nagrereklamo sa kampanya ng pangulo sa droga dahil human rights violation daw. Ano naitutulong natin? Wla. Reklamo ng reklamo na wlang katapusan. Sa akin kc kung may mapatay na kamag anak na lulong sa droga, ginawa nya yan at yan din kaparusahan sa kanya. Anong mali don? Banal ang buhay at kung anu ano pang paliwanag ang ibinabatk sa

    • And it doesnt make sense rin na ng dahil lng sa pagutang ng pinas sa china, pambayad na mismo ang pinas, may kakayahan pa nmn ang pinas and cant u watch o read any news about philippine economy, parang sa pagkakarinig at nood ko patuloy na umuunlad ang pinas, ang di na lng cguro umuunlad ay un mga tulad nyong ayaw sumunod sa pagbabago at puro n lng reklamo.

  • During election campaign du30 and cayetano assured Filipinos to end drugs within 6 months only because cayetano said they have secret formula for that,now,what happens to the said promise??it went up to 3 years??that means we have to count more dead! Drug should not be bloody after all what happens to the innocent civilians?a collateral damage??it is really a big shame for du30 to the international community.only a psychopath person could have a mind and idiology like these..who always want to kill people,you could only kill people but you cannot kill or stop drugs..I should rather say the du30 a dministration should focus on economy,and do not borrow money from China it only burden our country to indebtedness and the next generation of Filipinos who is likely to suffer much for the payment of these debts..

  • Working in the government if you do your job according to the book/rules n regulation marami kang kalaban but if you compromise in doing your job you will have lesser enemies.

  • Ganon din po kasikat noon si hitler basi sa history.ganon din po xa hinangaan noon.parang xa po ang tama kung ang nakararami sa mga german ang tatanungin mo noon.pero ano ba xa sa history ngayon?mauulit na po ba ang history?

  • Those people who opposed pres.Dutertes war on drugs are the same people who’s interest lies within a much darker side and have as much to reveal on there own.
    They hide within a sheeps skin but what lies beneth were wolves waiting for its prey to fall in thier trap..but sad to say that they will fail ..i myself as a Filipino supports our beloved president on his good cause..and so are the rest of our countrymen…we won’t let evil win and take over a good government with a strong will..and yes we will be vigilant..


  • LPs, Delimaw, Trollanes, piggy drilon, fake vp leni lugaw, bambobo aquino, hontivirus, kiko matsing, laglag lagman, si bahag congressman, gasgascon and their financier loida lowest.. sorry mga talunan kayo..