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Silence for the lambs

Silence for the lambs, child-sex offences Philippines

Yesterday, a federal jury in the US convicted a 57-year-old Florida man for a slew of child-sex offences carried out during regular visits to the Philippines – a country that’s now become the land of choice for paedophiles globally. They enjoy Thailand; they’ll dabble in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, but the children they love to use and abuse to sate their appetites for sexual perversion, more than any, are the young – and often the very young – boys and girls of the Philippines.

Like the drugs menace that’s crippled so many youthful Filipino lives; like crime in all its forms that’s been let to run rampant in the past, child-sex is another manifestation of a society that’s been allowed to go bad through inertia, lack of resources and a set of political priorities that places party agendas above – and well above – protecting the most vulnerable and the most radically insecure members of that society. Its children.

This shameful neglect shows up the political class, the mass media, the Roman Catholic Church and, more especially, the human-rights groups, local lawyers among them, operating in and around the Philippines for what they really represent. And that’s not the welfare of teens and pre-teens. These institutions are more concerned with trying to bring down a president who won’t serve their Liberal agenda. And yet he didn’t create these problems; their apathy did.

They’ll go into instant uproar over the death on the streets of two youths shot in a very dubious drugs bust – and so they should; though their concern is not for those youths; it’s to use their deaths as a weapon to strike the country’s president, Rodrigo Duterte. That’s the now-transparent mask they all wear. They’re kidding no one with their carefully choreographed outrage.

Where are their voices when a seven-year-old girl is raped by a vacationing 57-year-old sex fiend? Where are their street demonstrations; where are the placards decrying that? They’ll turn out at the drop of a hat for any chance to put Duterte or his administration in a bad light – but, apparently, if it can’t achieve that goal it has no merit; it’s not worth turning out for.

The Liberal/Left in the Philippines – like its counterparts in the US to which it’s closely allied – has become a sick strain of Machiavellianism that cares for little else other than its own pursuit of power. And among the easy victims, the collateral damage of their campaign, are young children getting damaged daily right across the archipelago. They’re the great ignored. They have no vote; they have no voice and so it seems to this self-absorbed class, they have no value.

David Paul Lynch, who could be looking at a life-term in a federal US prison for his ‘crimes against humanity’ – a charge the Liberals like to reserve for Duterte – was a regular visitor to the Philippines from 2005 to 2016. In fact, he could be in the Philippines molesting children right now if he hadn’t been arrested at San Francisco airport last December as he attempted to board a flight to Manila.

Philippine tourism numbers may be trailing most other destinations in Southeast Asia across the board, but one demographic where it’s way ahead is that for child-sex-trade arrivals. And have no illusions, this segment is well organised. Lynch, planned his itinerary from his Florida home through Philippine-based child-sex travel agents. He didn’t just arrive on spec and take what was available, he had his trips well mapped out.

He’d instruct his ‘travel agents’ on his requirements – not whether he wanted an ocean-view room or whether he wanted breakfast included; he’d specify the age, gender and body type of the children he wished to acquire. And after arriving and unpacking his sex toys and cameras, room service would arrive.

For Lynch – as with many other paedophilic travellers to the Philippines like him – these trips were working holidays; “Business & Pleasure” is probably the box he ticked on the immigration form he made out on the plane prior to his arrivals.

The ‘business’ part of that, of course, was the production of child pornography: posed still-shots and videos, dozens of which were unearthed by FBI agents during a search of Lynch’s home in the picturesque town of Venice in Florida’s Sarasota County.

The ‘pleasure’ part involved the sexual perversions he chose to indulge in with these children – and the ‘holiday snaps’ he took of them – mementos of his trips which he could enjoy back in Florida as he planned his next vacation.

The Philippines is a market leader in the international child-sex industry – and not just for the travelling paedophile population. For those who want to save on travel costs, the Philippines offers ‘webcam child-sex tourism’ – real-time trans-globe video streaming of sex acts by children for paying customers often thousands of miles away. In this segment, the Philippines is indisputably the world leader.

For proof of that look no further than ‘Sweetie’ – a life-like computer-animated avatar created in 2013 by Netherlands-based child-rights organisation, Terre des Hommes. Described as a 10-year-old Filipina, Sweetie visited chat rooms over a 10-week period. And in that time 1,000 men from 71 countries got to know her.

According to the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child, the Philippines has become “the global epicenter of the live-stream sexual-abuse trade, and many of the victims [there] are children”. This trade is huge and extremely profitable. Detective Superintendent Paul Hopkins, who heads the Australian Federal Police team in Manila, has described the scale of it as “monstrous”.

The FBI and Interpol reckon there are 750,000 predators online in 40,000 chat rooms around the world at any given time. And a disproportionate amount of that traffic involves Filipino children. Fact: online child abuse is the No.1 cyber-related crime in the Philippines; it involves tens of thousands of children, mostly young girls.

In 2015, the US-based National Center for Missing and Exploited Children passed on some 15,000 tips to the Philippine Office of Cybercrime. A full 80% of these involved the online exploitation of Filipino children.

And although it’s difficult to value the business precisely – conservative estimates put it at well over US$1 billion a year – actually, there’s no way of truly knowing its value. Images and taped ‘sessions’ involving children are traded universally – digitally and by hand.

The only thing that’s more sickening than this trade is the disinterest in it shown by the country’s elected representatives. Right now, for example, Senator Antonio Trillanes IV – one of the leading anti-Duterte attackers – is in the US on “official business”. That means the country gets to pay for his trip.

Reportedly, that business is an attempt to get US senators to dissuade US President Donald Trump from attending the Association of Southeast Asian Nations annual summit to be held in Manila next month. If that’s the case, he’s just wasted public funds. Trump’s going to Manila, so is Russian President, Vladimir Putin; so is Chinese President, Xi Jingping.

But in the time that Trillanes is posturing in the States and being feted by the anti-Trumpists in the US Democratic Party and elsewhere, hundreds, if not thousands, of Filipino children will have been either physically sexually abused in the Philippines or sexually degraded through cyber links. But like we said – no votes, no voice, no value.

Trillanes is a one-trick pony; the fame he seeks to claim is the removal of a democratically elected president. Meanwhile, he’s expended little if any energy in protecting his country’s children from vile exploitation. Indeed, congressional silence – with a few exceptions – for society’s lambs is tantamount to aiding and abetting this trade in young flesh.

The fact is, just like illegal dugs, online child-sex in the Philippines has been a festering sore for well over a decade. Another legacy problem which Duterte will have to pick up, it was being talked about back in 2001 at the beginning of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s administration. It was talked about again for the first two years of her successor, Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino’s term in office. He finally signed the Cybercrime Prevention Act in 2012.

But then that other self-obsessed institution got involved – Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno’s Supreme Court which made it the subject of a series of temporary restraining orders which held up its implementation until February 2014.

In March, we ran an article about Robert Ruben Ornelas, a 66-year-old teacher from California – another frequent flyer to the Philippines – who was jailed for 190 years (just long enough) by a US court. He liked eight-year-old Filipino girls and he liked to be cruel with them. That’s how he enjoyed his holidays in the country where “It’s More Fun”.

There was little coverage of that story in the Philippines, however – certainly no media campaigns to deal with the plague of predators that washes up there every single year. But then there wasn’t much space for a story like that.

The anti-Duterte Daily Inquirer, for example gave the splash to a story about opposition senators warning Duterte against his “stinging attacks against two of the Philippines’ largest media outfits” – one was the Inquirer itself, the other was the pro-opposition ABS-CBN TV network.

The Inquirer article quoted Liberal Party Senator Francis “Kiko” Pangilinian who said this: “Our individual freedoms and our democracy are better served by a free and critical press”. That, of course, doesn’t include a press that’s free to criticise his party, or one that’s free to support Duterte’s policies. Heaven forbid Philippine journalism would ever degenerate to that level of impartiality.

The point is that any serious new desk that’s given the choice of those two stories will not use the Pangilinian rant for its front-page lead. But that level of copy tasting illustrates not just how poor journalism standards are, but how utterly subsumed by the political class, to whose apron strings they’ve attached themselves, members of the journalistic profession – particularly editors – have become. Simply put, they fail daily to do their job.

So we’ll do ours. Whether by politicians or priests or the human-rights crowd or all their media scribes and mouthpieces, the children of the Philippines – up to 14-year-olds, roughly one third of the country’s population – have been miserably failed.

These groups have the muscle and the machinery to protect the young and the vulnerable; they choose instead to persecute Duterte. If they spent just 10% of the energy they put into that endeavour, into highlighting how their country’s children are used as sex dolls, then they might command some respect. As it is they don’t.

We’ll be looking for coverage of the jailing of David Paul Lynch in today’s offerings from the Philippine media. We’ll watch to see if any politicians happen to mention it; or if the Church includes it in any reports it issues; or if the human-rights lobby happens to feel it merit a mention. We suspect, however, there won’t be much from any of them.

And as we put the final full stop on this story, another child has just been sexually abused somewhere in the Philippines. It’s mind scarred forever.

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  • The usual reasoning is, “dala ng kahirapan, kaya kapit sa patalim.” I guess it’s about time to nip that reasoning at the bud. Our leaders must seriously look at our population control situation. Let’s stop producing mahihirap. Huge percentage of this so called maralita are the product of casual sex & uwanted pregnancy.

    • Ang China ang pinakaoverpopulated sa mundo bago nila idineklara ang 1-child policy. Ang bunga ng over-population nila ay mga 30 to 40 years old na ngayon at sila ang dahilan kaya umunlad ang China dahil sa sobrang dami nila sa China ay nagkaroon ng mga internationa industrial agreements na manufacturing in China para magkaroon ng trabaho ang lumobong populasyon ng China kaya halos lahat ng produkto sa iba’t ibang parte ng mundo ay MADE IN CHINA. Ang dapat na kontrolin ay ang pang-aabuso sa mga batang Pilipino, at pagpatupad ng edukasyon at pagbibigay ng livelihood. Kung walang pera ay mag barter program na lang dahil ang daming produkto na puwedeng ibarter sa isa’t isa na hindi na kailangang magpalitan ng pera. Dahil ang pagiging sakim sa pera at maledukasyon diyan nag uugat ang kasamaan. At pag foreigner dapat maingat tayo kung karapat dapat ba silang umapak sa Pilipinas. Oo it’s more fun daw in the Philippines ngunit yung ibang mal edukadong Pilipino ay mahirap kontrolin. Paano naman marami ring maledukado sa gobyerno.

  • That’s why digong keeps on warning criminals especially drug pushers ang dealers that he would not let them destroy the lives of filipino children.something i noticed in his speeches, he becomes emotional everytime his topic turns to children being victimized by drug addicts and pedophiles.


    • Mac Bolan, mawalanv galang na po, kayo lang po ata at ang iilang bilang ng mga Pilipino, ang hindi nakakakita ng pagbabago? Pakimulat po ang mata at huwag lagi reklamo, tumulong ka sa kung ano makakaya mo at matutong magpasalamat sa ginagawa ng gobyerno ngayon. O baka naman mas gusto mo ang dating Pilipinas? Puwes kakaunti na lang kayo na hindi naghahangad ng pagbabago. Marami kami at hindi kami titigil sa pagsuporta sa gobyernong nagtatrabaho at hindi tamad.

    • Mac Bolan kung ayaw nyo ng pagbabago fine!total kakaunti lng kayo at malapit napong maubos ang mga adik sa pinas hahaha.bxta kaming nakararami at totoong mga mga Pilipino suportado at masya kay tatay digong. hindi kagaya ng pag iisip mo mac bolan na karamihan ay peke at troll at mahilig makinig sa tsismis at fake news in short mga walang kwenta.At Mac Bolan Racist ka pala brad.hiya nman aq sayo.

    • Greediness of honor and fame….ayaw nila na ito ay mapunta kay du30 dahil sila sa bawat gawa kailangan nasa balita. Kaya nga mga binabayaran ang mga media upang di ito makarating sa masa at ibang bansa, di ba?

    • Mac Bolan, hinihiling ko lang sa iyo….huwag mong tangkilikin ang free tuition, free hospitalization at iba pa… at kung pensioner ang iyong parents isoli o ipasoli mo ang dagdag pension na galing sa bisayang pangulo….puede?

    • Tutuo po Mr. Amado may relasyon ang in yong post , sa sinabi ni Late Hon. Lee Kuan Yew of Singapore ” The Philippines in order to move forward Must have a strong Leader with Iron hands , the Philippines needs Discipline not democracy

  • Thank you The Volatilian for publishing this lament of silent thinking Filipinos. People in selfish politics and uncaring media/institutions of the past have their hands full of dirt from this mess. It’s a shame that a number of them are still wallowing in their evil shit.

  • If only we could all help PRRD, we could save our children, our future. Kaso, grabe itong mga politicians who are afraid of being convicted for plunder and drug trade..They will do everything to immobilize this gov’t leader.who is committed to liberate our country from this quagmire. Have mercy, Lord, PRRD can’t do it by his lonesome self! We ourselves need to do something within our sphere of influence.

  • The answer to this problems for once and for all heinous crimes, approval of the DEATH PENALTY buy hanging as the president says let’s see if they will not stop commiting crimes

  • PDU30 is really working hard to make ours a prosperous nations bc paedophiles will not thrive in a rich country that cares and provide for its children, but the yellow opposition is always ready to set up road blocks to DU30s programs bc of their egoistic power trips and lusts.

  • Ang tanong sa dami ng plano ng pangulo para ikabobuti ng bawat pilipino un den ikinaiinis ng mga oposisyon…ang tawag ko jan mga addict..hndi sa drugs..kundi sa posisyon nais nila mapatalsik si cla ang mag hari uli dahil hndi cla sanay sa swildo lng na kita….ayaw nila mabago o matuwa ang bawat pilipino na umunlad….dahil sa uras na gumanda ang buhay ng mga pilipino mahihirapan cla makabalik sa puwisto uli kc hahanapin ng mamayan ang maginhawang buhay na kanilang natikman….

    • Ganyan talaga sa laro nang politics,haha,bilangin mu kaya ung mga nakinabang sa pork barrel ni nognog Na mambabatas Na lumipat ka PRRD,para makaiwas sa banat

  • This is soooo sad shame on you CHR, CBCP, media broadsheets (or better “broadshits), bleeding heart politicians who care only for themselves! Wake up! Before we lose more of our children to pedophiles & child pornographers sometimes its the parents themselves who sell their children….soooo sad!

  • Go to Angeles City, sit in a bar in the Fields and you will be offered children for as little a 50 USD. The officials know this but they are all bribed and even the president cannot stop this. It is often the shear poverty that make parents sell their children, as sad as this is.

    • Yun na nga eh…kaya dapat kontrolin ang pagdami ng mga magiging mahirap lang in the future. Hindi buntis dito, buntis doon…kaya hindi humihinto ang kahirapan, lalung lumalaki pa. It’s a vicious cycle that needs to be stopped. We should open up our minds and enforce the population control program.

    • This problem should be given attention by the church instead of critizing Pres Duterte. SOC Villegas and Robert Reyes should address this problem by connecting with these families. It’s their vow to attend to the morals and faith of the people especially the disadvantaged. What have the church men of Angeles City done about this? Nothing?

  • dapat sana dito pwedeng tumulong ang cbcp para mapakinabangan naman sana ang mga abuloy na binibigay natin sa simbahan, problema ang kapalit, kasi kabaro din nila ang nagpadimuno ng child molestation. juicekolord, ano na bang nangyari sa pinas. c soc villegas, ang trabaho batikos ng batikos. wala na sa focus na moral development of their constituents.

    • Saka ung ibang mga sekta Dyan kc bakit parang pwersahan pagbibigay nang offerings,tapos kpag pumunta ka sa mga fancy hospitals at universities nila napakamahal bayad eh galing naman sa mga mahihirap karamihan sa mga abuloy para maipatau mga Yun!,hahay kawawang pinoy

  • We can all do something to help PRRD. Let us all gather together & demand that PRRD declare a Revolutionary Government & fix what needs to be fixed without being hampered by these criminals & plunderers. We all feel the strong need to act now! That is the only way now!

    • Agree 100% . I want Pres Duterte as a benevolent dictator just like Lee Kuan Yew of Singapore.
      Lee Kuan Yew, Former Prime Minister of Singapore. I think a revolutionary government for a period of time is necessary in order for us to shape up. I believe in the president’s good intentions and I fully support him.

  • ginagawa lahat ni tatay digong ay para sa ikakabuti ng mamayang pilipino at ikaka unlad ng bansa eh ang mga epal na liberal party sobra silang kumokontra dahil ayaw nila na mawala ang droga sa bansa ksi sila cguro supplier ng shabu sa pinas kaya ganon ang mga liberal party. Mag react

  • He deserves what got time wise. When the general prison population finds out why is in prison, he will find prison life to be life threatening very fast & he may find himself 6ft under at last!

  • Try looking for “pedophile” in the bible. You WONT find it

    Aristotle himself said the best age for marriage is man at 40 and women at 15

    Guess how old is the “virgin” mary when she conceived? Joseph would have been jailed if that happened today….LOL

  • bakit kaya hindi ito ang pagtuunan ng pansin ng mga bleeding-hearts liberal kuno? the church cannot be expected to tackle this problem for obvious reasons.

  • That ‘s the problem with our lawmakers, they are more concern of their political career and what it would benefit them personally rather than focus on the main reason why they are seated….promise anything good for the people during campaign but only till then. Previously we thought they are doing well and even voted some of them last election. But true colors prevail after the election, it is not about us, the Filipino people but the political party whom they belong and their hidden agenda and for these agenda to materialize, they want the president out of the way and use the media both local and international, the CBCP. They use any chance they got to bring bad publicity for the president.
    We are becoming an epicenter for livestream sexual abuse trade. It started many years ago but there has been no actions taken to protect our teens. If there is any, less had been done to solve that problem. But when it comes to putting our president, they have lots of moves to think about.

  • An “Only Hospitable Parent” awareness program and teach Children not to be Courteous to Strangers especially Foreigners… Sad that it has to come to be this way but its the only solution to the problem… Its Prevention before anything can happen.. also Urge Foreign Embassies to open their database of Sexual offenders who travel and create policies to foreigner who had records of abuse entering the Country.

  • but,it seems Trillanes ,Hontivirus,Pangilinan and their cohorts do not give a damn to the young victims of drug abusers,,,they give more attention to drug abusers killed in the campaign against drugs..

  • This is where the CHR and CBCP should have their attention focused instead of going against what our president is trying to correct…the ails of our society…corruption and drug addiction!

  • This should be monitored by the Government for this is a menace to society. Children in the rural areas are very vulnerable due to poverty. Authorities should be.concerned & monitor the visits of the foreigners.

  • Conspiracy theorist na rin pala etong si hellbay! Kahapon sa senate hearing, si Migz yata ung parang doubt na at asar sa mga abogado (w/ due respect to some very few lawyers I still trust) who are conspiring pa to cover up the grim incident. Aegis Juris din kaya etong si hellbay?Nyway, tsokey w/ me to murder the Cory Constitution of 1987done hastily,emotionally and hate for the Marcoses.

  • That this child trafficking and child abuse has been on for the past decades shows how totally remiss the past administrations have been—I do not address this to the politicians, to most nothing sinks in but their personal agenda. I am addressing this to the intelligent ‘civilians’ WAKE UP! The ANTI-DUTERTE in government are not doing so for the good of country and people–they desperately want to regain control, cover up their anomalies and continue their corruptive and lucrative deeds. Every day their fangs are more obvious. They are scared stiff because they know PRRD MEANS BUSINESS and one by one they will eventually fall!

  • Just remember that CBCP stands for Corrupt Bishops Coddling Paedophiles and the fact that this is the paedophilia capital of the world suddenly makes a lot more sense.

    And also remember there would be no paedophilia in this country without perverted parents willing to rent their children.

  • Isa lang ang solusyon jan..ibalik ang death penalty at isama ang plunder..pagnanakaw sa kaban ng bayan..pagtataksil yan..kea dpt mamatay ang mga taksil!

  • Then it’s just right to require visas even to tourists coming to the country. It’s the only way to filter listed sex offenders and other shady characters like pseudo human rights advocates’, etc.

  • I am pro Duterte but the Volatilian should see in Cebu what Children’s Rights and anti trafficking groups here in cebu like Childrens Legal Bureau and IJM have done to combat child sex tourism. They are human rights groups and may disagree with the president on certain points of principle but they are not NOT doing anything about the problem. They have had successful arrests n rescues and prosecutions.

  • Calling d atntion of CBCP specialy SOCRATES VELLIGAS pls. . .do somthing about this many of ur priest involved w/this kind of KAHAYOPAN. . . kaysa nangingi alam kayo sa trbho ng Gobyerno puro kayo pambabatikos!!!ituro mo sa mga tagasunod mo na at KAPWA MO PARI na ang Ganitong KAHAYOPAN ay labag sa Aral na itinuturo ng BIBLIYA at sa Aral ng DIOS!!!!

  • Sa ikinikilos ngaun ng Simbahang katoliko at sa mga kaparian. . . Mas gugustuhin ko pa pumunta sa SUGALAN kesa sa SIMBAHAN. . . .Masyado na kayo Nangingi alam sa Pamahalaan,eh Ung mga Gampanin nyo sa Simbahan Hindi nyo na NAGAMPANAN. . . Ano??pera pera nalang?

  • Sexual perversion is a disease that could only be solved thru castration. They are seen anywhere even in movie houses, or streets. Though we have laws on this, they are too weak and not strictly implemented, thus, they love to victimize our poor innocent children. Hope the govt will find time to solve this problem.

  • That’s very true.Look at the porn sites at the internet.They mostly prefer young boys and girls from the ASEAN country,mostly Philippines,Thailand,Hongkong and Vietnam.

  • Well done investigative journalism! In USA, we would be in the dark if it weren’t for investigative journalists. I’m appreciative of what they’ve brought to light. This is essential, thanks.

  • And why the Phil.? Because we don’t have laws here that will hang or kill them..muntik na sana pumasa yung death penalty ehh kaso ang mga ugok nating politiko majority na hindi inaprobahan!! So frustrating..this fight is as equally important as the drugs!! Lord, convict the hearts of our law makers that their love for the people will rank high in their hearts more than self interest.