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Retreat from Babel

 “To learn who rules over you, simply find out
who you are not allowed to criticize”. – Voltaire

You won’t see reference in The Volatilian™ to the likes of Chairperson Mao Zedong, Great Helmsperson Deng Xiaoping or the equally nonsensical Strongperson Ferdinand Marcos. We won’t be neutering understanding like that. Nor will we be indulging in historical negationism or subscribing in any way to political correctness in our reports. We are here to speak plainly, not to do the bidding of The Establishment.

‘Linguacide’, the wholesale butchery of language, has become one of the greatest abominations “mankind” has ever unleashed and if it’s left unchecked it will drag us back to Babel like lemmings to a cliff top. In some quarters it already has. To provide some feel for our concern, here’s A Tale of Two Tales.

Tale 1. The ugly, clumsy janitor dreamed of moving away from the trailer park where he lived among the psychotic white trash losers. His dream was to have a sex change and then one day, maybe, to become a housewife. Living in that ghetto among insane and ignorant vagrants had taken its toll. He was bald now; he reeked of body odour; he was habitually drunk or stoned or both. He had to get out of here, he told himself. Failure was not an option. Oh! To be a woman, he thought – but not like the cheap hookers working in this slum, humping dirty old men. To be a real wife!  And think of it; never to have post-menstrual stress, or get pregnant or endure abortions. What a dream!

Tale 2. The visually challenging, uniquely uncoordinated custodial artist dreamed of moving away from the mobile-home community where he lived among the pathologically high-spirited win-deprived of European descent. His dream was to have gender-reassignment surgery and then one day, maybe, to become a domestic engineer. Living in that ethnically homogenous area among selectively perceptive, factually unencumbered non-specifically destinationed individuals had taken its toll. Now he was comb-free, follically independent; he had a non-discretionary fragrance; he was customarily spatially perplexed or chemically inconvenienced, or chemically diverse, toxin inclusive. He had to get out of here, he told himself. Deferred success was not an option. Oh! To be a non-male person, he thought – but not like the inexpensive sex-care providers working in this economically oppressed zone, conjugating with sexually-focused, deviant-friendly, chronologically gifted individuals. To be a real unpaid sex slave! And think of it; never to be cyclically challenged, nor to be parasitically oppressed, nor to endure near-life experiences. What a dream!

That might be amusing, but what’s behind Tale 2 – which is where we’re heading – is not. This is the weaponising of words, creating the underpinning of the Cowered New World; a world where words and thoughts are steadily being criminalised by overbearing and overreaching elites who demonise, vilify, censure and condemn to control any and all who have the temerity to question them.

None of this just happened by chance; it was part of a grander plan to achieve mass mind control by social engineering. In a word, malgenics. And the rewording of words has and continues to play a big part in this unholy project.

The rebels among us – those who read books – had already been warned about this by George Orwell in his prophetic work, Nineteen Eighty Four, in which alarmingly he describes the emerging dystopia of today. This novel, for those not familiar with it, is set in the totalitarian super-state of Oceania where Ingsoc (a brand of socialism) is ruthlessly enforced. And one of the main tools for ensuring it was done effectively, was through Oceania’s official language, Newspeak.

Newspeak’s purpose was to re-engineer language in order to firmly fasten the state’s ideology into the minds of its people. Thus, ideas that ran contrary to Oceania’s socialist creed – free choice, individualism, privacy, free expression and so on – would be expunged and replaced by Newspeak words that would subliminally convey the requisite meaning.

Let’s move to the present to illustrate how Newspeak is being applied. Greens – there’s a word – never urge us to “Save the Swamp,” instead they implore us to “Save the Wetlands”. Why is that? Simple; swamps are disease-laden, bug-infested near-stagnant bodies of water. Who on Earth would want to save them? Wetlands, however, are picturesque, vulnerable, aquatic areas and home to delicate butterflies and other innocent creatures. Similarly, “natural disasters” are now “unnatural events”. Why? Because if their causes were natural, they couldn’t be blamed on fascist governments hell bent on destroying the planet by refusing to sow wind farms up and down their lands.

Back to 1984. As old ideological concepts were superseded by Ingsoc, they no longer required words to describe them. Those words and their meaning were effectively removed from all recollection. It was as if they’d never existed. Meanwhile, the new words gained universal credibility, and consequently could never be disputed. Thus: all reference to any contrary view had been effectively wiped from human memory. Oceania had been linguistically cleansed.

Is any of this starting to sound familiar?

Take the word homophobia. This first appeared in print in the American porno mag, Screw, on 23 May 1969. Today, apparently, we have a homophobia pandemic. The word, however, is used to describe not just someone who finds same-sex relationships disagreeable (few have any problem with that narrow definition) but to describe anyone who simply voices another point of view on anything from gay marriage to transgender bathrooms to maligning a rainbow.

As with Newspeak, once the word and its meaning is excised, so too is any credible opposition to what had become the accepted norm. Words become vehicles for illusion. In the novel, for example, food rationing was handled by the Ministry of Plenty; not too far from describing governments printing money to prop-up their ill-managed stricken economies as ‘Quantative Easing’ – quantative, implying measured, prudent; easing, a gentle process.

So how did we get here? PC’s roots can be traced to The Frankfurt School – a movement of neo-Marxist interdisciplinary social theorists with loose links to the Institute for Social Research at Frankfurt University – back in the early 1930s. Their quest was to find an alternative socio-political blueprint for human development to both capitalism and Soviet-style socialism. Creating greater social emancipation was among their key goals. Laudable though that goal might have been, however, what has resulted is the complete reverse. Far from being freed, the masses have been muzzled by the elites. And like the brain-washed disciples of a cult they now wear their muzzles with pride.

No longer some remote theory, PC is the established lingua franca of the Centre Left, the Left of Centre, the Far Left and the Extreme Left. Everyday usage can be found among mainstream media, Hollywood glitterati, negationist historians, malgenicist educators, and within socialist-centric judiciaries, workers organisations, the corporate Left; collectivist NGOs, eco-activism and an endless litany of others. Combined, they now comprise The Establishment; the ones that know what’s best for us and must never be challenged.

Some 15 years after Orwell’s novel was published, Chairman Mao published his Little Red Book, an espousal of right political thought that would stir the masses throughout his bloody and catastrophic Cultural Revolution. Editions of the book were everywhere – between 1964 and 1976, 1,055,498,000 of them came off China’s state presses and were distributed right across the Middle Kingdom through the Propaganda Department’s Xinhua Bookstore.

But if that was phenomenal, it’s nothing compared to present-day PC’s global penetration. Of course, it started in America; New York City to be precise. That’s where the Frankfurt School set up shop, affiliating to Columbia University, having hightailed it out of Germany as Adolf Hitler started to take that country down an equally destructive mass-mindset path.

America is the hotbed of PC, and its proliferation seems to know no bounds. There, for example, it’s illegal for companies to discriminate against criminals when hiring – apparently it has a “disproportionate impact” on minorities. MSNBC chat host, Chris Matthews has told his audience that it’s “racist” for the non-Left to invoke the word “Chicago”. Across the continental US, the term “manhole” is being banned. The new approved term is “utility hole” or “maintainance hole”.

Earlier this year, a school in Sydney, Australia banned clapping. Instead, students were urged to indulge in “silent cheering” by “pulling excited faces” or “punching the air”. We’re not making this up.

Back in San Francisco, meanwhile, public libraries have installed “privacy screens” on their computers allowing perverts to exercise their “right” to watch porn without it being exposed to children. And the “non-discrimination policy” of a Washington college prevents stopping a transgender male from exposing himself to young girls in their sports changing room.

Of course, this isn’t even the tip of the iceberg. There are enough examples of this madness to fill the Library of Congress ten times over. The fact is it’s metastatised like a Stage 4 cancer. It’s everywhere.

But not here. The Volatilian™ will be sticking to Oldspeak. It will explain situations, not least those that can impact on investment decisions, in plain language; unfettered by PC zealotry; unhindered by the fear of upsetting political sensitivities. We’re writing analysis here, not cryptic crossword clues. We don’t have time for that and nor do our readers.  And anyway, as we’ve explained, there’s no shortage of PC reporting. If that’s what people want we’d strongly recommend the mainstream media. They’re good at it.


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