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Impeach Leni rally

The patience of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s supporters is fast running out. And nowhere more so than with the sitting vice president, the woman they charge with continually defaming the president, subverting their democratically elected government and bringing shame on their country – Maria Leonor “Leni” Santo Tomas Robredo, chairman of the Liberal Party; the same Liberal Party which the Philippine electorate overwhelmingly rejected in the elections last May.

And so on Sunday, Duterte’s supporters staged a rally (photo) in Rizal Park in Manila and sent a strong message to her and the groups that hang around her like henchmen – in effect, desist from undermining the president or pay a very high political price.

The theme of the rally and its cry was “Palit Bise” (Replace the Vice President). For the thousands who turned up at Rizal Park’s Quirino Grandstand and millions more around the country, Robredo – the woman who likes to be referred to simply as “Leni” as if to give her the common touch; the woman who established herself as the figurehead of the global anti-Duterte movement; the same Robredo who revels and rejoices in her repeated vow to work as an opposition to the government while serving in it – must go.

As far as they’re concerned this is out of the president’s hands. And that’s an important distinction. While the last thing the supporters want is to compromise or embarrass Duterte, they’re stressing that it’s now a people’s matter – she can resign, Congress can impeach her, but either way she must go.

At this stage not even the president himself would be able to assuage them. They’ve watched as Duterte has tried to work with her, to mend bridges – only for her to get bolder in her public denouncements of him. They believe they’ve stood by long enough.

Last month, when Robredo posted an anti-Duterte video to a sideshow event at the annual meeting of the UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs in Vienna – a video in which she maligned the president and held the Philippines and its electorate up to ridicule – she well and truly overstepped the line. And for Duterte’s supporters it was the last straw.

The rally was the initiative of the Duterte Alliance Volunteers Artists Organization which raised PHP2.3 million in a matter of days to pay for the event. The money was crowd-funded, sourced via online voluntary contributions from individuals, electors and everyday supporters of the president. It didn’t come from corporations or wealthy political backers, the normal source of funds for such events. This was from the people and by the people – a politician-and-big-business-free event aimed at demonstrating real and unadulterated people power.

Those who took part and those who gave to the rally were letting the anti-Duterte universe know that Filipinos continue to fully back their president. Here was the voice of the citizens telling Duterte’s critics everywhere – from the chambers of the Philippine Congress to the corridors of power in the European Union to the meeting halls of the United Nations – that the Filipino people are not going to allow their will and the country’s sovereignty to be trampled under foot.

The rally’s message was clear; it’s the people who elect the government, not the likes of Fil-Am millionaire socialite, Loida Nicolas-Lewis, Robredo’s mentor and backer; not the moneyed corporations in an age-old quid-pro-quo arrangement by which financial support is parlayed for commercial leverage. The PHP2.3 million rally fund was amassed from 50,100 and 500 peso bills; it didn’t come in the form of company cheques or large corporate bank transfers. It was people’s money paying for a people’s voice – and, unlike funding for so many events of this kind, every single peso can be tracked and accounted for.

Diehard Duterte Supporters, a pro-Duterte group which mockingly shares the same acronym, DDS, with the Davao Death Squad, the alleged vigilante group which operated in Davao City when Duterte was its mayor and which his critics claim he inspired, was among the coalition that helped organise the rally and bring the people’s message to the streets.

In a column in the Philippine Star on Saturday, mega-blogger Mocha Uson – a staunch Duterte supporter – explained the need for the rally. This is how she put it. “there are some politicians who continue to destroy the image of our President and our country using lies and inaccurate information. They seem to be deaf to the cries of the people, their cry for change and their cry for a better tomorrow … we will show the world that the Filipino people support President Duterte and that we say no to politicians who seek to destroy the image of our country using lies and deception”.

She added: “The yellow politicians [a reference to the Liberal Party’s trademark yellow livery] and the foreign community should listen to the Filipino people”.

And that right there is what’s caused the frustration felt by Duterte supporters across the country and in every Filipino community abroad. The foreign media along with sections of the domestic press have ignored the Philippine electorate ever since Duterte was sworn into office.

Anti-Duterte rhetoric stoked by the likes of Robredo and fellow Liberal Party stalwart, Senator Leila De Lima – presently in police custody awaiting trial on drugs-profiteering charges – and fueled by political agendas in the European Parliament and the United Nations have ridden roughshod over the democratic will of the people. In effect, these elements – along with a Liberal media cabal used to stir up the hate – have sought to invalidate the votes of the 16,601,997 electors who brought Duterte to power.

The rally was also called then to redress the balance; in Mocha Uson’s words, “to show the world that Filipinos will protect their duly elected President and their hope for a better future for their nation. The rally will be our way of expressing the voice of the people, that we are supporting the President amidst all the attacks against him [and] of telling the yellow politicians that we have had enough of their lies, deception and their continuous attacks which are already affecting the image of our country as a whole”.

Certainly, anyone living outside the Philippines will have a very different view of the place to the one seen by the majority of its residents. The international mainstream media depict it as something approaching a failed state with rivers of blood flowing in the streets. Duterte they portray as a psychopath who has little or no regard for his people. The UN and the International Criminal Court constantly allude to “crimes against humanity”, “extrajudicial killings” with the implication that they’re state-sponsored; encouraged by Duterte. They offer no proof of course; they have none.

Similarly, the outsiders will have a very different appraisal of Robredo to that held by the local masses. To those solely informed by the Liberal media she’ll be regarded as a courageous crusader; an Aung San Suu Kyi; a woman of and for the people; a Boudica, battling bravely against a deranged despot.

The fact is, domestically Robredo is largely a figure of hate; an elite member of the political class; a highly ambitious opportunist who will use any means at her disposal to gain high office.

While Duterte pursues change to rebuild the nation, Robredo’s desperately trying to restore the status quo of the previous Liberal Party rule. The vice president, whose legitimacy is in question – she’s the subject of a filed case concerning election irregularities – is mistrusted with the same passion as Duterte is trusted by the majority of the electorate.

The European Union, the United Nations and their many agencies cannot overthrow the Government of the Philippines. That’s the first reality. Robredo and the Liberal Party would never be able to form a government if Duterte was removed from power under any circumstances. That’s the second reality. And Sunday’s rally and the massive support behind it is the reason for both.

Robredo is now damaged goods who will leave behind a dreary footnote in history. The Liberal Party, however, is sliding further and further away from ever being electable and could be writing its own epitaph on a stone in the political graveyard of the Philippines.

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  • Overwhelmingly rejected? As far as i know eh second sa presidentiables si Roxas, nanalo sa Vice President si Leni Robredo, at madaming senators from LP ang nanalo… Di lahat ng tao eh BOBO na maloloko nyo…

    • ovewhelmingly rejected parin tawag dyan kasi 5M lang naman dapat ang boto ni Mar at 21M dapat kay PRRD. Sa VP naman dagdag bawas rin ginawa nila kaya nanalo si Leni..ayon yan kay Andres Bautista ha..

    • Hahaha… Kagigising mo lng ata pre. Isang taon na ang nkalipas mula eleksyon , Tanga kpa rin? Kinanta na ni angry bird ang kalokohan ng tropa nyong dilaw kya basabasa din minsan pra di mgmukhang tang’s… Hahaha.

    • All LPs that won were because of Pcos machines. Where are the voters numbered in millions? Trolls and fake accounts lang meron and those rich people who are only interested to gain financially on minings and other illegal businesses.

    • Im from basilan…at halos lahat ng mga taga basilan ang vp nila ay si bbm and take note sa mga nag sasabing hndi nandaya si leni dun kayo mali dahil mapa tausog, iyakan, chavacano, or bisaya ang vp nila is bbm…lahat kami expected na si bbm ang lalamang…bakit nawala ang boto ng taga basilan?…kaya wag masyado magaling dahil hndi lang ang basilan ang nawala pati ang buto ng taga jolo para kay bbm nawala din….

    • Demetrio, pag nanalo ba sa Basilan at Jolo kailangan panalo na ang National Candidate? Sabi mo nawala ang boto niyo. Mas makakatulong ka kay BBM at lalo na sa buong bayan kung ang hawak mong ebidensiya at mga testigo ay ibibigay at haharap sa paglilitis. Naniniwala akong parehas ang SC sa ginagawa nilang pagdinig sa protesta ni Bongbong laban sa pandaraya umano ni VP Leni. At dahil kayo ang may hawak ng ebidensiya tulungan niyo si Bongbong.

    • Kuya the mere fact that months after the elections; a rally which was crowdfunded and raised P2 million pesos and is supportive of Duterte is cause for alarm for Roxas.

      Here’s a thought experiment: try calling for a rally in support of Leni Robredo. Tignan natin kung may mageeffort na a)pumunta b)mag volunteer at c)mag crowd fund.

    • Dahi un sa PCOS machine kaya may LP pang d ba idinagdag ung 5m k roxas para naman daw d gaanong kahiya hiya. At c leni…matic na..kung dnaya presidente..sya lalo.

    • gang ngaun dimo p feel ang pulso ng bayan??? manhid o tanga nlng di makagets. roxas was a poor poor second. binay was a victim black prop by d aquino admin for roxas sake

    • It is with no reservation that the LP during the previous election was overwhelmingly REJECTED by the Filipino people. Thu some of them made it, it was because of fraud, whch is beyond the control of the voters.

    • Let me give you a clear logic: Delima won having more than 13m votes? Now, before she was arrestd, arguments (even with acrimony) were clashing between the pro and anti. Until time came when her warrant of arrest was served. I thut there will be a big rally to be organized by the subject’s supporters, at least a hundrd thousand out of that 13M who voted for her. Unfortunately, there was none except those conducted by the church whch is obviously composed of students from the catholic schools. This implies clearly that IT IS IMPOSSIBLE for delima to have those 13m votes legally obtained from voters during the election. Therefore, it is safe to assume that delima won in a questionable way. The same is true among other LP candidates who made it in the Senate.

    • Karamihan sa mga supporter ng dilawan, fake acc’t, ikinahihiya nila ang tunay nilang cnuportahan na si mr, palengke, pero sa pagkokoment, doon cla bumabawi, kamukha nila ang VP nilsng peke, kanino cla ngmana sa pamemeke, ?????hah haaaayyyyy eh di Wow!!!!

    • Ahpoy manto do u know the meaning of overwhelmingly? Check it first before u comment.
      Now, what do u call the 16m or 21M votes for duterte??? Give the appropriate word for that, before u say niloloko ka!
      Give us the meaning of a very simple word TANGA!

    • Aphoy manto…ddint u know that roxas is questionable too? Like leni lazy…
      Poor u! Ure saying di lahat ng tao BOBO na maloloko namin? Oh sino bang niloloko namin? Actually, you are dakilang BOBO. Know why? Because u are believing lp’s LIES…and supporting them. Fyi we only tell the facts here..and not the other way around….

    • well thought of argument madamme just an addition to that during the election campaign didnt you notice that delima laging may photo ops sa lahat ng drug lords sa mindanao which they claim na by chance lang daw during the senate hearings…i almost puke at that defense statement of trillones…kaya namamayagpag sa mga probinsya sa mindanao ang droga that is because may blessing kay delima…ikaw b nman druglord na magpaphoto ops with the drug queen ewan ko na lang kung malulugi ba negosyo mong shabu…hindi alam ito ng karamihan sa mga gonggong n supporters ni delima lalu na mga students na ginawa niyang sangkalan sa kademonyohan niya….alam ng mga pari at madre ito pero pinagtanggol pa nila si delima what do we call that…blessing…para ituloy ni delima ang sex scandal niya part 2 or perhaps part 3 …

    • Pano naman kasi ung smartmatic na magaling sa magic atic nagpapanalo sa mga yellow turd! Pero kahit anong pandaraya na gawin nyo di madaling matalo ang 21million na difference kahit na minagic pa ng smartmagic ung 5 million! Getch yellow turd?!!!

  • Jess Ramos Valdez … Kung talagang may probable cause para sarecount eh di mag recount, but as far as im concern eh si leni ang ating VP… Sa supreme court kayo o sa comelec maghabol… Tsaka sino ba ang may record sa pandaraya, baka nga nandaya pa ulit mga marcos, di nga lng sapat para talunin si VP Leni Robredo…

    • … sino ba ang nagpapabagal sa recount… di ba si Leni… ilang beses na ba sya nag file ng motion for reconsideration para hindi matuloy ang recount… mabuti nalang nag sabi na ang SC merong probable cause si BBM… to SC, paki bilisan naman po ang pagpapa-recount… PET, paki bilisan din po ang desisyon para maumpisahan na.

    • Our family voted for VP Leno. Pero sa aming pag-iikot during election period maraming bahay sa metro manila meron banner ni BBM. Mga teachers sa Caloocan BBM ang gusto. At ang masaklap lahat ng relatives namin BBM din.I said to myself what happened to the people. I shaked my head in sadness coz I have a feeling that BBM will win. Then came the counting BBM is already way ahead then suddenly came the upsurge of votes for Mar and Robredo. Natuwa kami dahil lamang na si Robredo but deep inside alam namin na may nangyaring dayaan. Kahit simpleng tao lang malalaman kung may dayaan.

    • Generoso, tama ba? Pati pangalan mo kasi dinadaya mo pa eh. Nagmamadali na rin si VP Leni sa recount ang problema lang hindi pa maituro ni Bongbong kung saan at paano siya dinaya. Pagkatapos kasi niyang madetermina kung saan at paano siya dinaya dun idiDecide ng SC kung papaano at kailan ang Recount. Pero may babayaran si Bongbong sa recount. Well yang sa bayad walang problema yan. Kayang- kaya nilang bayaran yan sa dami ng ginto nila galing sa mga Tallano db?

    • Meron mga lugar sa mindanao na 0 votes lahat ng kalaban ni LENI…imposible yun. Taga mindanao ako imposibleng ma 0 votes c cayetano at marcos. Baka nga kahut papano makakuha c trillanes at honasan

    • Gina Pedraza Paray at least vp si leni at walang Guinness record sa pagkakakawatan ang pamilya. si bongbong mandarambong na kahit I google mo yung pagiging kawatan ang pinakadescription ng pamilya niya. hanggang ngayon nangangarap pa rin. Kung maalis man si leni di rin believable yan na c bongbong nanalo. Kung di sa tulong ni duterte di cxa makakapag-asa na magiging VP…

  • Edwin Tanutan … Allegations allegations allegations… Almost 1 year na sa poder si Duterte, why not use his power to look deeper sa nangyari sa elections, kung si gloria macapagal nga eh napalaya ng supreme court, recount pa ba ang hindi maipasa sa supreme court, justdo it, wag daldal ng daldal…

    • Don’t worry. It is already in the process at the PET
      Believe it or not a recount is going to happen. And the Robredo camp is moving heaven and earth to have stopped or delayed. When the recount happens it’s goodbye Leno.

    • Arnulfo may problema ang PET. Hanggang ngayon hindi maituro ng kampo ni Bongbong kung saan at papaano siya dinaya. Kaya hindi makausad ang kaso. Galing ni VP Leni at operators niya noh? Hindi mapinPoint ni Bongbong. Ha ha ha. Ayan tatanga-tanga eh di talo. Pero sabi ni VP Leni hindi naman daw dinaya sadyang mas madami lang daw bumoto sa kaniya. Mas maingay nga lang talunan siyempre. Habang payuhum-yuhum na lang ang mga nanalo sa ibinoto at tutok sa trabaho; Face book pag lunch time; at pagdating sa bahay. O mmya naman kita sasagutin ha pagdating ko sa bahay. 1PM na trabaho na ulit. Thank you sa entertainment.

    • Why not try pull her out?



  • What a heart touching gathering..the only gathering where there is oneness among pinos regardless of culture and religion..this shows that pinos are capable enough to be one in heart and minds when it comes to defending truth and justice..and capable enough to protect their president even without money..and to protect their the saying goes no one can defeat a solid and a united people..
    The last thing that satan is using to destroy a people is spreading lies using media to divide them so they can not attain unity and oneness..because nothing is impossible if the people have the same and united mind,
    PINOS thank you for standing on the side of truth..The GOD of heaven knows what to do now that HE set up PRRD..let us rally behind him..we are with u though we are not there..
    To those who went to Luneta thank you very much for your sacrifice representing us who are are included in our prayers..

    • Ok na sa akin may sungay sya..kc kung mga demonyo ang mga kalaban mo..dapat mas mahaba sungay mo para d makapanaig ang kalaban sa layunin mo…kulang pa nga bagsik nya eh…dapat lahat ng nagwslanghiya sa bayan ..putulan ng…….

    • Really? People Powers before were led by the middle class and the elite – those with moral ascendancy and gravitas. Was your action at Luneta led by people with moral ascendancy and gravitas? Nothing doing, if not.

    • another shit-minded alma fe garcia javelosa. ano ang nangyari sa Pilipinas sa sinasabi mong led by middle class and the elite? anong may moral ascendancy ang pinagsasabi mo? eh mga kurakot na opisyales ng simbahang katolika at mga kurakot na cronies ng mga lp-aquino na nagpalugmok lalo sa buhay naming mahihirap. May moral ascendancy ba ang mga aquino na pumapatay sa mga magsasaka? NAPAGOD NA KAMI SA HINDI NILA PAGBIBIGAY HALAGA SA SITWASYON NAMIN NA NASA MABABANG BAHAGI NG LIPUNAN. KAMI NAMAN ANG MASUSUNOD.

    Pero well attended ng supporters. Just a reminder para sa mga kritikong dilaw. Yung mga protesta nyo kasi kontodo media blast sa mga mainstream media, nakakabingi ang build up sa balita, maya’t maya, pero nilalangaw pa rin.

  • Arnulfo Catudio … I truly believe na magkakameron talaga ng recount, sa palagay ko pa nga eh si bongbong ang mananalo sa recount, as you said, the Marcos camp is moving heaven and hell para maluklok sya bilang vp… Bayad utang ika nga… Kung hindi manalo sa election, baka naman sa dayaan sa sistema eh manalo na sya…

    • Well I can only say that SO SAD SHE AIN’T GOIN NOWHERE JUST BECAUSE madami pumunta sa cause nyo.

      But you can START READING OUR CONSTITUTION and you will find that removing a Vice-President or a president can be done by IMPEACHMENT, RESIGNATION OR DEATH.




    ROMA 13

    Tungkulin sa mga Pinuno ng Bayan

    13 Ang bawat tao’y pasakop sa mga pinuno ng pamahalaan. Sapagkat walang pamahalaang hindi mula sa Diyos at ang mga pamahalaang umiiral ay itinalaga ng Diyos. Kaya nga, ang lumalaban sa pamahalaan ay lumalaban sa mga itinakda ng Diyos; at lalapatan ng parusa ang sinumang lumalaban. Ang mga pinuno ay dapat katakutan ng gumagawa ng masama ngunit walang dapat ikatakot sa kanila ang gumagawa ng mabuti. Ibig mo bang huwag matakot sa mga namumuno? Gumawa ka ng mabuti at papupurihan ka nila. Sila’y mga lingkod ng Diyos sa ikabubuti mo. Ngunit matakot ka kung gumagawa ka ng masama, sapagkat sila’y talagang may kapangyarihang magparusa. Sila’y mga lingkod ng Diyos at magpaparusa sa mga gumagawa ng masama. Kaya nga, dapat kayong pasakop hindi lamang upang maiwasan ang poot ng Diyos kundi dahil sa iyon ang matuwid.,

  • It is with no reservation that the LP during the previous election was overwhelmingl REJECTED by the Filipino people. Thu some of them made it, it was because of fraud whch is beyond control of the voters.


    ROMANS 13

    Submission to Governing Authorities

    13 Let everyone be subject to governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. Consequently, whoever rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgement on themselves. For rulers hold no terror for those who do right, but for those who do wrong. Do you want to be free from fear of the one in authority? Then do what is right and you will be commended. For the one in authority is God’s servant for your good. But if you do wrong, be afraid, for rulers do not bear the sword for no reason. They are God’s servants, agents of wrath to bring punishment on the wrongdoer. Therefore it is necessary to submit to the authorities, not only because of possible punishment but also as a matter of conscience.

    • How about Ferdinand Marcos? Cory Aquino? Fidel V. Ramos? Joseph Estrada?Gloria Arroyo?And Noynoy Aquino?
      Furthermore,how about the gov’t under Adolf Hitler of Germany? Joseph Stalin of Russia? Pol Pot of Cambodia? Idi Amin of Uganda?etc,etc…?
      Were they likewise established by God as thier Governing Authorities?
      Just wondering!

  • Joel Digal … Nasa poder man o wala, lahat may kakayanang mandaya… Ang dapat na tanong eh sino kaya ang sanay at may history na ng pandadaya…

  • This is the present and real truth of phil. politics.. we really need changes for a better philippines for the sake of present and future generations…

  • nanalo kasi sa pcos.. at marami pang dilawan dyan na politician na nanalo din sa pcos… pcos is a machinery of a nationwide election fraud.. yan ang rason kung bakit maski may kaso na noong nakaraang election ang SMARTMATIC parin ang pinalusot sa bidding kasi magaling na machine yan lalo na sa addition at substraction….dagdag bawas machine..

  • Hahaha! Sa subrang katalinohan ng mga pilipino, we are on the stages ang mabuti siya pa ang naging Mali, bakit ano bang naging Mali sa pagsasabi ng katotohan,? She just telling the truth nothing but the whole truth. Tingnan niyo ang comm. On human rights, wala daw violations of human rights at wala din daw EJK. nakakatawa, saan kaya sila nag aral ng abugado? Di kaya meron subbotahe in between of them! Vc leni was just concern sa mga nangyayari, specially of those innocent victims of human rights, and EJK. Tapos siya pa ngayon ang naging masama? Mag isip isip nga kayo pilipino peoples.!!!

  • Copy-paste

    To those of you who are relentlessly attacking, condemning, mocking, and portraying our President Rodrigo Duterte as a heartless mass murderer—


    The war he waged is not against humanity. It is a war against illegal drugs and criminality to consequently protect humanity. Understand the difference.


    LISTEN to the millions of Filipinos who have witnessed and have gone tired of all the injustice, incompetence, extreme inequality, and increased crimes due to poverty & narco-politics most prevalent during the previous administration.

    FIND OUT why millions of Filipinos worldwide are out to defend this leader which has been the subject of your unjust & ill-informed news and opinions.

    SEE the smile on our faces.

    FEEL the hope in our hearts.

    That, at last, we’ve found a genuine leader who truly cares for the people—a leader unbound, unafraid, and uncompromised.

    That, at last, we have a leader who’s truly determined to protect the good and the law abiding citizens—a leader who’s bold enough to fight the organized crime syndicates and crush narcopolitics.

    For the first time in the history of our country, we have a true patriot for a President—one who is willing to kill or be killed for the good of our country, for the benefit of our children and our children’s children.


    DO NOT KILL OUR HOPES. Do not take away this hope. Not this time. Not from the millions of Filipinos who were abused and taken for granted for so long and who have found their voice in this new leader.

    Do not kill our chance to rebuild our nation and provide a safer and brighter future for the next generation.

    “I stand to Protect & Support President Rodrigo Roa Duterte”


  • noong wala ang social media, marami ang naloloko at nauuto ang BIAS MAINSTREAM MEDIA. Malaking porsyento ang naitulong ng Facebook, Tweeter, at ibat ibang blogs ng mga pro-Duterte ang pagkapanalo ni Digong. Tsaka dati pang kilala si Duterte dahil sa kakaibang estilo ng pamamalakad nya sa kanyang nasasakopan (way back when he was a Mayor of Davao City). At lahat ng Dabawenyo nasaksihan ang magandang epekto ng mga batas ni Digong at pamamalakad nya.

  • Going back to the campaign period the “overwhelming rejection” was clearly seen.. up until now people from different walks of life, from different parts of the world gather together to protect and defend their Elected President as proof that they don’t want the LP back into power through VP Leni.. President Duterte had a huge margin of votes over ALL the candidate because he had an Overwhelming Support from the Majority of Filipinos, only a fool would believe otherwise… the only saving grace for VP Leni is to prove her legitimacy, allow the recount, or as a band aid solution they(LP) can commission several popular survey companies to do a survey for her to show that the people support her.. or else she is never gonna effectively help her sinking party, if she is their only option for redemption..