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Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte makes regular visits to hospitals where those wounded in fighting are being treated – like those at Camp Teodulfo Bautista Station Hospital in Sulu, casualties from the fighting with Abu Sayyaf terrorists, whom he visited in May
Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte makes regular visits to hospitals where those wounded in fighting are being treated – like those at Camp Teodulfo Bautista Station Hospital in Sulu, casualties from the fighting with Abu Sayyaf terrorists, whom he visited in May

Newsflash: Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte is not a conformist as far as the use of diplomatic language is concerned. He is not out of the same mould as US and European political leaders who’ve mastered the art of ‘diplospeak’ – the use of a lot of obfuscating words to say nothing while seeming to be saying plenty. He doesn’t have their aptitude. Nor is Duterte a model of political correctness – another Western construct that’s relieved language of much of its meaning in a paradox of exclusive inclusiveness.

The fact is that these skills will not help him to get across his message to the people he needs to reach. Duterte shoots from the hip; is refreshingly unguarded and tells it like he sees it. His audiences are the people who stand before him at any given time; his language and his message is tailored to their needs. The New York Times and the Guardian are not, and never will be, a part of that audience. He is not speaking to them and certainly doesn’t communicate through them – no doubt much to their chagrin.

Earlier this week, while addressing his troops at the Army 2nd Mechanised Infantry Brigade’s base in Iligan City, Mindanao, as he prepared them for their assault on Marawi City, 40 kilometres to the south where marauding Islamist terrorists are now in their second week of a killing-and-arson orgy – in a single moment of levity he said that he would personally take responsibility for rapes committed by his soldiers. “I will go to jail for you. If you happen to have raped three women, I will own up to it,” he said.

Of course if that remark is taken in isolation, it’s shocking. But that was hardly the point of his speech. Oddly – well not really – that’s the only part of his speech the mass media bothered reporting. But then they always seek to mince Duterte’s words. We should be used to it by now.

The point is though, this was a very serious delivery. It was both solemn and thoughtful. It was not flippant in any respect; it went straight to the heart of the problems facing Mindanao and explained the reluctance with which he had finally taken the decision to impose martial law on the island region. “I am here to give the consoling advice that we do this for the country,” he told the troops.

He went on: “You’re going to fight; fight every day until this conflict is resolved. I could only pray for you; pray for my policemen that there will be deliverance from harm. And because we have the weapons and the equipments and we have the air assets to help you, we will try our very best to protect you at the time when you are fighting … I will look for all means to support you”.

This then was not like some sketch out of MAD magazine as the Western press would have the world believe. It was a speech delivered from the heart by a commander in chief to his men. He was there to reassure them that he was responsible for them. “I am here to say to you, fight and I will pray for you; and I will answer for everything … Under the consequences of martial law – the ramifications of martial law – I and I alone, would be responsible,” he said. “In the meantime. fight for the country”.

Duterte has always shown loyalty to his armed forces. He attends funerals of those killed and makes regular visits to hospitals where those wounded in fighting are being treated – like those at Camp Teodulfo Bautista Station Hospital in Sulu, casualties from the fighting with Abu Sayyaf terrorists, whom he visited in May (photo).

There was no bravado in what he said to his men in this speech. His remarks were measured and sensitive. He even offered members of the Maute Group – the terror organisation responsible for 10 days of burning property and wanton slaughter in the city – the chance to surrender; though he doubted they would. And while he told his troops “During martial law, your commanders, you can arrest any person, search any house” and to kill those who do not lay down their arms, he also said: “If we can inflict damage only to those who want to fight, and contain the fire fight between combatants, that would be the best solution”.

He said he would put the presidential jet at the disposal of wounded soldiers to transport them to hospitals with the best equipment where they would get the best care.

In other words, despite the impression left by a vicious mainstream media that exploits every opportunity they get to paint Duterte as a screaming war-loving psychopath who wants to kill everyone in sight, his speech at that army base in Iligan City was calm, thoughtful, reassuring and caring.

“There is a time for everything,” he continued. “A time to be rich – a time of plenty of money – a time of want. A time of birthdays and a time of gaiety; a time for sorrow. A time to be enemies but there is always a time to be friends. A time to be born and a time to die”.

He was referencing Ecclesiastes (ch. 3, vs 1-8) which we reproduce here,

“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens: a time to be born and a time to die, a time to plant and a time to uproot, a time to kill and a time to heal, a time to tear down and a time to build, a time to weep and a time to laugh, a time to mourn and a time to dance, a time to scatter stones and a time to gather them, a time to embrace and a time to refrain from embracing, a time to search and a time to give up, a time to keep and a time to throw away, a time to tear and a time to mend, a time to be silent and a time to speak, a time to love and a time to hate, a time for war and a time for peace”.

This then was the thrust of Duterte’s actual message to his troops; not the single throw-away line he used – perhaps ill advisedly – to bring a moment of trivial relief to the gravity of what his troops were going into. “This time, this is a time for victory – we will not lose it. How can we lose it, we have everything? We will overcome and we will win. Right?” he said, adding once more, “I will take care of you”.

None of that, of course, made it into print or to the airwaves. The only thing Washington Post readers and CNN audiences knew about his speech is that Duterte had basically told his armed forces that they can go to Marawi City and rape up to three women each and he’d take the wrap for it. And that today, apparently – and lamentably – is what passes for responsible reporting.

Back in September last year as he was leaving Manila to attend a regional summit in Laos, Duterte called then US president “a son of a whore” in reaction to Obama’s unwanted involvement in the Philippines domestic affairs. The media had a field day with it – and still is doing. It’s as if Duterte has committed blasphemy – well in the Obama-fawning media’s eyes he had. Let’s face it though, if Duterte had said Russian President Vladimir Putin was a son of a whore they’d be applauding him. Such is the fickleness of the Liberal mainstream.

But there’s a bigger deficit in understanding which the pampered press suffer from. And that is they lack the ability to understand Duterte. He is not like Justin Trudeau, the prime minister of Canada or the new president of France, Emmanuel Macron. His background, the environment he comes from, is very different; and as such he cannot be compared. One size does not fit all when assessing leadership; it has to take account of many factors – and not least, the people those leaders represent.

Duterte has never been schooled in diplospeak – the fact is it wouldn’t have worked too well in Davao City in the late 1980s and 1990s when he was turning one of the most violent places in the entire Asia region into a place where people could live a peaceful life. Davao City when Duterte became its mayor was a ghetto of thugs, thieves and killers. He wasn’t running The Hamptons in Long Island, New York or Eel Pie Island, Twickenham in the leafy London borough of Richmond-upon-Thames. This was a hardened urban environment where rough language was the lingua franca. And the gun was used to back it up.

And that’s how he sent his message out that there would be zero tolerance for the street gangs that mugged and assaulted citizens at will. That’s how he transformed Davao City into being one of the safest cities in Southeast Asia.

To put it bluntly, political correctness would not have worked. It wouldn’t have saved a single life – in fact it probably would have cost more. Diplospeak was not the language of those streets. It would have been taken as a sign of weakness – shocking as that might sound to any journalist sipping the latest fad in New York cocktails at Lanagan’s or McCormick and Schmick’s. We hope we haven’t given him/her heartburn.

Duterte’s speech at the Iligan City army base was not for international consumption. This was a commander in chief just talking to his troops. Reassuring them that they were in his prayers; that he would protect them any way he can and take care of them if they should get hurt.

Furthermore, those troops are not graduates from the precious US universities with their “safe spaces” and “comfort zones”; they’re graduates – many of them – from the same sort of rough streets that Duterte quelled in Davao. They understand all too well Duterte’s message and the language he used. And they’re thankful he has their back.

What amazes us is that while the progressive Liberal media is having cold sweats over one remark in that speech, a remark they’re at pains to interpret literally, there was hardly any indignation even shown when an American “comedian” Kathy Griffin – another cardboard cut-out Liberal – posed with a bloody severed head resembling US President Donald Trump. That, apparently, was not in sufficient bad taste as to warrant the sort of media sledging Duterte got for one line in his speech. For us, that juxtaposition says it all about the mainstream media.

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  • Duterte is Duterte,no more no less.He is a Filipino and speaks as Filipino.Solving Filipino problems and going on with Filipino affairs in a Filipino way.Philippines has been craving for such leader,and he is here as needed.To hell with the Liberal shit!

    • U mean you are smarter than him? Thats the problem with people who think that they are smarter than him when in fact thyve than done nothing good for the marginalized people of this country. Mema lng?

    • Nigel Locke, maybe, because killings will not be her primordial order of governance. Also, while she may not be experienced, like Cory, she has access to experts. Duterte’s violence begets more violence.

    • seriously people? nakikipag argue kayo kay alma eh sa line of thinking nya pa lang na experienced dw si cory aquino? let history judge duterte like how we judged cory and the past presidents.

    • Alma Fe Garcia Javelosa my fault po di ko napansin yong comma. sorry. pero still, i disagree with you na mas gugustuhin mo pa yang ganyang uri ng politician na so far eh puro lip service ang nakikita ko. puro pamumulitika lang.

    • pasensya na po ha pero sa takbo ng usapan u were considering na she may be better when nigel suggested the idea na perhaps lugaw queen would be better para sa’yo. sabi mo CGURO dahil killing will not be her primordial order of governance. saka may binaggit bako to accuse you na u want duterte replaced? u were considering leni so ang sabi ko na mas gugustuhin mo pa pala yang ganyang politician. ano ba. saka wala ka binanggit na ang gusto mo lang pala is that he listens. ayaw mo ma akusahan pero d mo kinaklaro ang stance mo.

    • Evil proliferate when good men do nothing. For me Duterte is the lesser evil compared to the likes of Pnoy who did nothing to curb criminality, drug menace and corruption. I choose dead pushers and criminals than dead innocents. Peaceful means is out of the game when our enemies are violently cutting the heads of the innocents. Martial Law is not our last option but our first line of defense. This chaotic world doesn’t need by-standers. The meek are getting killed !!! Wake up !!!

    • Ry Rab, what can a VP do when she doesn’t have a cabinet post? Usurp others’ job descriptions? What can one do when the budget of the OVP had been slashed (by half?)? I know she has been doing some lip service.

    • javlosa you must be one of them, the yellow idiots who are blind to the good intentions of the PRESIDENT DUTERTE😠 WE are just happy there are only a few or a handful of you yellowtards!! you cant defeat the PRESIDENT because we are millions who support him as against you yellowtardates oppositionists!!

    • Hahaha patawa man ka dai? First he is not applying for model nor a model himself. He is just a public servant to us filipinos. That is his mandate as a President of our Republic the Philippines(not yours)! We are happy for what he is doing right now(not you)! He often say that he is not clinging of his position! Not like the other politicians who are dead-hungry! I am sorry to say that , we have different vision on governance but refering to those previous President! … He has the “BALLS”!.. His way of steering the nation is not for himself,nor for you, nor for me ! But for the future generation! For your childrens, children! Think the future…don’t be hooked on Tele-Novela-Politics!🤔

    • Romeo Peligro, our country will be in peligroso with him as president. (1) His barbaric war on drugs is isolating us from the rest of the world? What is 45/47 of UNHCR members? (2) His pivot to China to get loans hangs precariously. How sure is he to have his tax reform package passed? Pernia is panicking. (3) His war on drugs has resulted to more violence: Marawi and Resorts World. With more violence comes hellish violence as violence begets violence. (4) With the US on the sidelines, where are Russia and China to help him fight insurgents and terrorists? God does not like what is happening . The Philippines is doomed.

    • Alma Fe Garcia Javelosa ms. alma tapos na yang issue na yan diba? gusto nya ng cabinet post, tinutulak pa nga yang issue na yan kasi she’s the darling of the press. binigyan naman sya ng post pero mukhang mas mabilis pa bunganga nya kesa sa actions nya kaya hindi satisfied ang nglagay sa kanya sa post na yon, may issues pa nga na she overlaps sa ibang agency para lang may mapakitang nagawa di nalang ngfocus kung saan sya urgently needed. regarding jan sa slashing ng budget sa OVP i don’t have the full detail pero tingin ko mabuti na rin nangyari yan kasi di naman sya transparent sa budget ng opisina nya, simpleng request sa e-FOI eh denied yong about sa travel expenses nya, kinukwestyon nya ang purpose ng request. lumalayo na tayo sa issue, akala ko ba all you want is for president duterte to listen dahil para sayo “his actions were never studied”. what are you then kung kinukwestyon mo ang desisyon ng lider na may direct access sa mga intel at alam nya kung ano dapat ang drastic measure na kailangan kasi galing na nga tayo sa disenteng gov’t diba? pero wala rin namang nangyari. mas naba bother ako sa daily news na innocent and law-abiding citizens ang namamatay at ng proliferate ang crimes. minsan na ng offer si president na kung may mas alam kang mabisang paraan bukod sa ginagawa nya, his office is open sa suggestion mo/nyo. why didn’t you go forward bago mo sabihin di sya nakikinig?

    • Alma Fe Garcia Javelosa my goodness miss alma, ganun ka lakas ang intel mo para ikonek mo ang RW incident sa terrorism? eh tinitingnan na nga ang anggulo na malakas mg sugal yang suspect malaki raw ata ang talo kaya yan ng amok sa loob ng casino. ganyan ang mindset ng mga taong detached sa reyalidad na isolated case lang sasabihin agad doomsday na. sa pang apat mo namang point, let’s go back sa panahon na kaaway natin china at wala tayong koneksyon sa russia, napigilan ba yong zamboanga siege? napigilan ba ang mga kidnapping ng ASG? yong first point mo, sure kaba tlga isolated ka from the rest of the world? sa second point mo, i won’t touch that kasi di ako expert sa economics.

    • yon ba pagkakaintindi mo na ngpapaka expert ako? di kita kinokombinse to change your mind about the president. kalayaan mo yan to think that way, nirerebut ko lang bawat ponto mo. kung ano2 na nga sinasabi mo. sinasabi ko transparency saka kung accountability lng gaya ng sinasabi mo, inaako naman ni president bawat desisyon nya ah. saka gusto mo na sumunod si duterte kay lorenzana? alter ego lang sya diba? he can give his suggestions all he wants pero nasa kay president pa rin ang last decision. transparency sinabi ko hindi accountability.

    • Peligroso it is for people like you who lost fate in good governance. You even judging the works of a 72 year old provinciano in the early stage of his reign as President? Good for you, you are safe living in your glass house? But remember you cannot stay there forever? Do you really believe that he is not worth being a leader, don’t you! Yes he is a fierce leader for those who are corrupt, criminals and druglords! For his pivot to China and Russia…” It is a Game of Thrones”…(but in a peaceful manner) YOU KNOW NOTHING, JON SNOW!…Mindanao’s Agriculture sector i,e; banana,pineapple and other fruits have a big market in this country? Big banana players’ like Dole Phil.,Lapanday, Sumifru, Unifrutti are expanding? Del Monte for instance they are here in Palawan growing bananas targeting 2K to 4K hectares of their plantation this year and the next year? And what is that mean for you? On the other side it is in your belief(not ours) that Philippines is doomed! Yup, because of the eviLPs and cohorts who reign 30 years ago! …Do not worry about the tax reform bill if passed, anyway it is up to you if you will pay your tax diligently. It is your option, anyway you don’t like this neophyte government!🤗

    • Romeo Peligro, you don’t know anything. Huge plantations have no issues? You are in Dreamland. I will dare say, Duterte will not bring progress to this country if his policies contravene GOD’s laws.

    • Evil will remain evil and innocent people will suffer greatly if nobody will do something about it. If you are God-fearing and you do nothing to stop this evil who is killing our innocents, then what good is it that you do to face God when you deliberately left your brothers and sisters to die in the hands of the criminals. What did the heroes of Israel did to stop the slaughter of their people? They killed their enemies. Maybe Duterte was the answer to the prayers of mothers and sisters who wanted their sons and brothers to stop using and selling drugs. Maybe they wanted them to live? Evil results to more evil when evil men do something? What did our priests was doing? What did Pnoy and Mar did during their time? They did something only fir their own interests. They left the Filipino people to rot in poverty and stagnation. Only the elites and the oligarchs had a healthy and prosperous life. They may say that they are God-fearing and non-cursing lot, but if their action is opposite to what they said? Then count me out of that quagmire you called life. The meek will not inherit the earth if there are no more meek left alive. Unless the meeks will become the lapdogs of the criminals.

    • Oh well..dont argue with her…she will not and will ever not listen to you..she is intelligent than anybody one can convince her…kahit pagsamahin nyo mga matatalinong tao sa mundo meron at merong rason yan…its her strategy to intimidate you guys…patulan nyo pa,lalo lang syang natutuwa na nakikita kaung gigil na magcomment ng mga negative sa mga sinasabi nya..hahahahahaha…matalino kasi yan…hehehehe..

    • Edgar Estrera, as I have been saying all along, VIOLENCE BEGETS VIOLENCE. And, whose fault is the Marawi incident? Duterte knew about the Mautes after the investigation of the Davao bombing. He does not deal with the drug lords head on but commands killings for the addicts and pushers. Where is justice in there? Who is evil in perpetuating selective justice in drugs?

    • really? sa dami ng sinabi mo ms alma wala ka nga ni isang citation. saka sir gerald matalino na yan sa’yo? just because ng english yan eh wala ngang coherence mga sinasabi nya.

    • Ry Rab, nobody’s claiming to be intelligent here. Discuss/argue if you will. Here we go. VIOLENCE BEGETS VIOLENCE

      The phrase “violence begets violence” (or “hate begets hate”) means that violent behavior promotes other violent behavior, in return. The phrase has been used since at least the 1830s.

      Violence begets violence is a concept described in the Gospel of Matthew, verse 26:52. The passage depicts a disciple (identified in the Gospel of John as Saint Peter) drawing a sword to defend against the arrest of Jesus but being told to sheath his weapon:

      “Put your sword back in its place,” Jesus said to him, “for all who draw the sword will die by the sword.”

    • ON FOREIGN POLICY: We ought to get increasingly worried about how the President conducts foreign policy. It seems dependent on his mood or frame of mind.

      The President conducts no policy discussions with the Cabinet and the professional diplomats at DFA. And now that our secretary of foreign affairs is an ambitious politician with zero experience in diplomacy and no inclination to correct Duterte, we really have problems.

      The governance of our nation and our foreign affairs cannot be determined by the single issue of drugs. The Mayor has to learn to become the president that we elected him to be… he has more areas of concern than the anti-drug drive.


      The 6-member Senate minority bloc revealed this in a news conference on Tuesday, May 30. The senators said the security officials made the admission during a special briefing for senators on Monday, May 29.

      The briefing did not exhaust or settle the grave concerns and questions. The one who briefed us said that they could neutralize the Maute in Marawi even without martial law. But the President had already made a decision so they were obliged to implement it. All the more, it should be subject to checks and balances.

    • wikipedia tlga source mo? eh parang ngconform ka lang sa views ng writer nyan. at yang views mo sa foreign policy it’s up to you kung sold out ka sa idea na yan. i won’t argue further di ako expert sa mga bagay na yan. let’s just agree to disagree.

      Malacañang attracted controversy in relation to the ASEAN event when it awarded, sans public bidding, a P1 billion con-tract to an event organizer. Legislators mostly from the opposition are questioning the need for a private event organizer when there is a national event organizer headed by former ambassador Mar-ciano Paynor, Jr. and composed of represen-tatives from various agencies.

      The award was ob-viously anomalous, yet Duterte who has vowed to go after crooks in government since the election campaign has kept his eyes close and mouth shut on the raid of the public coffer, leading observers to believe that he is selective in his drive against graft and corruption in public office.

    • cguro nga i graduated high school still having the brain of an elementary student. kung yan ang critical analysis mo, okay suit yourself. btw binasa ko yang wiki source mo, i’m beyond impressed!.

    • yan na yon? anti-corruption hypocrisy na article? january pa yan, diba na approve na yang budget saka pwede ka naman mg e-FOI kung may duda ka. saka di mo nabasa yang title ng article? PRONE dw oh meaning hindi pa yan conclusive na ngcommit nga ng graft. i rest my case here. with/without citation disagree tlga ako sayo. believe what you want to believe wika mo nga i can’t get through you.

    • just because tumaas ang travel budget conclusive na sa’yo na corrupt? ganun ba? yan na yang critical analysis mo? okay. unang araw pa lang ng pag-upo nya isa sa mga utos nya agad is to pass an executive order ng e-FOI. kung issue mo ang budget sa office of the president subukan mo kaya ng inquire di naman yan OVP na denied agad. i’m kinda hooked sa klase ng pag iisip mo kasi hindi ko kayang sundin ang sarili kong advice to ignore you. eto na tlga last na’to

      Transparency International notes that, while populist leaders and movements are on the rise in part in response to corruption, they will likely only exacerbate widespread corruption as it continues to seep into democratic institutions. “The track record of populist leaders in tackling corruption is dismal,” writes Finn Heinrich, research director of Transparency International. “They use the corruption-inequality message to drum up support but have no intention of tackling the problem seriously.”

    • kelan pa napunta sakin ang burden of proof eh ikaw ang ng akusa ke duterte ng kung ano2. ikaw kaya mgtry para ma substantiate yang claims mo. unlegislated kasi nga yang legislative body hindi pa kumikilos na gumawa ng sarili nilang bersyon yong hindi lang EO. let me rephrase yong sinabi ko kanina di ako magaling mg articulate eh, citing wikipedia para kana kasing ng cite ng sarili mong opinion o article kasi nga anyone can write sa wikipedia, pwede ka rin mg edit o revise ng mga articles don. mas naniniwala rin ako sa too much of everything is bad kesa jan sa violence begets violence mo na yan, di na kasalanan ng mundo if you lose faith in humanity. maybe hindi kana naka encounter ng a victims forigves her/his aggressor. saka san ba galing ang singapore at davao? diba mataas din crime rate sa mga lugar na yan dati? aggressive ang pamamaraan ng mga namumuno jan just to rid the area ng mga kriminal, naging violent ba ang mga tao instead? naging haven ba ng criminals ang singapore at davao? kasi iba nakikita ko eh, may discipline instead. next time learn to substantiate your claims/accusations, wag mo ipasa sakin ang burden of proof okay? critical analysis my ass.

    • Ry Rab, what do you think? Will I be definite about challenging you if I hadn’t tried his FOI, 911, 888 and all other walang kwentang ik-iks. Be ashamed of your reply. You are just showing that you know nothing.

    • This will be my last exchange with you. Marami ka pang kakainin na bigas to be able to discuss/argue with me. On WIKIPEDIA, you haven’t done even a mildly serious research in your life to have used it. “The crowd-sourcing review practices of Wikipedia, though criticized for favoring rapid turnaround over reliability, are forcing educators to reconsider the value and credibility of digital resources, or at least to rethink their attitude towards them. As scandalous as it might sound to old-school academics, Wikipedia is arguably subject to more rigorous review practices than are many scholarly publications.

      Any interested party can contribute to a Wikipedia page. This community of gatekeepers, which is not unlike a community of scholars united by a common interest, assures quality of content. The influence of a minority of rogues is unlikely to taint the overall quality for long.”

    • ON BEING ARTICULATE. Use Filipino/Tagalog. I am not a writer myself and do not consider myself articulate. Do not use it as an excuse not to be able to argue convincingly. ON ENCOUNTERING SOMEBODY WHO FORGIVES. Why talk about it? Look at your idol’s vindictiveness. Hahamakin lahat fabrications, masunod lang sya, ON DAVAO AND SINGAPORE. Singaporeans do not like uneducated comparisons. Their leader Lee Kuan Yew was educated in England and had a world view of economics and law – with honors. In contrast, Duterte does not care about economics but only killings and barely passed his course. “After attending the London School of Economics, Lee graduated from Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge University, with double starred-first-class honours in law.” ( ) Singaporeans belie the attribution that there were ejks during Lee’s time. There were drugs but the rule of law prevailed in that island. (Do correct Wiki if its statement on Lee is wrong). ON PASSING THE BURDEN OF PROOFS IN ARGUMENTS. If you can not defend your statements, do not post. Simple as that.

  • He is also the BEST PRESIDENT for me…ok lang ang pagmumura nya accepted kasi nga totoong tao sya…ung galit nya nailalabas sa pamamagitan ng pagmumura nya …kasi nga sa sobrang dami ng problemang minana nya sa mga previous leaders ng ating bansa na ngayon pilit nyang inaaayos para sa kapakanan ng mga mamamayan…hindi pambobola lang ang gingawa ng ating Pangulo kundi kung ano ang nakikita nya sa realidad…Go Mr. President we always support you!

    • Oo nga po Mam saan lumala ..alam ko po naging ok ang sistema kahit mahirap pasunurin dahil nasanay sa mga maling sistema ng gobyerno ..pagdating sa peace and order ok naman po kasi nabawasan ang hold apan ..akyat bahay gang at rape …wala ng nag kalat na mga solvent boys sa kalye .. at sguro at tiwala at supporta ng mga mamamayan magiging maayos ang lahat..dapat maging positibo tayo kasi nagkaroon tayong Presidente na hindi lamang ang kanyang sarili ang iniisip kundi ung bayan at sa kinabukasan ng ating mga kabataan…

    • Hahaha UP ka pala ma’m @ Maeva Lalas nakinabang ka pala sa taxes ng taong bayan tapos ganyan ka tumingin napakakalala. Sayang pinag-aralan nahulog sa putikan!…Don’t be too arrogant just open your heart for acceptance na hindi na eviLPs ang nasa gobierno! Try to look forward and beyond. Not for you nor for anybody. But for your grandchildrens children! Ugma Damlag!🤗

    • Sana maging bukas ang isipan ng bawat isa sa atin walang ibang makikinabang tayo at ang nxt generation natin aminin natin o hindi ang aying Pangulo ang ..” The CHOSEN ONE” or ” MANDATED OF HEAVEN” itinalaga para maging pinuno ng ating bansa ..personally hindi sya ang aking first choice na pinili ..pero dahil sa boses ng mga kabataan nakumbinsi nila ako para piliin sya na iboto as President…as a teacher kinuha ko lahat ng kanilang opinyon why they like Pres.Duterte isa lang ang sagot ..para safe daw sila ..Tayo namn malaki ang respeto da ating kapwa pero kung nakikita natin ang pagsisikap ngnisang pinuno dapat marunong taung mag appreciate…kaya we always pray for our President…

    • Lumala dahil ginagawa nyo ang lahat para patalsikin ang matuwid na pangulo ! Time will come at lalabas din kayong lahat sa inyong mga lungga na supporter ng mga walang pusong dilawan . Masyado na kayong maraming binuwis na buhay ng sibilyan para lamang isisi sa tuwid na pangulo ! Youre time will come at kayong mga supporter ay kasama rin ! Mga utak ipis kayo !!!

  • ..but to rank all the presidents of the Phil.Republic..I think pres.Duterte has the guts to combat drugs in our country ..or else we could have been a country manipulated by drug lords..

  • So when he wastes time on a drug war, utangs billions from china, and gives away filipino land to china, is he just misunderstood? its hard to know which Du30 he is, because no jobs have been created, the internet didnt get faster, pollution didnt get cut , nothing has been modernized , so what is he doing ? Other than wasting time. Some people fail to understand this drug war hasnt created any jobs for the vast majority of people. If you want to fix the drug issue, fix the courts, give people a fair trial, and have a fair system.

    • What is he doing?wow!are you expecting a magic under his leadership? How many years your government work with passion and dedication before to be called today”1st world country”.I’m jealous cause in my fantasy my manila is like new I wish my leaders were like i wish duterte was 9th or 10th president of my land,baka Hindi gnito.Sir,I completely understand your a Filipino I don’t have that much of expectation.we been hopeless for many years as ive seen my country is dying like a cancer patient.what im expecting from him is to be like a “bitter medicine”. I hope u understand that his doing the dirtiest job,taking out the trash that has been flooding us and my previous leaders did nothing for the fear of losing something.I’m not a blind follower but I just trust him.he and Filipinos can’t turn this country to ur expectation in a matter of 1yr not even 6yrs.we pray after his term of cleansing the new leader could start working for pinoy fantasies to be real.peace.sory sa English.

    • U r 100% right mam ilumilinda maceda. They want Him to compass a magic wand just to put us in the pedestal of being rich nation. Are they sleping with open eyes? How many yers those first world countries spent to reach their status today? We believe in Him because he has a track record in Davao City. This fact cant be denied.

    • Yeah let’s just blame drugs for all the countries problems, how long can he play that game before people wonder what happened to the jobs? What are the roads still bad? Why is the Internet the slowest in Asia? Why can’t he protect your land? Maybe he should give Mindanao to China too, good idea?

    • So Mr. Adam Johnson, who do you want to blame then? You? Me? Mr. Duterte? If you have a lot of ideas, why don’t you do it in your own country and let’s see how good you are. Put your money where your mouth is.

  • Huwag nio ibintang sa ibang privious leader dahil bago siya lumaban bilang presidente alam nia na ma problema pinas so kaya ginusto din nia lutasin nia at huwag puro reklamo at doon sa bigay ng mga americano na mga gamit 2nd hand huwag na siya magreklamo at magsalita kung ayaw nia tangapin adi huwag ibaon nia pinas sa utang ng makabili siya ng bagong gamit

    • Well m’am naiintidihan ko ang pagkayamot mo sa gobyerno natin..but do you think he can turn around our nation by even 90° within just 1year.ang problema ng ating lipunan at para ng cancer.of course you know how cancer is treated.nasa kailaliman ang gamut an,Hindi agad nakikita o nararamdaman na ginagamot or umiipikto sau ang gamot kc instead of feeling better ay nanlalagas ang yung buhok.I’m not pro-digong.but I have a convection that he might be one among the many possible cure of pinas cancer.tiis-tiis muna tau and let’s do our part in building this nation.peace!

    • Korek ka ja illuminaa maceda but just think kahit ipakimo mopa cancer walang kagamutan ang sakit na cancer na inahahantulad mo sa pinas at kahit anong galing ni duterte masasayang lang ang pinag aralan nia bagkus lalo pa nia itong minamadali ang pinas at isa isa na nia hinaharvest ang mga pinoy !!nasa kanya ang problema kaya lumala ang aitwasyon sa marawi dahil sa nakikita ko vice versa ang ginagawa nia sa pinas!!sa pananalita lang nia mararamdaman mo agad ang puro kayabangan nia na wala namanikakaya ang pinas !!kinukuha nia tiwala ng mga tao sa mga pa joe joke nia dahil alam nia na jan mahina ang pinoy pagdating sa joke !tulad ng air strike na mismo sundalo pumatay sa kapwa sundalo sasabihin nia sa media ayaw na nia ng 2nd hand na bigay ng america aba naging kasalanan pa pala ng america sila nagkamali bakit nia isisisi sa america trahedya lulusot pa siya !! Adi mayabang siya adi bumili sya ng bagong gamit at humahanap siya ng paraan at butas para magutang muli ilulubog nia pinas sa utang taong bayan taga bayad

    • Tumanda na ako sa pagboto at ngayon lang lumala ng ganian sa marawi !!nasa russia na siya kinansel pakikipag metting kay puitin !!sa ganang akin hindi talaga siya hinarap ni putin kaya hayun gumawa ng paraan para makalusot !! Kasama pa nia 2 anak at yun kabit nia inu ubos pera ng bayan


  • Mr. Duterte is a GOOD president, by far one of the best if not the best! Thank you God for having mercy on Filipinos and granting us a COMPASSIONATE president!