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Imperialist media have no clothes

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The mainstream media – many of which are struggling to stay alive – have a credibility rating in the US of 18% right now. That’s even lower than members of the US Congress; career politicians who lie and obfuscate for a living. In the United Kingdom, 64% of people regard news reporting as unbalanced. Meanwhile in the Philippines, President Rodrigo Duterte, in the latest poll, has an 86% trust rating among Filipinos. Need we elucidate further?

Well, in fact, that’s the rosiest complexion we can put on the US media. A September 2015 Gallup poll revealed that only 7% of Americans have much trust in them. The question then is, if the American people have so little faith in their own press, why should anyone else? And, more to the point, if they are so out-of-touch with their own readers and viewers, how on God’s Earth can they claim any credibility for their ‘analysis’ of the Philippines and the problems it faces?

Plainly, they can’t; but then that’s not the point. Their job is purely propaganda and the promotion of a Western progressive autocracy – an abomination that has weaponised words to humiliate and crush all and any who fail to comply with their notions of what is right and appropriate. They are the foot soldiers of United Earth and the drive for universal homogeneity. Media pundits have a boiler plate of tick boxes which instructs them on the editorial direction they should take. And the more boxes that are ticked – and Duterte coverage will tick them all, for sure – the harder they go in.

They ride roughshod over cultures they can never begin to understand, much less desire to; they make pronouncements and judgments on peoples and governments they’ve never met as if by some arcane divination; and they pontificate as talking heads and column scribes in a media Muppet Show which if it wasn’t so excruciatingly cringeworthy would be hilarious. Who in their right mind can take any of this seriously? The naked truth is the imperialist media have no clothes; they have no authority, and they have no legitimacy other than that bestowed on them, in the case of America, by the likes of the White House and an utter corruption of the First Amendment to the US Constitution.

For the uninitiated, this is how they operate. They start with the headline they want – Stocks Plunge As Duterte Scares Off Investors, for example. Then they tailor the report accordingly by self-censoring any market data that might show other reasons for a downward movement of the index and replace them with the latest death toll figures from the war on drugs. Q.E.D. – body count goes up; investors cash-in and run; index goes down. They’ve done their job and can retire to the nearest trendy wine bar for a glass or two of chilled pinot grigio as they hold court and babble about their insightful analysis of a country most would have a problem finding on the map.

And while they’re doing that, back in the Philippines the drug bosses are toasting them with shots of Fundador and thanking anything that might be holy to them for this inept media that puts the heat on the one man who is trying to stop them. The one man who is trying to liberate his people.

This isn’t a Fourth Estate, it’s a failed estate. It’s unapologetic, unaccountable and has about as much to do with journalism as state-run media in the Soviet Union under the Bolsheviks. The methods might be slightly different but the aims and the results are identical. Brainwash the masses; control the masses.

The Guardian newspaper in the UK – a regular attack dog where Duterte is concerned – is now asking for donations to keep it afloat. Last year, The Guardian recorded an operating loss of US$84.32 million and a total pre-tax loss of US$211.39 million. But it doesn’t exactly put it like that. It words its appeal like this: “We are entering a period of great political and economic uncertainty and The Guardian’s role in producing fast, well-sourced, calm, accessible and intelligent journalism is more important than ever. If everyone chipped in, our future would be secure… These are perilous times for progressive politics, and at moments like these the world needs The Guardian more than ever”.

The world needs The Guardian like a moose needs a hat rack. As for “well-sourced, calm… intelligent journalism,” that’s as outrageous a claim as the North Korean wonder drug that will cure Aids, Ebola and cancer.

But you have to marvel at their nerve. Not content with feeding readers with their shallow Leftist self-serving pap, they’re now asking them to fund it. That’s like a hangman asking his client if he could supply the rope.

And so, bankrupt of integrity, it is little wonder that this once proud profession is viewed with the same derision as a snake-oil salesman. Little wonder, too, that people have turned in their droves to social media – the one place where the mainstream has been forced downstream.

As the saying goes, the tree that screams the loudest in the wind is the hollow tree. And the hollowest trees of all are Western media, which creak and snap like sapless dead wood in a blighted forest.

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