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Euro-septics in Manila

International Delegates of the Progressive Alliance’ to the Philippines, European Union and Akbayan Citizens Action Party

Last week, a gaggle of seven self-important Lefties stormed the front page of a naive Philippine Daily Inquirer masquerading or at least somehow appearing to be a delegation of European Union (EU) enforcers. They were in Manila to deliver a stern warning from both the EU and the United Nations that the Philippines could face sanctions if the government of President Rodrigo Duterte doesn’t, according to the Inquirer, “stop the killing of suspects … [in his] fierce war on drugs”.

Then, as something rather unpleasant hit the fan, Duterte responded with a threat of his own – that EU member states which interfere in Philippine affairs do so at their peril. To make the point he said this: “… we can have the diplomatic channel cut tomorrow. You [all diplomatic staff] leave my country in 24 hours”.

That quickly focused minds and equally quickly elicited a disclaimer in the form of a “Clarificatory Statement” from the EU.

That said this: “… the European Union had no involvement whatsoever in the visit of the seven-member delegation of the ‘International Delegates of the Progressive Alliance’ to the Philippines, which took place 8 – 9 October in Manila, and consisted of representatives from Sweden, Germany, Italy, Australia and the US. It included one German Member of the European Parliament. It is therefore not correct to label the visit an ‘EU mission’ and we kindly ask publications which have done so to rectify this mistake”.

Thus, the EU washed its hands of this ridiculous charade, even though opposition voices in the Philippines tried to present it as further proof of international dissatisfaction with Duterte. So who were they really and what was their ‘mission’?

Let’s start by naming and shaming these pompous imposters from First World nations who believe they can jackboot their way into a developing country and issue threats and ultimatums to its democratically elected government.

All members of the Left’s political elite – they represent part of the hardcore Euro-Left that continually tramples on the sovereignty of weaker nations in that abomination of a union which is their Europe. Now, they’re taking their show on the road in an attempt to stamp their authority on Asia.

And while China is much too powerful for them to confront effectively, the Philippines they believe can be quickly brought to their heel. To facilitate that, they’ve been given inside help to destroy the Filipino people’s choice of government from the Liberal Party and its fawning groupies from the Philippine Left.

Here they are. Thomas O. Melia, of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID); Linda Töyrä, a Social Democrats Party member of the Swedish Parliament; Arne Lietz, a member of Germany’s Social Democratic Party (a group within the Party of European Socialists) and a Member of the European Parliament (MEP); Giacomo Filibeck, Deputy Secretary General of the Party of European Socialists; Conny Reuter of the European activist-Leftist network, Solidar; Konstantin Woinoff, President of the Progressive Alliance, and Benjamin Maxfield of the socialist-rooted Australian Council of Trade Unions.

They’d come on a junket from the Berlin-based fascist-Left Political Alliance (PA) and were in Manila as guests of PA member, and stunt organiser, the Akbayan Citizens Action Party – a socialist/liberal anti-Duterteist group affiliated to the Philippines’ Liberal Party and headed by its chairman – full-on Duterte critic, Senator Risa Hontiveros. So, obviously, she had a hand in this pantomime. No surprises there.

So here’s our question then: If members or employees of foreign governments come to the Philippines and publically criticise the president, should those governments – as guests of the Philippines – be permitted to maintain a diplomatic presence in the Philippines? In short, should their ambassadors and consuls be made persona non grata and kicked out?

Certainly, German-born fascists, Melia, Leitz, Reuter and Woinoff; Italian-born fascist, Filibeck, along with their fellow travelling Swede, Töyrä, and Aussie, Maxfield, who were offered the Inquirer as a political platform, had no EU authority at all.

But one is an MEP; one is a member of the Swedish Parliament. And one is the assistant administrator for Europe and Eurasia of USAID – a US Government agency with a long history of channeling “political aid” to opposition political movements engaged in removing governments. That man, Thomas O. Melia, most likely, will have been the star guest; the VIP. Based on form, if we had to guess where the money for a putsch against Duterte was coming from, USAID would be high on our list.

Former US ambassador to the Philippines, Philip Goldberg, who interfered in the May 2016 Philippine election and came close to being asked to leave the country – as he was in 2008 in Bolivia for consorting with opposition groups while he was ambassador there – was pictured with Philippine Vice President and the figurehead of all opposition to Duterte, Leni Robredo, at a USAID event in Manila in July last year. In Bolivia, he’d allegedly been planning to channel millions of USAID dollars to opposition groups. ‘The Goldberg plan’ to oust Duterte.

The point is that these three stunt-participants represent foreign governments in some capacity. In other words, they’re not private citizens; they speak in those capacities. That’s why they were in Manila; that was the weight they brought. Consequently, they can’t claim to be speaking and demonstrating as private individuals.

We believe, for starters, that what these rabble-rousers did was certainly enough to warrant summoning the German, Swedish and US ambassadors to Malacañang to register the government’s displeasure at representatives of their governments interfering in the internal affairs of the Philippines and abusing diplomatic privilege.

We know that there’s a tremendous amount of sabotage of the Duterte administration going on by agencies of Western governments right now – not least from the US, hypocritically a country that’s still having a hissy-fit over the alleged involvement of Russia in its elections last year.

But then that’s typical of the double standards of the Left. They, it seems, can intrude in any country where they don’t happen to like the government, but are outraged at any suggestion of a foreign power sniffing around them.

The Chinese have the right idea for people like this, they bar them from entering the country. America does the same, as does everywhere else – certainly Germany and Sweden don’t just let anyone in to talk at public forums. In June, for example, Germany rejected a request from Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, to address ethnic Turks during his visit to Berlin for the G20 Summit.

Like those countries, the Philippines is a sovereign state and has every right to prevent undesirable aliens from going there to engage in subversive activities. This gang of Euro-septic Lefties certainly wouldn’t dare to try and pull a stunt like that in Singapore – or in fact anywhere else in the Asean region. So how come they can get away with it in the Philippines?

Let us know what you think.

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  • So here’s our question then: If members or employees of foreign governments come to the Philippines and publically criticise the president, should those governments – as guests of the Philippines – be permitted to maintain a diplomatic presence in the Philippines? In short, should their ambassadors and consuls be made persona non grata and kicked out?

    • I prefer deportation of those individuals interfering w/ our country if it was not officially sanctioned by their respective govts. If it was sactioned then we shud file complaint first then kick their asses if it fall on deaf ears!

    • Absolutely! It’s an act as simple as wiping mud smeared on your face by bullies, those self-righteous euro bastards & that proponent of Mort Americana. What does a host do to guests who had overstayed their welcome? You show them the door with a sharp kick in the butt for their. Impunity.

    • Yes of course, break the diplomatic ties with countries where thousands of filipinos are working, just because some of their delegates dare to criticize the actual bloodbath in the Philippines streets.. How dumb you should be to think something like this?

    • Did he say that? Did he break diplomatic ties to those country? Or he just simply send a message, this is my take on what he said, ” if you can’t control your delegations, then don’t meddle in our affairs.” Protesting inside anyone’s country regarding their own affairs is not criticizing it is meddling.

    • While the delegation was wacking around in media and in the event they’re here for criticizing the govt, the EU embassy were silent, not even sending a word to the president that seven delegates’ media blitz does not reflect their govt’s official stand. They only sent word after the president say it in a speech that they leave in 24 hrs if that is their stand on the ejk issue. The EU embassy was allowing and digesting the news, never expecting the president will respond that way. Echoing the president stand, the EU can go. Dismemberment from the UN too requires unanimous security council approval and the president was damn right in pursuing independent foreign policy by befriending China and Russia. Just imagine this issue in a US dictated foreign policy we have had with previous admins.

    • Like Callamard, those delegates came stealthily and without proper notification to the gov’t. Initially it is lacking respect to our sovereignty. Followed by misinformation by the media that they’re here to reprimand the President about EJK. So what do you expect from the President? Disrespected as he was, naturally he will react that way!

    • they should be tracked and deported immediately!!..there is no reason for them to be treated kindly..drastic measures should be adapted as they should be..with that said, those who are planning the same tactics would think twice..

    • I dont think it s ever right or proper for a visitor who is welcomed to enter our country and just openly critcise our duly elected president.. Yes,we r a democratic country but i dont think if it shud apply to a foreign visitor? ..i mean,hu in the right mind wud visit anothr persons house and critcise its very owner? 😂😂😂.. You wud certainly b kicked out of the place! 😂😂😂.. If u can do that? ..then that wud simply meAn that ur not in the right mind and a plain disrespectful man.. 😂😂😂.. If im the president.. Wat sense wud there b with you lingering in my haus wen u dont respect me.. Thats a damn big insult😅😤😂😂😂..

    • They should be promptly led to the door and bring with them their locall hosts. And never again should they be allowed to set foot here! They should fuck up their own bloody countries!

    • I believe DFA, sec cayetano should talk to ambassadors of conceerned countries and relay our displeasure and let them police their own citizens. I think DFA should issue something to concerned embassies.

    • I suggest we should declare those idiots as persona non grata and the gov’t should investigate those filipino who invited them and must be charge in accordance with our laws

    • i think it all depend on how they criticize. if they do it in a demeaning way and threatening our government and our country then they should get out immediately and be declared as persona non grata.

    • declare them persona non grata!!!! . they are interfering in our internal affair. in fact this fake people are threatening our president which is head of our country!!! ambassador of this country should reprimand this bullshit people!!! they allowed their countryman to be used by our power hungry politicians!!! what they have done is a deliberate misrepresentation!!!!!

    • These Europeans claim that they are the guardians of humanity and morality. The Kontras and opposition invited them to come to Philippines without due respect to the President to critized and attack the President’s policies on how to run this country as mandated by the citizen! These politicians are the ones to be prosecuted for teaching the foreigners to disrespect our Pilipino honor and treat us like we are their slaves and subjects! These politicians whoever they were are the Pilipinos who are not true Pilipinos. They degrade all of us a sovereign people.

    • What made them concerned? Voice out critizism of what? They do not belong here? Are they relatives of those who were killed? On what moral grounds? Have they done a fair research. Oh come on…we know what they stand for..and please..just go. We do not need you here on that purpose. If you come in peace, we reciprocate. If you want trouble…please go somewhere else. I reckon europe got many troubles too. Do not be hypocrite.

    • Imagine us going to Europe just to critizise their abortion program. We keep saying dont murder..dont murder…or critizise spain government asking for catalonia freedom…something they hold would these neanderthals feel?

    • Respect is mutual…when you respect us..we will respect you more. We even give you our bed. But has limits. We belong to a non-assertive culture..but when push comes to shove..youll find what youre looking for.

    • Davide Bobaz how damn? You’re one of those who dragged our country into actual bloodbath.You forgot though you’re free to criticize public officials misdemeanor but not to destabilise your own country.It’s your kind and LP that make it worst. Sorry for being frank but I’m stating the fact!!!

    • Yes kuya eldie. They know where to hit us…that will hurt. Bitter western europeans…losers in ukraine.. why cant they do it in russia??? Putin is just standing next door.

    • Davide Bobaz whose blood on the streets anyway? Blood of innocents? Who is happy to eliminate these people? And for whose benefit in the long run? Wake up sir.

    • The EU ambassador must be summoned by our foreign affairs secretary because EU citizens have coordinated their coming to our country and besides the EU citizens must respect the laws of the country they visited the president should remind and give strict instructions to our foreign affairs sec to launch a strong protest to different foreign embassy’s as guidelines to future accident such as this

    • You’re right Lori Soap. They have no right to teach us and our Tatay Digong how to run our country. They cannot even solve their own problems. They must clean their own yards before they dip their dirty fingers on our own yard.Gone were the days that we kowtow to these big nations. They always treat us as a snack.

    • Eldie Dela Cruz! You’re damn right! I agree with your statements. Those Europeans act like they are the norm of human rights, morality, dignity, civility, etc. but they condone abortion (the most heinous crime of killing real innocent babies) the worst violation in all norm of human rights law. They’re the worst hypocrite of all. BUT, the worst humans are these politicians we have here who invite foreigners to come to purposely insult and accuse our Head of the state of crime that was never proven yet like he was already convicted! These politicians are no longer politicians but has turned themselves into venomous enemy of the state whose actions are leading to destructive results.

      That’s why I am one who agree on declaring a Revolutionary gov’t.

    • Naku alam na ng inquirer yan na peke sila eh bakit pa pinatulan patutsada nila, ngayon di naman naglabas ng errata, kung naglabas man nasa backpages na me maliit na font. Kasama sa destab plot yan.

    • They should be deported immediately… Ambassadors of every country in the Philippines should warn their citizens visiting our country to not meddle in the internal affairs of the Philippines because they have no right to do so.

    • A two-prong sanction is possible. First, our government must send a warning and a demand letter to the ambassadors and consuls why they should not be kicked out. Second, their ambassadors and consuls must impose sanctions to these impostors consistent with their laws.

      After exhausting this course of action amd nothing will materialize, then kick out the ambassadors and ban the impostors from re-entry to the country.

    • Grab them & throw them in jail for violating their visa requirement to respect the country they are visiting. By showing their placards in media, they committed libel using unsubstantiated data to malign the host country. Let them hire lawyers to plead their cases in court. Then we shall see who funded them.

    • yes ,the ambassadors of such countries should,have been summoned in malacanang ,kaso lang may natutulog sa pansitan,na mga officials ni duterte.

    • yes, their consuls or their ambassador knows of their purpose as delegate of their government. if they let their citizens to act like this, then their statements and acts are the acts of their country and their consul or amvassador should be declared persona non grata.

    • Yes Brod Dino Nychus, they know within themselves that they lie and make distorted reports but it’s expected. The real problem lies in the people who listen and believe them. Our gov’t’s info agency must do countermeasures to damp those twisted infos. Seems like Mr. Andanar doesn’t have the necessary mechanism. It looks like our PCOO is in boxing ring and just fending off opponent’s strikes, he doesn’t deliver punches back to his opponent. I find it somewhat irregular! I think it’s time to review administrative procedures.

  • The first impulse of a true leader shall be to immediately cause the expulsion/deportation these foreign individuals from this country, that is if they are private individuals. We should not tolerate the presence of these political intruders whose main intention is to create chaos and confusion within our land. What business do they have to interfere here when they barely know the issues and true facts behind every issue? Why allow them to abuse the hospitality extended to them? Who are they to lord on our internal affairs? And if they come as official representatives of a foreign government, we should file our formal protest for such intrusion of that foreign government involved thru proper diplomatic channels and seek for an explanation on whether the same was indeed done officially. At the same time, we should expel the ambassadors/consuls as persona non grata and deported from our land to send our message of our great displeasure on their interference on internal affairs. If the foreign country remains incalcitrant, severe diplomatic ties therefrom.

  • With such attitudes you will gradually isolate yourself from the rest of the world same as North Korea did. It is normal that other countries express their opinion on other countries. Some countries do regrettably have such a thin skin that they are unwilling to accept criticism. One of these countries are the Philippines, as sad as it is. But of course money donations from other countries are always welcome. Why do you not reject such donations if you do not need the rest of the world?

  • First off, the Inquirer is not naive but a willing accomplice in a plot to defame the President. Second, the Europeans are meaningless militant group back home who were misled by the local Akbayan to ” give weight” ( mga puti kc) to their baseless accusations to the President. In short, it was a well organized ” budol budol” to aid a concerted effort to finally bring down a duly elected government.

  • The foreign delegation with their identities and credentials obscured, issued the press release which was published by the Philippine Daily Inquirer at a time DFA Secretary Cayetano was out of the country. DFA was slow to react so our ever vocal President made a fitting immediate counter threat under the ‘prevailing circumstances’.
    The bottomline is there was malice behind the publication of the press release. The Ambassadors of the three countries with officials/bureaucrats in the delegation must a least be summoned for official explanation.

    • They were here as delegates,as guests,pwes wag mo bastusin yung country host,especially yung presidente at sovereignity namin,they came as a guest so they should have behaved as 1! Thing is they did come under false pretenses so why should our government not act on them! Dapat alamin ng Dfa san nanggaling,sino sino sila at kilalanin ,uriratin mga koneksyon ng mga yan! Daig pa nila mga terorista na naninira ng bansa ibang modus nga lang! Calling Secretary Cayetano! Diplomacy is good but we also have to send a message across to the so called EU foreigners who deigned to step into our soil and insult our president!

  • according to an INTERNATIONAL LAW, any other countries are prohibited to entervene INTERNAL CONFLICTS of any country to country, does they can only be an adviser or to counsel but, limits its influence from the erring countries.

  • Tanim gulo ng mga anti-administration. Hindi nila matanggap na wala na silang puwersa at gatasan kundi natatakot sila ang susunod na maimbestigahan at makasuhan. Natatakot sila sa kanilang sariling multo kaya desperado sila pabagsakin ang administration at sila ulit ang babalik sa puwesto. Si VP Leni ang pagasa nilang makabalik sa puwesto kung mapatalsik si PRRD.

  • On one hand, these European bastards who do well to shut up criticizing the government of the Republic like it was one of its former colonies. They have no business doing that. Lisa Hontiveros and the rest of Akbayan should have their feet dragged through hot coal for organizing a cheap stunt like that. On the other hand, Duterte should get better information than what he’s currently getting. It does him no good to react to red herring. It only reinforces the negative impression the West has of him.

  • Tingin ko that’s a cut from the movie of Steven Seagul double purpose to justify their destabilization plot in connivance with PI opposition. Actually a similar movie had been done before with CIA accomplice to pull out a six pannel UN representatives media and escape the law of their political end propaganda to create chaos and involve foreign intervention

  • mga hayup masahol pa kayo sa mga makapili. mga taga simbahan yan ba ang inyong kinakampihan o baka talagang ibinenta na rin ninyo ang bayan kagaya ni hudas….sagad na sa buto ang kasamaan nyo…

  • The Liberal Party will do anything and everything to oust Duterte but the people will protect the President Duterte. I hope he will declare a revolutionary government to cleanse and purge this country from yellow shits.

  • First and foremost, the immigration personnels should scrutinize any foreign national coming in any port of entry as visitors to know what purpose of their visit weather it’s for rest and recreation or business deals.

    • ND p b abuso n yan ? Dayuhan cla dito tapos nagmamando na akala mo kung cno ?
      Dapat c Risa at akbayan patrtylist ipa exile at iabolish n akbayan, parang mga tagahimodng pwet Ng mga dayuhan….kung ang mga Ito ang mamumuno sa bansa malamang lahat Ng mga Filipino , mga alipin Ng mga dayuhan

    • Wtf….EU this isnt your busines…please use your mind..its our territory not yours…I think EU is one of the supporters of many drugslords here in Phil..god damn ypu

    • Kaya po nga po…gusto nilang sakupin ang bansa natin sa pamamagitan ng pagka lulong sa droga ang mga kababayan natin…kapag ganun na ang mangyari adik pati leader natin madali lang nila kunin ang pinas…mabubuhay din po tayo kahit wala yang walang hiyang EU at UN na yan…yan din ang dahilan kung bakit nagkakagulo ang Muslim pati kristiano dito sa atin ng dahil sa…divide and rule tactics…nila….sinusupirtahan nila ang gobyerno para pulbusin ang mga Muslim…pero kapag naubus na nila ang mga Muslim …sila naman ang pupulbos sa gobyerno….

    • Hudie Sema, Jhun Lu, ang sinabi nyo ay tama kaya tama din na talagang sangkot din ang mga opposition sa DUTERTE ADMINISTRATION sa kalakaran ng DRUGS dito sa bansa natin PILIPINAS…bigyan lang ako ng pagkakataon aaksayahin ko na ang natitira ko pang buhay sa kulungan as SENIOR CITIZEN ng bansang PILIPINAS patayin ko na sila Risa Honteviros at lahat ng opposition

    • Biyaya ng lupang sinilangan ang pres natin po…sana sa susunod na mga president ganian din ang tapang at malasakit sa ating kapwa…Hindi ang mga banyaga ang ginagawang diyos na halus lumuhud sa mga KANU…kaya liit ng tingin sa atin…

  • The media, before reporting that the group represented the EU, should have checked their credentials. It seemed the group’s intent was to embarass the Phil. Govt. and cause dissent among its citizens. If the media did not report that this was an EU mission, nobody would have cared about their opinion and the group would not be news worthy. There was a malicious intent on the media to report the fake news.

    • Remember yung inquiry about fake news,react mga reporters and anchors ng mainstream ay buti sila nag reresearch daw sila at my internal achuchu sila pag may error,eh what about this? ano nangyari? Yung galit ni tatay digz ang ginawang issue para mapagtakpan ang ginawa nilang pagreport sa EU delegates kuno! ? So sino ngayon source ng fake news? Just sayin….

  • Ang colonial mentality ng mga Yellowtards ay sagad SA KANILANG mga buto, licking the asses of foreigners to advance their sinister political ambitions. Their ABNORMALITIES has NO CURE.

  • Phil daily inquirer is not naive, they did it on purpose and they r part of d destabilisation effort against d admin of Duterte, kasabwat ng yellowshits, sabay ng Sws survey at pagbagsak kuno ng FDI as reported by abias cbn.

  • The destroyer disgruntled oligarchs did it again using bogus delegates how can this people allow themselves to be use HAHAHAHA laughing stock looking stupid moronic idiotic whites impostors nice try but yellows looking ridiculous MGA naka suit pa PWEDE Hollywoodish contrabida nice try idiots

  • I hope all thinking Pinoys will think about that so seriously enough. That we should not allow any aliens to dictate what our legitimate government should do. That they should be dealt with accordingly, and with that I admired what the president did to those arrogant and ill-mannered so to speak “EU officials.” They might be thinking that because our country is small and weak, thus they can just do whatever they like. No way!

  • Investigate first. Do not condamn the current president without prove.This killing is drug to drug war. This is about business. Only to survive is to keep away from illegal drugs and not listed your name in a drugwatch or in a druglist because druglist is a book of the dead.

  • Buti pa ang dayuhang si Steven Seagal bilib sa pamamahala ng Pangulong Duterte kaysa dito sa mga #bugok na Pilipino. Ito ang sabi niya sa interbyu…” “I’m a big fan of the government, and I think Duterte is a very good president and he has been instrumental in making the Philippines a safer place,I think what he’s done is very good in terms of trying to get the control back to the people” Steven Seagal said.

  • as expected, all foreign guests or visits in disguise are in cohorts with local groups to intensify their plots against the present administration… to sow confusion and destabilization of governance…

  • They are conspiring.yellowtards,mainstream media,oligarches,drug syndicate,leftists,now this european personnel..the urgency to take the president down is their main objective…the only objective… only wish is for prrd to finish his term..bloody or not….


  • Those foreigners were here in our country on the behest of local opposition parties abd clearly they will invite personalities that are sympathetic to their cause otherwise they will not go into all that trouble. The inquirer as expected, will publicly flaunt the desired statements of these so-called EU delegates without official confirmation of legitimacy for as long as it will put the administration in,a bad light.
    The point is, for how long and up to what extent, does this administration have to endure these political bullying and destabilization these enemies of the state have to be tolerated with. When is enough understood to be ENOUGH!
    If we really take into account the lost opportunities and unhindered progress that our country should enjoy, we could have achieved far more without the negative publicity.
    It is therefore imperative that this administration should taje necessary steps to permanently and equivocally make legal action against these destabilizer to ensure the change and expected development our country badly needs. By doing so will ensure a peacefull implementation of needed reforms.

  • Even the international liberals are interfering with internal politics , this liberals are the real scums most of the countries . They are trying to oust our president because of self interest of power.

  • They should have been escorted back to the airport to take their onward flight. The Bureau of Immigration forbids foreigners to meddle with our politics, and to sponsor an electoral candidate.

  • E ano kung ;-)sanction, nabubuhay naman ang pilipinas kahit mawala sila. Ang takot lang dyan ang negosyanteng dilawan, kaming suporter ng pres. Hindi takot, dahil sanay kami sa hirap at ngayon nakikita pa namin na tunay ang mabuting pagbabago para sa bansa at sa susunod na henerasyon ng pamilya namin.

  • The opposition is extremely rabid They went as far as using foreigners to act as pseudo representatives of the European community just to malign Duterte and his supporters. They went that far and who knows what they’ll do next. But one thing is sure, it fell flat on their faces. They’re busted, always.

  • The real killer of filipino people is hiding in E.U. the netherland government is giving him ASYLUM, Taxes payers are paying hi all expenses and yet this asshole is enjoying the luxery of life by collecting revolutionary taxes from his poor and peasant fighter’s which is the N.P.A. is that FAIR in this world the a well known NATION in europe is not FAIR to the entire World?? that is why I my self, SALUTE the RUSSIAN NATION UNDER PRESIDENT VLADIMIR PUTIN..HE REJECTED ALL Forms Or Groups that will Create troubles and terrorize his citizens, using the American HUMAN Rights Doctrine, impossing it in every corner of the globe..and now it became the safe haven of terrorist leaders, taking asylum in disguised.. this system is too UGLY.. VLADIMIR PUTIN IS A Brilliant minded man.. he wanted President assad to stay in POWER just to control terrorist groups start breeding in syrias LAND.. the real trouble makers in this world are the western & european, they are absolutely MANIACS.. they always intervening every internal affairs in every soft countries. Specially the weakiest one.. but they cannot do it in North Korea, CHINA and RUSSIA.. this country donnot Honor this stupid human rights Doctrine.. if you are a grug trafickers, criminals and corrupt govt.official.. you deserved to die by lethal injection or firing squad.. this nation are clean by DNA in the future, they have more brilliant generation products of human race because their citizens is not using DRUGs that can contaminate the brain and cells of every human being, living in that nation.. LOOK at america, american individual just killed hundreds of innocent civilians without purpose.. the same in philippines.. the maute’s,abusayf,isis.narco.politicians, police generals are hook-up this drug business, killing thousands of young and old.. rampaging the streets like with no ending..

  • Castgated in public, (done by PRRD) outed by name (done, by Volatilian), then Ambassadors called to explain, then kicked out all!

    Let us be sovereign in name and in reality.

    We can do it.

    And yes, we can banner headline the main cooperators who allow these lowlifes to shame our government. Risa you are an abomination. Shame on you. You are NOT a Filipino at heart.

  • Being a boorish interloper in my country doesn’t isolate me or my country. We are deliberately excluding those who want to do us in, pretend to be supportive but have a moist eye for their own agenda. Is your logic typical of condescending simplistic analysts? For. Peter Irminger. Peace.

  • I believe that we have to get rid of the destabilizers then declare these persons (EU members)Persona Non Grata. Opposition per se is important in a democratic society. What is bad is to appear OPPOSING BUT THE INTENTION IS TO BRING DOWN THE GOVERNMENT AS THE LIBERALS ARE DOING.

  • The so called eu delagation came here with the intent of embarassing our president in his own backyard and in the international community and which the local media saw as an opportunity to further embarrass our leader by covering this so called delegation without checking if they truly represent the organization they say they are part of….and they say this is what they call responsible journalism

  • puro lang to pananakot sa kasalukuyang administrasyon di kasi kaya nilang udyukan si du30 sa gusto nila. kung gusto talaga nilang gawin yon ginawa na nila without a warning…pero nakikinabang sila sa pilipinas kaya hesitant din sila sa mga balak nila.di kasi nila malagyan ng tali sa leeg si DU30)….

  • Hey Volatilian: Dial it back a few notches. I am a US ex-pat living in the Philippines. I support our president Duterte. He has inherited an untenable situation and is handling it the only way he can actually get the job done. About other countries. Let their lefties rant and rail but do them no harm nor expel them This is your country, not theirs. They are guests here in the Philippines. Sir Rodrigo Duterte has it right. Do not make his job more difficult for him. Just my two cents. Hey, think about this. Obama said “Drug dealers have rights too”. So what has happened here. Did God die and leave Obama in charge? I think not. How about the rights of our kids to go to school unmolested by drug dealers at those schools? How about the rights of our kids to grow up in a decent society? Do our kids have no rights? I think our kids do have rights and I think our kids’ rights supercede those of the drug dealers. Sooo, our president has good instincts. Just let him run with those instincts and do not interfere so much, not even on his own behalf.

  • These bunch of foreign destabilizers were here because of the invitation of Hontiveros and their statements were channeled to Phili. Daily Inquirer. Hontiveros is the billion of pesos you robbed from Philhealth not enough. Robbed? Yes. You refuse to answer where did you put these billion of pesos during your term with the Philhealth. Inquirer is the Mile Long income during the term of Abnoy not enough? So you resorted to be used by these leftist delegation from EU and US?

  • Sabi ni juana: dito sa nang yari, maraming naging happy, yung may crab and colonial mentality abit tenga ang ngisi……..Tiago: nga delegates Di kaya nagkasobre?, mula sa walang .pakialam sa dating sovereignty?..…..//. Amigo: baka delegates peke?….. Bibayarab para umarte!……Likoy: “desenteng” diyaryo pumatol dito?? huwag masyadong opinion ado! Usyoso: ano gawa deportation bureau?… at F R O???,, at pcoo?….

  • Many foreign leaders and members of their legislatures believe that the Fliinos will just accept being pushed around They are greatly mistaken because the Filipinos will fight for their rightful place in the world. While the Filipinos are very hospitable to foreign visitors there is a limit to hospitality.They are taken for rides by opposition leaders of the Philippines who they believe hook, line, and sinker and who have the gall to attack the Philippines in international fora..