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Duterte’s clear message

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte threatens Abu Sayyaf terrorists following kidnapping and beheading of two Vietnamese sailors
Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte threatens Abu Sayyaf terrorists following kidnapping and beheading of two Vietnamese sailors

Two Vietnamese sailors whose headless bodies were recovered on Wednesday from the Abu Sayyaf terrorists’ stronghold of Basilan – an island in the Sulu Archipelago, some 50 miles south of the Zamboanga peninsular in western Mindanao – has angered Philippine President, Rodrigo Duterte, to such an extent that he’s threatened those behind the sailors abduction and killings that he will “eat them alive”.

Opponent of Duterte will likely seize on this statement and others – such as, “I will eat your liver if you want me to. Give me salt and vinegar and I will eat it in front of you” – as clear evidence that the president is a psychopath and unfit to be the country’s leader.

They’ll use his remarks to pour scorn on his presidency once again. We expect to see him compared to Hannibal Lecter, the cannibalistic serial killer from the movies Red Dragon and Silence of the Lambs. Lector was partial to human liver. His preference was to have it “with some fava beans and a nice Chianti”.

That, however, would be to miss the point entirely. So let’s try to explain why Duterte said what he said; why he would resort to such imagery – imagery which would doubtless upset fine diners tucking into their foie gras appetizers at upscale hotels in Makati and Bonifacio Global City in Manila.

Duterte has a long history of speaking extremely bluntly and directly to those who would do his people and his country harm.
First, the message wasn’t meant for them. It was directed exclusively at Abu Sayyaf – no one else. It’s their attention he was getting. His words, therefore, have no significance outside that small sphere and should only be interpreted in that context.

Vietnamese Prime Minister, Nguyen Xuan Phuc, referred to his nationals’ deaths as barbaric and inhumane murder and has demanded severe punishment for the terrorists. The Philippine president is ready to oblige. Abu Sayyaf is still holding a further 22 hostages, eight of whom are Vietnamese.

Duterte has a long history of speaking extremely bluntly and directly to those who would do his people and his country harm. At his final campaign rally in the run-up to the May 2016 election he said this: “Forget the laws on human rights. If I make it to the presidential palace, I will do just what I did as mayor [of Davao City]. You drug pushers, hold-up men and do-nothings, you better go out. Because I’d kill you. I’ll dump all of you into Manila Bay, and fatten all the fish there”.

He got roundly criticised for those remarks from right across the anti-Duterte universe; his words were, to their mind, “unpresidential”; unstatesman-like; lacking in sophistication; unbecoming of a national leader.

And that’s because they missed the point. He wasn’t speaking as the president of the drug lords and their gangs and the criminals; he was speaking as the man charged with ending their reigns of exploitation and thuggery. Furthermore he was addressing them; telling them that they’d pay in kind for their deeds. His remarks were meant for them alone.

These are elements of the Philippines’ dark criminal subculture which Duterte understands well. He battled them for more than two decades during his terms as mayor of Davao City. He knows as well as anyone how to talk to them. Certainly, he doesn’t need lessons from someone sitting over in Brussels who finds his language offensive or distasteful.

The point is, he may have been in front of the world’s cameras when he issued his ultimatum to the criminal gangs, but his only audience as far as he was concerned were the thugs, the thieves and the drug pushers. He wasn’t interested in reaching anyone else.

The electorate’s response, however, was unambiguous. At the polls they delivered Duterte a resounding victory – putting him 6,289,636 votes ahead of his nearest rival. His uncompromising straight-talking approach for eradicating illegal drugs and criminals from the lands of the Philippines was music to the people’s ears.

Duterte doesn’t need any pointers from members of the European Parliament, nor from the elites in the local political opposition, on how to converse with terrorists.

It had left them in no doubt about Duterte’s qualifications to lead the country and to confront the weeping sores of society that had been neglected and become more infected during the past two presidential terms. They’d had enough; they didn’t want to hear any more sweet talk.

Secondly, the content of the recent message. As previously, this took the form of a direct threat to those responsible for the latest atrocities – Abu Sayyaf’s kidnappers and killers. To make it effective, Duterte needed to get down to their level and speak in a language they understand. He’s not dealing with some minor corrupt officials in the Customs Bureau; he’s dealing with barbarians who have no conscience when it comes to the brutal killing of innocent sailors whose families have been unable to raise the ransom money to buy back their lives.

Again, Duterte doesn’t need any pointers from members of the European Parliament, nor from the elites in the local political opposition, on how to converse with terrorists. He’s lived in Mindanao since the age of five and has seen first hand the degradation that warring groups have caused to that region. He’s attended many funerals of those killed by Islamists; he understands the hopelessness of life there while these groups continue to prosper. He also knows the language they understand.

Telling them they’ll be arrested and brought to court to stand trial – and ‘the full force of the law will be brought to bear’ – would not just make Duterte look weak in their eyes; it would make him look ridiculous. Let’s face it, they’ve heard all that before anyway. Now they’re in no doubt about how far Duterte is prepared to go to make sure they pay the ultimate price for their crimes.

Duterte wanted acts of terrorism to be included in the Bill tabled before Congress that would reinstating the death penalty. That was removed, however, and is not among the provisions of the current bill which the House of Representatives overwhelmingly approved – 217 in favour; 54 against – in March.

Meanwhile, there’s been speculation that the president backtracked on an initiative to do a deal with the Maute Group – the terrorist clique which attacked the southern city of Marawi seven weeks ago and continues to occupy a small section of.

According to a Reuters report, a Muslim leader had been approached by a Duterte aide to open “back-channel talks” with the Maute leadership – brothers Abdullah and Omarkhayam Maute – shortly after their 23 May invasion of the city.

This may or may not be true. Certainly, it’s normal for governments to keep all options on the table when dealing with a sensitive situation such as this one – especially where hostages are concerned, as they are in Marawi. Oddly, though, Duterte’s top peace envoy, Jesus Dureza, was unaware of any attempt at dialogue with the Islamists. If there had been such an initiative he certainly would have been in the know.

And now it’s extremely unlikely that there’ll be any attempt  to bring the conflict in Marawi to a conclusion any other way than by killing or arresting every last terrorist involved.
But also, that battle escalated very quickly causing the evacuation of most of the 200,000 citizens from the city and an internal displacement population in the immediate region that’s now close to 300,000.

What also quickly came to light was civilian deaths; people executed for failing to recite verses from the Qur’an, the Muslim holy book, for example. Members of his own law enforcement had been gunned down or beheaded as they manned checkpoints. Buildings across the city had been set on fire; atop other buildings the black flags of Islamic State were flying.

Whether there was ever any serious plan to broker some sort of secession of hostilities with the terrorists would seem dubious. But if there was, given all that was fast emerging from Marawi, it would be surprising if Duterte didn’t have a change of mind. It was hardly the right atmosphere for sitting round the table.

And now it’s extremely unlikely that there’ll be any attempt by the government or the army to bring the conflict in Marawi to a conclusion any other way than by killing or arresting every last terrorist involved. And Duterte can depend on the Filipino people to support that also.

In fact, they already have in one sense. They’ve overwhelmingly approved his declaration of martial law in Mindanao and given him a record-high satisfaction rating in the latest Social Weather Stations (SWS) survey.

This was conducted on 23 to 26 June, a full month after the imposition of martial law; a full month after the start of the Battle of Marawi. What it says then, is that the people fully approve of the president’s handling of the insurgency. In the SWS survey that was reflected in the president’s overall 78% satisfaction rating. As Presidential Spokesman, Ernesto Abella, remarked, it shows “tacit public support for the president’s action following the rebellion in Marawi.”

Furthermore, this support isn’t coming from testosterone-pumped, angry young men as Duterte’s support base is regularly depicted by elements opposing the president. Significantly, the survey shows that he has a higher net-satisfaction rating among women – 69% – than men, 63%. So that explodes that myth.

The Court also ruled that Duterte’s executive powers allow him to take martial law nationwide if he sees fit.
The general mood seems to be that martial-law provisions need to remain in place in Mindanao until threats from ISIS-linked Islamist groups in that region have been quelled. And that’s likely what will now happen.

The 60-day martial law imposition is due to end on 22 July; that almost certainly will be extended. And thanks to a Supreme Court decision made on Tuesday, that decision rests solely with Duterte.

“The Constitution has provided sufficient safeguards against possible abuses of the Commander-in-Chief’s powers; further curtailment of presidential powers should not only be discouraged but also avoided,” the Court said in its 82-page ruling. “The President only needs to convince himself that there is probable cause or evidence showing that more likely than not a rebellion was committed or is being committed. To require him to satisfy a higher standard of proof would restrict the exercise of his emergency powers,” it said.

Naturally, that decision has angered the civil-rights lobby which had sought to have Duterte’s martial law plans nullified. The Court, however, has not only ruled against those objections, it’s also ruled that Duterte’s executive powers allow him to take martial law nationwide if he sees fit.

“The Constitution grants him the prerogative whether to put the entire Philippines or any part thereof under martial law. There is no constitutional edict that martial law should be confined only in the particular place where the armed public uprising actually transpired,” said the Supreme Court ruling.

All that will have come as welcome news for Duterte who knows that his emergency provisions are the best way he can protect Mindanao’s 20 million people from a terrorist violence that knows no limits. The jihadist insurgency taking place in the province of Lanao del Sur is the biggest test of his presidency and he will move Heaven and Earth to suppress it.

It’s unlikely the president will be dining on Abu Sayyaf liver seasoned with salt and vinegar, but you can guarantee he’ll be leaving no stone unturned in ending the Islamists’ reign of terror in the Philippines southern region.

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  • Grabe talaga ang mga abu sayaf ..karapat dapat na mawala sila sa mundo..heinous crime..
    Kaya sana sa mga taong sumasama sa ganitong mga tao na basta pumapatay alalahanin ninyo na wala kayong pupuntahan kundi sa impierno..

  • Opponents who will take advantage of President Duterte’s Statement… mga Oligarchs and Foul Mouth Mainstream Media. Wala o Ignore nila Street Talk… ganya salita ng mga Down to Earth People to Show Their ANGER! You’re Out of Touch kung hindi mo maintindihan ganyang Salita!

    • Yes tough street talk. He also said, “Patayin silang lahat” referring to the prisoners who killed the Australian missionary. And then he said he he stormed the prison with his Uzi blazing. Macho. Street tough.
      But newspaperman Rigoberto Tiglao said there is one problem.
      Duterte’s story is not true. Tough talking macho man was not there. 😊😀

    • At least d sya plastic na concern sa kanyang image, quivs . com ang peg. Besides if talking tough is the only language criminals or underworld characters understand, so be it…😊

    • Laura Bacs….kaninong image ang pinasisikat nya kung ang kwento nya na ginawa niyang kamachohan ay hindi pala totoo?
      The underworld characters dont respect tough talk but tough action.
      Evidence shows he was not actually there according to Tiglao and even the Australian press. Baka fake news? 😊😀

    • Meron pang kwento ang fellow Mindanaoan nya na si Homobono Adaza. Nagalit si Digong sa radio commentator na si Wally Carbonell. Hinamon ng draw ni Digong si Wally. Pumayag si Wally. Nagpunta ng Davao City dala baril nya. Hinintay si Digong sa appointed place and time para makipagbarilan. Guess kung ano nangyari? Hindi sumipot si Macho man Digong. 😊

    • You should learned to drw the line between INSANITY and COMMON SENSE …….. if you were?…… you would understand President Duterte…….

    • Sid Bañez were you there during the seige at the provincial jail? I was there,checked in at Apo View hotel,watching it live on tv in my room..

    • Mark Pa …You should LEARN…not learned. And what the hell do you mean by “if you were”? Correct is “if you do”. Why don’t you learn grammar first before lecturing on INSANITY AND COMMON SENSE.
      Btw there is no court document that says I have psycho issues. Your idol has..officially filed in court. 🙂
      And what do you think of a guy who claims he was there but he was not? Ok let us test your so-called understanding. LOL

    • Tama na yang mga pasiklaban na para bang itong mga laban sa pananalita ni duterte eh meron ng napatunayang nagawa sa pinas. yung nagawa niya sa DAvao ay isang testamento kung ano kaya niyang gawin…Tingnan nyo nga rating niya, kahit anong putik ibato sa knya eh lalo pang tumaas ang trust rating niya…Sawa na kasi taong bayan sa puro ngakngak lang na mga lider ng gobyerno.

    • Reynaldo Bellocillo …Mukhang bumaba ang presyo ng bilihin sa lugar mo o bumaba ang presyo ng gasolina kung nasa PInas ka man.. Siguro tumaas din ang value ng dollar sa lugar mo. Mukhang natapos na rin ang trapik problem sa EDSA sa tingin mo gaya ng pangako niya. Mukhang walang planting of evidence na ginagawa ang police sa imagination mo. At malamang wala na ring drug problem sa lugar mo kasi more than six months na siyang nakaupo. Mukhang sulit na sulit din sa tingin mo ang intelligence funds kasi wasak na ang Marawi eh alam naman pala sasalakay.
      Iba ang DAvao, iba ang PIlipinas at hindi si Duterte lang ang nagpaunlad sa Davao.

    • Sid Bañez is a perfect example of a person who lacks “COMMONSENSE”…….. Complaining about the FF. 1. Fuel Prices…… Fuel Prices are base on world market prices…… unless the government wants to give a tax free program to oil companies just to lower down it’s cost…. which is stupid…… 2. Traffic…. the Aquino Administration failed to give solution in his 6 years term….. muntik na ngang magpasagasa sa tren sa Cavite…… adding to the problem of buying additional train for MRT not fit to it’s rail way…… that’s plain stupid or corrupt? ……. pwde n ba ipa photocopy ang Highway para mas mabilis ang construction?…… tsk tsk tsk…… 3 Planting of evidence?….. if you have any proof other than memes found in facebook…connecting the National Government with those illegal activities…… then I would be glad to help you… if not? Shut up. 4. Six (6) months?…… Who would have ever thought that Drugs is so rampant in the streets that the Government are able to seize Billion and not million worth of Drugs….. Sabi nga ng taga Cebu…. Kung Si Roxas ang nanalo….. baka pati alagang ASO nila ADIK na din……… 5. Marawi? the bandits were preparing for it since 2013….. how do you think would they acquire those large bundle of military equipment…. unfortunately nasa PANSITAN kasi si Pnoy….. kaya walang alam…. the same way, during MAMASAPANO SAF 44…… WALANG ALAM. …… 6. Intelligence funds?……… the US has billion of dollars in Intelligence funds, but failed to foresee 9-11 attack…… how much does the Philippine Government uses?………. tsk tsk tsk…… buksan ang mata at ang utak…… wag puro bunganga……. bumabaho kasi!…….

    • Sid Bañez bruh kung tama ang mga panukala mo anong dahilan at bakit hindi parin bumababa ang rating niya…kung sinasabi mong walang nagagawa si Duterte alam ng taong bayan yan kaso lalo pang tumaas ang trust rating niya eh…isinuka na ng taong bayan yung mga dilaw na ilang dekada na nakaupo at mas lalong walang ginawa kaya nga napatalsik na sila sa malakanyang, ngayon hintayin nyo na lang ang limang taon pa at magbakasakling meron pang maniwala sa mga kasanga mong dilaw…Yung pagtaas ng dolyar huwag mong isisi sa gobyerno dahil kahit saang bansa sa mundo lumalakas ang dolyar laban sa currency nila hindi lang sa pinas. Trapik kamo sa EDSA? panahon pa ng mga amo mong dilaw nandiyan na yan at kung meron mang ginagawa ang Duterte administrasyon yan ay linisin ang basurang inipon nila sa loob ng ilang dekada ng pamumuno…planting of evidence kamo? eh kung san saang lupalop na ng mundo lumapit yung mga amo mong dilaw para magpatulong kaso wala rin eh, sila ang walang ebidensya kundi kwntong kutsero lang, gusto kasi nila mag alaga ng mga addict kaya ayun 4M na mga drug addict ang meron pala ang pinas at kung hindi pa umupo si Digong hindi pa malalama ng sangbyanan na ganito pala katindi ang busurang iniwan ng mga amo mo na inipon ng ilang dekada at gusto mong tapusin ni Digong sa loob ng anim na buwan…alam naman pala ng amo ninyong dilaw kung saan nakakabili ng droga bakit hindi nila natapos ito bago man lang sila umalis sa pwesto?

    • Sid Bañez :Hes just being true to himself, what you see is what you get. If you think that hes not tough, that’s your opinion. Til now some people dont get the President’s character.

    • Tama po kyo sir, sinasamantla nila Yung pagiging trashtalker ni pres.du30…pero kung lalaliman LNG knilang isip ,mkikita mo sa words ng Pangulo ang sobrang desperation, na sugpuin ang mga demonyong Abu sayaff nayan…wag LNG tlga nila saktan o patayin ang Pangulong du30 it would be bloody civil war tlga manyayari

    • Mel Sarto c Presidente nun paman hinde cya nagfile ng candidacy nya,cnabi na namin na cya ay the ” master gamesman” o kitams,nung mag file e di ang dilawan caught unawares,the rest is history.
      Madami cyang ” double talk” just to unearth the sectors remaining in the vestiges of yellow cultism.pero mas madami cyang na accomplish kumpara dun sa kay boy kulangot,kaya nanggigigil cla.ang masakit sa kanila,unlike boy sisi,inaako ni Presidente ang lahat.c boy sisi,pag mali,e kasi c Gloria,yun kakatiting na tama,ayun kanya daw.alam naman ng lahat na c Gloria ang nagayos ng economya( granting without admitting na nagnakaw cya) pero it was during her term na ang credit standing ng bayan was elevated by Standard and Poor’s.also they claim that they started the call center program,my ass! It was Gloria! Sila nga,doomsday prediction na magaalisan ang BPO’s nung na fuck you ni Presidente c Obama.ayun,si agot nagsalita,ayaw nyang magutom,hehe,nag alisan ba o bagkus dumami.BTW,cya lang ang ng bullshit sa incumbent President ng America and got away with it!
      Lahat ng dilawan tuliro,kaya kung ano ano ang inimbento gaya nito c trilliones,yun bang sundalong tutong….lol
      Pikon na pikon na sila,isang taon pa lang ha……five more years mga katoto

    • Reynaldo Bellocillo …Kasi maraming na brainwashed. At saka huwag mo sambahin ang survey. Kung ang nasurvey ay ang mga uto na nag like dun sa satire website na si Duterte ay Best President of the Solar System according to NASA, haha, eh talagang tataas ang approval rating. 25,000 yun na uto uto. Nag like ka ba dun?
      At saka hindi panukala (proposal) ang mga sinabi ko. Yan ang mga tunay na nangyayari sa Pililpinas. Wala pang natutupad sa mga pinangako. Wala pa..1 taon na.Mag ilusyon kayo ng mag ilusyon.

  • This country with anti- Duterte oppositions posing as nationalist needs a tough leader on Duterte. Gone were the days of too much formalities…we never took off, so now the common Filipino is trying it on a foul- mouth but decisive leader. Meantime, why not?


  • anybody who seizes on the President’s “eat them alive” statement will be proven to be a first class, premium MORON. i suggest to anybody who’s planning to carp on this phrase to go first to his books and get a hold of its true meaning to avoid looking like a total IDIOT in its purest and highest form!

  • … to those who were angered by this cannibalistic statement, this is only for the terrorist group who have not changed their ways of defying this government… our President will not tolerate it because they’re making the lives of the Filipinos and other foreigners in danger.


  • That’s just a statement of a great leader to give an impact of how he respects life. He surely is a brave and courageous leader. He is always fit to lead a drugged and unstable country full of corruption, drugs, oligarths, criminals ect… we are so proud of our leader. Stop destabilizing a working and functional nation with a heaven sent leader. God bless the Philiipines.

  • The one who contradicts are the psychopaths that should go the mental hospital you are all blind and jealous with the tremendous progress our president did for our country BIG CONGRATULATIONS HIS EXCELLENCY PRESIDENT DUTERTE

  • Anyway what’s the fuss about Duterte’s statement. Majority of Filipinos took it lightly and dismissed it as one of his expression of tirades save for some oppositions who gave color and highlighted whatever he uttered.

  • Tell it to the idiots Mr. President. Your full of balogna and your statements has nevers stopped the Abu Sayaf, the Maute, the NPA from making,a mess. Can it be construed then that even your hyperbole, nonsense statement has been made a laughing issue?

  • Ay wg ng pansinin yn mga opposition eh d abangan nila if kakainin nga ng mahal n presidente un atay eh pg galit tau ganyan lng expression ntin dont take it literally bukambibig lng yn

    • tama yong sinasabi na di lang maka relate ang mga tagalog sa mga sinasabi ng mga bisaya kaya ganun nalang ang kanilang komento sa presidente.. padayon lang mr. president basta kon unsay maayo para sa atong nasod..

  • The president’s statement is just one of popular visayan speaking idiomatic expressions when someone who is really angry which is ” KILAWON KO NA IMONG ATAY”!!!!! If u are the one addressed by that expression u better get out, f not, heads will roll….

  • Parehas lang yan pag naasar ka sa fren or kapatid mo..sabihin mo. ‘Tumigil kana papatayin kita makita mo’ dba ganyan mga salita lang na dala lang sa galit..

  • Duterte’s opponents were clearly desperate….. Duterte were just using rhetoric statements maybe to express his anger or maybe to anger his enemy….lol….

  • Its a bisaya idiomatic expression… ganyan ang mga bisaya magsalita.. even tagalogs dont really understand the meaning behind the words.. coz in bisaya, we tend to translate it in tagalog word by word as it is.. so it doesnt come out right.. so we bisaya totally understand what he means..

  • Bingyan lang ang mga bayad media ng something to talk about…mukhang ang tahitahimik na kasi nila magmula lumabas ang decision ng SC sa Martial Law at mataas na survey ni PRRD…


  • Pag gumanit ka ng figure of speech, malamang hindi ka maiintindihan. Halimbawa, i can sleep in a bed of roses. Subukin nga nyong matulog sa bulaklak na rosas kung di ba kayo masusugatan ng tinik nito. So, pra natin maintindihan ito, kailangan nating intindihin kung paano pagkagamit nito

  • ano ang gusto nilang sabihin ng ating presidente tatawatawa at sbihin magenjoy yon ba gusto ng mga contra, pinaparamdam ng ating presidente na sagad sa galit sa ganong gawain yan ang matapang na presidente


    A superior man is concerned with virtue; an inferior man is concerned with wealth & power;
    A superior man understands what is right; an inferior man understands what is profitable;
    A superior man devotes his life to a conviction; an inferior man is always in search of convenience;
    A superior man serves his fellow men; an inferior man forces his fellowmen to serve him;
    A superior man shuns adulation & adoration; an inferior man attaches his name to every highway, bridge, building, & monument;
    A superior man listens to the voice of the people & God; the inferior man listens only to himself & his wife’s.

  • Aba presidente sya at educated na tao abogado pa !!aba gamitin naman nia sa tama ying kanyang natapos puro salitang gang sa kalse lumalabas sa bibig nia maging polaite at magpakadisente sya lalo na sa harap ng media!! Kaya tau napagtatawanan na ng maraming bansa wala ng respeto sa pinas dahil ang namumuno hindi seryoso at puro joke ang ang binibigay sa mga tao parang binobola n lang taong bayan dahil alam nia pag dating sa bolahan ayos sa mga pinoy

  • Dpat lng nmn tlga eh!kahit ako kakainin ko din tlga mnga demonyong yan..D lang mnga abu sayaf..Pati yang mnga mgnanakaw na tunay..Si lagman at iba pang mnga kaalyado nila.Dapat din tanggalin ang puso ng mnga yan at isawsaw sa suka..Yan tunay na mnga demonyo sa lipunan

  • d kc cla nbibigyan ng lagay bwat ng naging presidente c duterte kya galit cla s kanya wla e humina kita nila kya ayaw nila d tulad ng mga dilawan galante s media kya pro good report lagi pg cla.

  • Lol this is our culture. Who are you to judge? This is our way to express our anger. Please study the strange stories about “ILAGA”. Though I’m not one of them but a farmer, we learn to eat rats, grass hopper who ate our crops.

  • that shows how brave is our leader…yong mga leader mo dati volatilian ay nasa puwet at talampakan ang tapang,,,sa isang salita lang na ganyan unfit kaagad sa yo…sobra ka namang oa, marami na talagang ogag sa atin ngayon dahil sa mga katulad nyong ganyan mag isip volatilian…go to hell kung gusto nyo pa din yong dating sistema…

  • Ang may plano pala ay yung Chinese contractor at sumangayon naman kayo. Mr. President naman, milyong milyong Pilipino ang walang trabaho, tapos mag iimport pa kayo ng intsik para bigyan ng trabaho? Yung totoo? Kanino ba kayo dapat magsilbi? Sa Intsik or sa Pilipino?

  • If it is not meant for u,why so jittety?I’d rather had a foul mouth president that cares for his peoples well being than having a clean slate one but like a lame duck sitting pretty and doing nothing but doing pogi points…