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Diplomacy Duterte-style – fuel of the trade

As the dust settles on the ruling by the Permanent Court of Arbitration which in July declared Philippine sovereignty over a group of South China Sea islets – much to the displeasure of China which also claims them – relations between the two countries are becoming increasingly close.

As the dust settles on the ruling by the Permanent Court of Arbitration which in July declared Philippine sovereignty over a group of South China Sea islets – much to the displeasure of China which also claims them – relations between the two countries are becoming increasingly close. Now the tradesman’s entrance to the massive Mainland market is being fitted with a welcome mat for Philippine commerce.

And on 19-21 October, President Rodrigo Duterte, will lead a business mission to Beijing to explore specific areas of new trade.

Filipino business groups are now being asked to submit the names of prospective delegates across a range of sectors. There is no indication yet as to who will be in that party, but – without mentioning names – it’s not difficult to work out who won’t be. This will not be one of those government-sponsored junkets for the country’s oligarchs and the Makati elite to gain exclusive access. It is likely to feature exporters and entrepreneurs from across the archipelago. Possibly around two dozen businessmen will be on the trip.

But while all that is very significant, and a major departure from the China-trade policy of Duterte’s predecessor, Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino, under whose watch trade and other relations with the Mainland soured, the main event will be the optics of this entente cordiale.

Beijing looks like it could kill the fatted calf for this occasion – it is the head of state visit it most wants from this region. Already Duterte is scheduled to meet both the Chinese President, Xi Jinping, and Chinese Premier, Li Keqiang. The red carpet will be rolled out and Chinese pageantry will be on display and bristling. No doubt Duterte will inspect People’s Liberation Army troops in Tiananmen Square; there will pictures of the leaders on the steps of the Great Hall of the People and at state banquet there later. And China will publicise the entire visit via its vast global media reach.

This is a major event for both Manila and Beijing. It’s a clear statement that it’s ‘Game On’. It further underscores their mutual distrust of Washington – the Philippine eagle and the Chinese phoenix have become birds of a feather in that regard – and the White House will look at all this with mounting alarm. The main purpose of its hitherto cozy relationship with the Philippines – history aside – has been to keep China in check in the region.

Equally concerning is that its “Pivot to East Asia” initiative – largely aimed at implementing the Obama administration’s Trans Pacific Partnership trade-bloc leviathan – has also been given a serious jolt. Washington’s dream of superpower supremacy in China’s backyard, while it may not have been shattered, now has cracks.

Earlier this week, while on a visit to Vietnam, Duterte announced that the joint military sea ops, involving 1,400 American troops and a 500-strong Filipino force, scheduled for 4-12 October, will be the last to be staged. These are war games, he said, “which China does not want”

This is diplomacy Duterte-style; a ‘Pivot to China’ that will certainly help to fuel his country’s trade efforts on the Mainland. But it is as clear a statement as possible to show that the Philippine president is fully committed to reaching a long-term close relationship with its giant neighbour and that the Philippines’ “special relationship” with the US is perhaps not quite as special as it was.

Next stop, Moscow, and that might give Washington an even more severe migraine.

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  • China should know that the Duterte administration is for amicable relations among its neighbours bc it will bring only advantages in the longterm for everybody in the region. American interest should not be a stumbling block to achieve peace and prosperity in the region.

  • Hahaha hirap ng ayaw umunawa tandaan ninyo ang nasa paligid ng ating presidente ay mahuhusay stratahiya brain storming kung sa parlance ng militar lahat ng assumption o angulo ng pakikipagbaka ay pinag aralan to come up with a good decision in how to apply your operational plan.

  • the USA market is flooded with made in china products, meaning they are trading heavily. the Philippines, being a neighbor should be able to trade freely with china, specially now that the chinese are promising to help augment the transportation system with new railroads and many more, ex. fertilizer for crops is so much cheaper in china, the philippines imports these products from expensive sources.

  • not only the buong Canada halos lahat na producto ng China, NASA Canada sa buong Asia,made in China,. dto sa pilipinas puro China made,kya yumaman ang insek,dahil sa peke, na gamit..

  • His logic behind this is why become hostile to China if we can never win a war against them? Might as well use the leverage of winning the arbitration court ruling to ask for concessions from China which she is willing to provide. Dutertevl also told the U.S. that they (they, the U.S.) could give us more but fell on deft ears, so Duterte shifted to Russia and Chinabwho are more than willing to help modernize our military.

    • Please people dont even think a war againts any nation on earth. Think ur freedom that we have now. If you compare the military power of china againts the military power of the armed forces of the phil. They will use only man power all of sudden will disappear the way their military forces will react. They have 2.5 million active soldiers and 2.5 million reserve military troops’ they got 300, 000 ground power composed of tanks, Cannos, Fighting choppers, Field artilleries not included fire arms, Navy ships and nuclear weapons. Dont trust and base all the records u saw in youtube remember, China people doctrinized to keep secrets for they will not compromise by the other nations.

  • hey bro, easy..
    Kung sa palagay mo ay may mas may maganda kang suggestion o idea kaysa kay pangulo, kasama na ang kanyang konseho at advisers, patungkol sa kanyang foreign relations strategies & decisions..mas okay na sabihin o ipaliwanag mo sa tama at sa mga kinauukulan. May karapatan at kalayaan ang bawat isa na mag-comment, pero sana ay itaas naman natin ang level ng mga comment natin at di na lang puro pag-mumura at reklamo. Magbasa-basa rin pag may time, mga kapwa common filipinos. Kasama sa pag-unlad ang pagiging maalam at mapanuri.

  • CHESS MASTER he is…look..wat do u think if a strong countries like USA, CHINA and RUSSIA will be all our allies instead of selecting side?…PH wud benefited from all this giants……this is wat other pipol dont understand..DU30 is planting seeds for the future of the next generation…..

  • Theres nothing wrong making trade w/ china. We dont need military exercise wat we need is trading partners allied country whose willing to invest in our country the more frndly allied country is better, south china sea isyo is really sensitive. America cant imidiatly response to aid our country bcos in american constitotion the congress had the power to send troops or made war to other country not the presedent the congress will debate it first while they debating were already finish by the nuke of china if war broke up, we dont have weapon to counter and to detect a nuk remember china is one of the four country had the three way nuck lunch, our country will be a batle ground if war broke up, so its beter to b friendly and make trade w/ them than to join some military exercise our economy first before that if war broke up its our lost canda vietnam brazil south africa tibet, malaysia, indonisia, singgapore, hongkong, trade w/ china look what there country now, it is US always medle in any other natonal conflict not the china, dont be so over exegerated about chinish imperialism they never go to other country to medle w/ thier conflict it is US does, they do bussnes in other country wew even china economy has the big role true global economy

  • Sa mga maanghan o hindi magandang salita mula sa tabas ng dila ni Pres.DU30 ay mayroon ba tayo mga ka-sambayanan napuna na KASINUNGALINGAN?
    Hindi ba noon pa man bago pa ang magdesisyon siya na kumandidato bilang presidente ay bakas na sa kanyang pananalita ang TALINHAGA (metaphor) at PANUNUYA (sarcasm)?
    Papaano na ang kinalakihan na ito hindi ba natin uunawain ang likas na pag-gamit ng salita na magalang ang dating sa harap ng kinaka-usap ay maging sensitibo o epektibo ay hindi basta-basta magagawa o mai-aalis sa loob ng 3 buwan pa lamang sa pag-tupad sa katungkulang Presidente ng ating bansa?
    Ikuumpara po natin sa tagal ng nakasanayang pag-gamit maaanghan na pananalita ng ating presidente noon Mayor pa siya ng siyudad ng Davao sa kanyang pamamahala ay lalo siyang minahal ng mga mamamayan na kanyang pinaglikuran?

  • Ganon may mga dds na nag post before when duterti said girahin niya ang China na ang mga product daw ng China mga fake. May in can pa daw na human beings at etc na panglait nila sa china. Ngayon OK na pala. Hindi kayo maintindihan. Ano ba talaga Kuya. Pag may nag comment according to your words magagalit at humantong pa sa personal na panglalait… Gaya gaya puto Maya. Nagsasabi lang po galing sa mga sinasabi ng ilan sa inyo.

    • Ang mga panglalait at paggamit ng maaanghang na salita ay maaaring gamiting taktika para makakuha ng atensiyon sa mga katransaksiyon. Maaari ding pinagsasabong lang ang malalakas na bansa para mapiga natin sa kanila ang pinakamakatas na pwede nilang ibigay sa atin. Kung ang US ay talagang kuripot at gusto lang talaga tayong gamitin habangpanahon, di ba mas tama na maghanap tayo ng ibang malakas na bansa na handang tumulong ng totohanan?

  • If we continue with the military exercises with US,, We can’t pursue bilateral talks with China… with our armies’ state atm, we can’t afford to engage in any war… THE PRESIDENT won’t sacrifice his people for that piece of land… we still has the 1950 treaty with the us… yun joint military exercises lang namn ang puputulin ni president… and come to think of it… CHINA is one of our oldest trading partners… they’ve become one of our people… we even celebrate Chinese new year.. even adapted some of their cultures and traditions… they never invaded us hindi katulad ng ESPANYA, HAPON at AMERIKANO… na nag iwan ng malalaking peklat ng kahapon…

  • ” I do not know if I will survive the six years of my presidency. I have many enemies. But even when I’m gone, you must remember… you are the ultimate warriors of this country. Do not allow this nation to disintegrate because of crime and corruption.”

    President Rodrigo R. Duterte

  • Tama Lang Mr. President wag mo isugal ang BUHAY ng mga kasundalohan natin ng walang kalabanlaban kelangan talaga ang seryosong negosasyon!!! Bakit Hindi natin subukan bigyan ng armas yong mga galit n galit sa China at puro batikos na bahag daw ang buntot ni President DIGONG sa China cla ang pasugurin sa China now na