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China’s role in Fawkes focus

More criticism of the Philippine president’s prosecution of his war on illegal drugs – this time an ‘expose’ from Reuters that China is the main source of methamphetamine washing through the country. That’s hardly a revelation; practically everyone there knows that and has done for years.

But in the article Reuters raises a point which many people may have wondered about. It asks: given the administration’s close engagement with the Mainland, following the normalising of relations with Duterte’s trip to Beijing in October, how come there’s little apparent activity in taking out drug criminals and their operations at source? In other words, what are the Chinese doing in China to defeat this menace?

Of course we don’t have the answer to that. As any China watcher knows, on sensitive issues Beijing plays its cards very close to its chest. We do know that Duterte and Chinese President, Xi Jinping, put their signatures to an agreement by which their countries are to work closely to defeat the illegal-drugs traffic. But in fairness, that only happened just over a month ago, so it’s hard to see how much could have been contributed by the Chinese side in that time.

That said, some 50 members of Philippine law enforcement have undergone training in the fight against narcotics in western China. And though it‘ll take time to build the required infrastructure between the two countries to tackle this problem comprehensively, from what we can see, the commitment is there.

It’s also worth pointing out that China – with the strictest laws in the region when it comes to dealing with drug crime – has never denied that Mainland-based triads are responsible for much of the narcotics shipments getting into the Philippines.

Furthermore, Duterte’s personal commitment to this issue cannot be overstated. It probably ranks as his number one endeavour – for unless he gets this under control, the country’s true potential can never be realised. And there’s no doubt that China is well aware of how important this fight is for the Philippine president – a man whom they want to remain on side.

Duterte is the first Philippine president to meet this problem head on. His rationale for doing so closely mirrors that of English Catholic revolutionary, Guy Fawkes – that “A desperate disease requires a dangerous remedy”. And that dangerous remedy for Duterte is his war on the desperate disease of drugs that are killing his people.

He knows there’s no negotiating with this enemy; it can only be confronted. The alternative would be to go the route of Columbia or Mexico – narco states where branches of government became Drug Inc. subsidiaries. Or, capitulate like America, where drug death – whether from bad product, overdose, suicide or drug-related violence – seems to be tolerable. More Americans die from drug overdose than in car accidents.

As for the course of Duterte’s war, it’s clear that actions by the Philippine National Police and the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency are starting to seriously disrupt the country’s crystal meth (shabu) industry.

Supply has been hit hard – this year nine labs have been dismantled and destroyed; exceeding the total for 2013-2015. Consequently, with the drop in supply street prices have rocketed, in some cases by as much as 600%, putting the drug out of the reach for many users. Furthermore, shabu seizures over the past 11 months are already two and a half times greater than last year’s. Then there’s the mass surrender of 700.000 pushers and addicts. Then there are the arrests and the killings of drug-trade personalities – including mayors, provincial politicians and local government officials.

And all that has happened in just over five months. The war on drugs, bloody though it’s been, is having positive results. That’s indisputable.

However, that said, it would be naïve to assume that Philippine law enforcement is well on the way to having this thing licked. It’s not; it’s a long way off that and the reality is that illegal drugs may never be completely eradicated in the archipelago.

Getting rid of this culture – effectively, its human resources; the bosses and the pushers – is like trying to solve a city’s cockroach or rat problem; it’s virtually impossible. The reality is that the best that can be hoped for is to get the pestilence under control. There’s always going to be a market for drugs – sadly, that seems to be a fact of life. Thus, success and failure are measured by the size of the sector, and so while the Philippines remains a big market, the fact that it’s shrinking shows some measure of the war’s success.

Illegal drugs are available even in Singapore – though it doesn’t have a drug problem. That’s because the city state, unlike the Philippines, never allowed the gangs to gain a foothold. And so, maintaining control, which Singapore does very effectively, is far easier than having to address a drug problem that’s been allowed to proliferate for decades.

Of course, everybody would like this thing to be over. Even for those of us who understand the necessity for the war, like all wars, it’s regrettable it has to be fought at all. It’s also extremely expensive and diverts resources, both human and financial, from other socio-economic areas which are crying out for attention.

But this is a legacy problem and if it’s left to be the next administration’s legacy problem and the same for the one after that, this country’s future will be desperate. It won’t just be the Sick Man of Asia, it’ll be populated by the walking dead.

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  • Our govt says na sa China nanggagaling ang illigal drugs, na mhirap mahuli ang mga big fish at nasa China nga, e bkit di nila inoopen up sa China ang tungkol dito, bagkus eh para pa nilang ibinibigay ang teritoryo natin, sa last speech pa ng Presidente natin eh parang hinahamon pa nya ang China na hati nalang, tapos makalipas ng ilang oras eh binawi at sbi eh itutuloy daw nya ang result ng arbitration… Ano ba meron? Ano ba talaga ang stand ng govt natin, puro nalang joke joke joke, paibaiba ng pagiisip…

    • Hahahaha brod, what else is new? Noon pman kampnya s eleksyon cnabi nyang mgisa syang mgjejetski s spratlys at papasabugin nya mgisa ang mga itinayo ng china doon. Nangyari ba? Hindiiiiiiiiiii! Tas kakalas dw s un ntuloy ba? Hindiiiiiiii! Pnapalayas lahat ng kano s pinas, nangyari ba? Hindiiiiii! Ngaun nmand raw sya papayag n tumuntong c steve harvey s pinas para mghost ng miss u, ngyari ba? O sya na nga po ang host nito. Wag mgtaka kung litong lito at hilong hilo s kpapaliwanag mga bata nya kung ano ba totoo, lalo na c andanar hahahahaha d mlamn kung paano sasalagin c d30 walang isang salita, pbago bago dpoba? Ano ang maaasahan n tin dito? Baka bukas dna natin mbawi ang ang dapat stin n mga isla s wpsea. Saka nlng dw hahahaha ano png hahabulin mo doon nkapwesto n mga armas at barko eroplano ng tsekwa doon. Iyan po ang malinaw n katotohanan, mgisip po tau at gumising s realidad n tayoy nlalagay s alanganing stwasyon!

    • Mas ok na yung walng 1 salita, e kung sa kabutihan nman , wlang mali dun..kesa nman mga pushers ang mamuno ng bansa..tpos na masayang araw ng mga sakim sa pera at mga pushers…hahaha..ang laking kalungkutan sa demonyo im sure..hahaha

    • tanggapin man ntin o hndi, pero alm mo, nya, cla, at aq na mas my gngawa ang gobyerno natin ngyon kesa sa mga nagdaang administrasyon..pero kng ssbihin mong d mo dama yan? ay nako yellowtard ka..

  • Tama ka aphoy panto ,gusto nila sa bansang nagdadala ng droga pero pinapatay nila ang mga pilipino ,dapat patayin nila ung mga nagpapasok sten ng drugs at mga kimekal na pang gawa ng droga,alang kwentang icip puro salita tpos bbwiin din ano un pinaglalaruan tayo ng magulong utak ng dugong

    • Relax lang ….alam na ni Tatay Digong yan! Gusto ng America pag-awayin tayo sa China……eh kung tungkol naman sa drugs ipasa ang Death Penalty at bitayin ang mga Chinese na sangkot gaya ng ginawa nila….Pwes hindi mag-atubili sabihin ni Tatay Digong na may fren China ….batas rin namin ito na bitayin basta drugs! Kung pa bago bago man salita nya Pwes taktika nya yon! At least hindi pa bago bago ang gawa nya!

    • Kung magsalita ka , you look like a superman… magkandidato ka ngang presidente sa 2022 at iboboto kita. Naiyak na nga si Gen #Bato dahil sa ginawang kapalpakan ng Pnoy administrasyon sa PNP .. sinira nila ang morale ng kapulisan kaya lumaganap ang illegal na droga sa panahon nila..

    • Nku bkit young mga nahuling Chinese sa casino pinagpyansa bkit hinayaan nila tpos walang comment man lang ang pinagmamalaki nyo d tkot sa kanya ata o may alam din nku Ewan magsisi kayo darating ang panahon colony na ng intsik ang pinas ,yung spratly nga nga nga parin paghatian daw sbi ni d haha pagmamay ari ng pinas ano un joke

    • Naiyak tapos pagpapatay class naiiyak b sila ang patayin nila any mga druglord ,na intsik na nagpapasok sa pinas ,d yong pilipino na kumakapit sa mali maisalba lng ang pamilya,

  • the rehab only is there to hide and protect their customers…its a revolving door for users and pushers…a safe house when things cool down they are back using and pushing, what would china do without customers…this is a world wide problem America is even worse then the Philippines big money,, they give the users needles and substitute drugs ….wake wp world!!!!!!

  • It confirms that PDU30’s War on Illegal Drugs is correct and on the right track. Personally, the action of the Executive is absolutely necessary for the preservation of our country from apparent destruction and ruin and saving the present and next generation from the illegal drug menace and its detrimental effects. If there should be other ways to solve the problem then the hard core critics of this Administration must (supposedly) formulate and offer an alternative solution and not just fence sitters and barking and barking at the moon like wild dogs or wolves.

    • PDU30 WAR ON DRUG AY HINDE maging succesfull kasi its not on the right track pinapatay ang mga maliliit na sila naging biktima ng kahirapan ,ngunit iyong mga BIG TIME DRUG LORD ay pinalaya , gumagala pa, sa Cebu 30M ang halaga ng shabu nahuli ,sino nag finance nyan for sure iyong Big Time Drug Lord, si Supt Marcos ni relieved balik kaagad si Queen Of Drug pinalaya din for sure WAR ON DRUGS WILL NOT SUCCEED???

    • My recommendation ipatupad ang batas na pantay pantay KUNG PATAY ANG MSLILIIT GANOON DIN SA BIG TIME DRUG LORD kung madaling sabihin na lumaban sa maliliit ganoon din sa Big Time mas mapaniwalaan na lumaban sila kasi sila may pambili ng baril

    • Big Drug Lords, Narco Politicians, Influential Drug Lord Protectors and Illegal Drug Suppliers do not really expose themselves in public like the Mafia Godfathers. Quite difficult to get rid of them easily plus the questionable and slow justice system in our country… What do you think? For me, good to know that somebody up there in our government takes immediate action rather than completely ignoring the problem.

    • Marami nman nahuhuli halos lahat Chinese pero konti lang nakukulong at ang masakit dito pinakawalan ang Bigtime Druglord na si peter Lim at ayon pa kay PRRD walang kinalalaman ang China sa Pangagkalat ng Droga sa Pilipinas.ano sa palagay niyo.

    • Wala akong masabi,masisira lang ulo ko sa kaiisip.Basta para sa akin wag lang ako gumawa ng masama at labag sa batas wala akong dapat katakutan.
      Ang batas ay naisulat lang pero hanggang duon na lang un.Patayin na lang ang yumaman sa droga wag na ung maliliit at walang perang mahihirap.Parang dilis lang sila na mirienda ng mga balyena.

    • Tama emiliano bonifacio, wlang kinalaman ang bansang china, ndi natin pwde basta2x e blame ang isang bansa kesyo kramihan drugs galing sa kanila. ,. Nasa bwat tao na syang busines ay pagbebenta ng droga, prang sa pilipinas lng din, kahit bahal at hindi pwede may mga taong matigas ang ulo at gusto ng just one click millionaire agad…

    • War on drugs and he use morphine wich is used by rockstar and heroin addict Opium .. the war on drugs is a hoax and stupid killing poor people while I never seen a rich one execpt who know everything by the blue unifored criminals

  • Reuters is a fucking propagandist of lies meant to destroy everything which are perceived harmful to UK and the western world.Never ever take their reports hook,line and sinker! They see the Philippines is galloping to progress and they will do everything to see us fail!!!

    • What are you talking about? Reuters is reporting the situation as it sees it. This is not an anti-Philippines report. In fact it is quite complimentary in a number of areas. Why are so many people here so sensitive to western news agencies? People in the Philippines and across the world are entitled to know what is happening on this issue. If you believe the article is lies then why don’t you point out where the inaccuracies are rather than just spouting bile and anti-western bullshit.

  • Ang gawaing iligal ay makakairal sa mga bansa kung ang ilang miyembro ng mga politiko ay na korupt. Sa panahon ni Abnoy halos lahat ng politiko ay na corrupt ng mga drugs prostitution at gambling lords. Ang mga politiko ang mga tumatayongbprotektor ng tatlong salot na ito.

    Walang kontrol ang gobyerno ng china na bawalan o pihilan ang pag smuggle ng droga sa pinas dahil nga sa kadahilanang iligal ay pilit ginagawan ng paraan ng sindikato na ilusot ito papunta sa pnas. Ang may problema ay ang gobyerno ni Abnoy dahil wala silang programang ginawa laban sa droga sa kabila ng alam na alam ni Roxas na DILG noon kung saan ang bilihan ng droga.

    Huwag niyong isisisi sa kabila o ibang bansa kung bakit nalarating ang hawang droga sa kanila dito sa ating bansa. Ang sisihin niyo ay ang gobyernong walang ginawa sa pagkalat at paglala ng adiksyon sa droga. Huwag kayong gagaya kay Hon. Benigno Aquino 111 aka BOY SISI.

    • Pretty pointless as foreign journalists are given very limited information by the Chinese government and that information is only what they want them to have. Everyone knows though that shabu is being supplied by mainland Chinese triads. The report mentions that the Philippine and Chinese authorities are working together to combat the problem. What else do you think should be investigated?

  • Another intriguing issue issue raised by intriguers – para may maisulat lang at mapag-usapan. If Reuters is international, why don’t they raise that question directly to China as the best answer should come from them – hindi mag-haka-haka lang tayo !!!

  • The presiendt is alterd all the time to like hitler he was High of morphine all the time wich Lower inhibition suicidal pchycopat bizzare and barrbaric behavior .. will the real slim shady please stand up

  • the reason malakas ang loob ng mga drug maker na yan is because alam nila ang justixe system ay nalalagyan. sampolan natin pag napasa yung seath penalty para sa mga drug courrier drug pusher at drug lord. tingnan natin kung d mangatog itlog ng mga yan. nakasanayan tayo bagsakan o transit ng droga dahil sa narco politics na yan. nalalagyan mga pulis mayor pati na mga judges.

    • #Repost: De LIMA Launches a “test” case to Supreme Court against Duterte’s immunity

      Mr. President,

      The people of the Philippines are sick and tired of a mentally deranged woman ( #psycothic) lurking in the Senate and in public places. She has no qualms going to the international media accusing you of extra judicial killings. When is the government going to stop her? Is she being backed up by super a power that’s why she remains untouchable? What is Aguirre doing? Why is the investigation on her drug involvement halted? People are sick and tired of her. If there is a need for people’s power, it should be against her and people should march in her house, take her damn house apart and if she’s there, people could take her clothes off and parade her naked. That is the punishment for a drug protector, and for someone who does not care about the country’s improvement and progress… why.. why is she still out? People are getting frustrated..

      Ginagawa ng ating presidente ang mabuti para bayan, and yet there are people like De Lima, who go out freely, go to the Supreme Court and file a “test case”.. why can’t the govt. file also a “test” case and “test imprisonment” or “test “execution of De Lima and her cronies? What’s keeping the DOJ from launching a case? Why is the senate quiet about her? Why did the House of Representative stopped with their recommendations of a case against her? Who is protecting De Lima? Is she doing her job in the Senate or is she spending gov’t. resources, time and our tax payers money just launching a vendetta against Duterte?

  • You always start your drivel with ‘oh poor DU being criticized, he wouldn’t if HE stopped criticizing everyone else who has an opinion which differs from his. Same shit everyday – The Volatilian ;((

  • Drug problem has been there ever since, What did the previous admin do to fight it? My guess is they turned a blind eye and make profit, right now they look bad and making alot of noise

    • Very true, Lance. This administration is really getting its teeth into the problem which has been dragging the country down for decades. My concern is what happens when a new, less committed, administration comes to power in the future. Will the blind eyes return? Drug money is a powerful incentive for the corrupt politician to let sleeping dogs lie and for the country’s drug problem to return to the dark days. Let us hope that doesn’t happen.

  • The gigantic drug problem and China’s encroachment are inherited by Duterte. GMA did nothing about China’s problem, in fact she was accused of anomalous deal. Aquino just did absolutely nothing, he even sent Trillanes to do suspicious deal with China. SO THE WORLD SHOULD NOT EXPECT INSTANT MIRACLE FROM DUTERTE. He is bombarded by intrigue, sabotage, and smear job obviously from the POWER GRABBERS, and capricious LOIDA LEWIS who is doing everything to destabilize the government so her Leni Robredo can do the job. Loida Lewis, having a dual citizenship should be prosecuted.

  • Ang alam ko isa lang ang solosyon dyan hanapin ang pinakaulo niyan at i firing squad sa Luneta kagaya ng ginawa ni Pangulong Marcos noon d ba nawala ang druga bumalik lang sa time n kurikong hahaha tapos na!

  • Now its up to users if they will stop or continue. If they want to live or die.

    I really salute the president. He did a lot aside from war on drugs. Everyone was working double time.

    Both house and senate are doing good!

  • Sundan ang mga pangyayari. Wag mag-assume ng mga bagay2 na akala mong nabasa mo na sa libro o nakita sa movies. Hindi pa nagawan ng pelikula ang buhay ni duterte at ang mga stratehiya nya. Yung mga sinasabi ng opposite side are just assumptions base sa ginagawa nila, kaya lagi na lng silang nakanganga habang nag-a-unfold yung mga pangyayari at nkikitang nakocorner sila. We still trust duterte, hindi pa nauubusan ng alas yan…malayo na xa, naghihintay na lng xang mangyari ang mga plano nya

  • Kaya nga dapat ipatupad and death penalty s bansa natin. Tingnan mo ang kalapit bansa natin tulad ng singapore, malaysia, indonesia, brunei at iba pa may death penalty kaya hindi masyado problema ang illegal drugs. Natakot kasi sila s death penalty

  • We can not control the source which is rouge China… We can only control inside the Philippines… Even if we file a diplomatic protest we are bound to wait for the answer from Beijing…. In years if any…

  • Hehehe it doesn’t matter if they are from china the issues here is that the last president done nothing to solve this problem… and all of the people under him are involve … the leader that should protect the people done nothing … and now that the present leader is eradicating drugs and china helping why america is not helping the president now and planning to oust him through propaganda and anything … remember drugs is a billion pesos business … why is america affected for the eradication of drugs …

  • It has to stop from the source which is china even if we kill all the drug lords pusher and user and with death penalty the drug menace will not stop coz there will be people stupid enough to grab the easy money it has to be stop from the source.

  • Kaya dito sila nagdadrug operation , kc walang death penalty, pag may pera , makakalabas ng bansa, kaya ok lang pag nahuli, sa kulungan magtatransact, pero pag nagka death penalty, mag iisip sila!!

  • Only syndicate in China.. These chinese nationals are those law breaker in china they are organized syndicate who runs prohibited drugs in the country, chinese gov’t. also condemn the illegal wrongdoing of their constituents. China for sincerity offer to eliminate these nationals.