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Patricia Bautista

It’s weekend so it’s time for Your Forum. Our question to followers of The Volatilian™ is this: “Should the messenger be shot?” What we mean by that is should Patricia Bautista (photo), wife of Andres Bautista, chairman of the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) – the guiding authority on electoral issues in the Philippines – be the target of public scorn and hatred for drawing attention to her husband’s wealth which she says did not appear in his 2016 statement of assets, liabilities and net worth (SALN), a requirement under Philippine law.

Here’s some background. Last week, Mrs Bautista – Tisha for short – disclosed to President Rodrigo Duterte that she had serious concerns surrounding her husband’s actual financial status. She’d unearthed bank accounts and other documents which she claimed put his net worth at around PHP1 billion. Her problem is that she’s seeking a divorce settlement and wants to establish the legality of those assets.

The couple are a couple in name only, apparently. They’ve had marital problems since 2013 and although they sleep under the same roof, they do so separately.

Her meeting with the president was followed by the TV appearance of husband Bautista on CNN Philippines. There, he refuted all notions that the money in his accounts, including that from property transactions, was in any way ill-gotten. He followed up that interview by filing charges of grave coercion, qualified theft and extortion against his spouse.

Since then, wife Bautista has been pilloried across social media as some sort of money-grubbing vamp. Defenders of her spouse, meanwhile, are painting him as the man wronged. While there are plenty of bullets also coming for Andres, it seems a little odd at this stage that Tisha should be in the firing line.

We’re not saying that her husband is guilty of anything right now, but if he is shouldn’t that be of major concern to everyone in the country who wants to see an end to the seemingly endless parade of corrupt officials that have hallmarked every single Philippine administration since the year dot? Isn’t that precisely one of the main reasons why the people elected Duterte – to eradicate all that? To “drain the swamp”, as US President Donald Trump puts it?

Again we stress, the COMELEC chairman has not been charged with any wrongdoing; at the same time, the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee will be looking into his wife’s allegations. But surely, as a former chairman of the Presidential Commission on Good Government (PCGG) he should welcome the opportunity to show that his dealings were strictly above board; to show that not all public officials in positions of influence abuse those positions and are in receipt of some magical “Get Out Of Jail Card”.

Certainly, Tisha may benefit from her disclosures; but that’s not the point. Her motives aren’t important here. If she’s brought to light a serious case of official corruption she’s provided a public service and should be applauded for that; not lambasted. Surely? Or can we pick and choose which officials should or should not be investigated – say, for example, because of their political affiliations and loyalties? Should some be bullet-proof? How could that be the measure of good governance and a clean democracy?

Some additional background. Politicians and public officials – in fact all government employees in the Philippines – are compelled by law to register an honest and accurate account of their net worth. This is by means of the SALN, an annual documentary requirement and a sworn statement. Included here should be all assets and liabilities of, not just government staff, but also of their family members. Patricia claims Andres didn’t do that last year. She reckons he neglected to mention several items.

The inference, then, is that he’s amassed “unexplained wealth”. And if that turns out to be the case, Juan Andres “Andy” Donato Bautista – picked for the COMELEC post by former president, Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino, who’d previously installed him as the PCGG chairman – the same Juan Andres “Andy” Donato Bautista who in 2012 was nominated to become Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the Philippines, could be in very hot water. He could be impeached and that could mean serious jail time.

Ironically, the PCGG is now looking into Mr Bautista’s financial affairs. If he’s innocent by any future enquiry, then no harm will have been done by Mrs B’s ‘revelations’; if he’s proved not to be then she will have done some good. That’s why we’re asking “Should the messenger be shot?”

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  • No, Patricia should be DEFENDED by whatever means it would take! She told the WORLD how EVIL ANDY BAUTISTA IS! We don’t care about their SHAME and SCANDAL in their married life. What the PILIPINO NATION CARES is their VOTES and ELECTION was RIGGED/TAMPERED/MANIPULAT

  • there 3 sides to this – his / hers / and the truth. yes there is a marriage break up and she feels she is entitled to half of his money, not just the declared amount or the offer he made but half of ALL of it. there is his side that he has made false declaration of his assets in the hope that he would not be found out and that raises the question of where did it all come from, was it legitimate or was some of it dirty and that is why he had to hide it and some where in the middle is the truth


  • Well, only the yellows and their minions and trolls are firing the shots…and that’s expected…they are an endangered species so they have to protect each other at all cost and means/ways…

    • Tama ka wala tayo pakialam sa nangsyan ke may lalaki c mrs at may latigo e cla lng makskasagot nun, basta ang importante e malaman kng saan galing un binangit ng mrs na tagong yaman na fi mo isinama sa SALN mo, pag ngcmula na imbestigasyon sa ibinuyangyang ni mrs mo e tatagan mo pgdepensa at pg napatunayan totoo at hindi peke un hawak na dokomento ni mrs Patricia Bautista e taom bayan na hahatol sa iyo at sure iisa lng sasabihin nla Ikulong at bawiin lahat ng kayamanan mo, at saka kayo magusap ng asawa mo

  • You’re right, Volatilian! Ms. Bautista should not be put down and demeaned for what she did- exposing the ill-gotten wealth of the comeleak chairman! Anyway, those persons who are cutting Ms. Bautista to pieces are the usual yellow suspects whose evil intents have no known cure!

  • We should be thankful ,,,she exposed her husbunds ill gotten wealth,,,walang kinalaman ang ill gotten wealth sa away nilang mgasawa,,at kong siraan man sia di yon rason para mawalang bisa ang 1 bilyong pesos obviously e galing sa comelec”s bribery,,,,at kung mgsalita naman c tisha about their relationship,,cgurong punong puno na cia,,,woman are emotional


  • … Ms Patricia’s revelation paved the way for the people to know where did the cash deposits come from because they have reached hundreds of millions of pesos when discovered… we know that he worked with PCGG and Comelec as a government employee… and being with the government his salary wouldn’t have reached that high unless he has other businesses that are earning well… it is also said that he has big amounts of dollar deposits and why are these not monitored by the AMLC ?… as a Chairman of Comelec was he bribed to favor some candidates ?… why Smartmatic have to pay him “referral fee” is also one big question when we know as a goverment official he’s not allowed to receive any sort of commission from any entity… if his bank deposits are already being investigated by the NBI the Filipino people deserve to know what they found out… most importantly, was there really an election sabotage that transpired last year?
    … and for Ms Patricia, lets thank her for her courage to expose what she believes her husband’s misdeeds.

  • It’s sad when yellow media distracts the real national issue to a telenovela. Portraying Tisha as a irresponsible mother , evil conniving wife and an outright witch..But that’s how the Yellow’s play.. They don’t care about Tisha & andy’s children All they care about is casting an evil cloud on Tisha to generate public opinion for their yellow dog Andy. Meanwhile the real national issue that should be discussed or explained by Andy is where the hell did he get all that money? Why were there 32 bank accounts whose transactions appear to have deliberately been done to escape scrutiny by AMLA and Why are all these assets ( cash & real properties ) NOT reported in andy’s SALN. Those are the issues of National Interest that Andy needs to answer NOTHInG ELSE

  • Trish appears as a sensible lady. Only so deep a reason must have disturbed her soul and pushed her to decide to come out and spill the beans on Andres Bautista.
    Ok, it may not be necessarily false that she was a bit guilty of being covetous of money out from the conjugal wealth that she and Andy possess. But I guess her avowed reason for wanting such can easily be justifiable, especially if all she wanted was for the well being of the children.
    What the Filipinos deserve to know is where does all of this “unexplained wealth” of Andy come from? And Andy should never just stage a charade of alibis and excuses, for doing such would surely rub more salt to the sense of people’s despondence.
    Government officials easily enrich themselves through their cunning ways of corruption.
    And meanwhile, the millions of Filipinos are continuously carrying the burden of injustice and suffering from the scourge of poverty which obviously result largely from the unabated greed of our government functionaries.

    • Sexcible..Come on pag libog ang Pinag uusapan kahit ilang bundok tatahakin makamit ka lamang… you better let you bf pay for your needs patricia…

  • She is criticized not for exposing the wealth of her husband but for the unrepairable damage she has done to her children. There is nothing that can replace the welfare of your children,not even billion of pesos. Look at the children of Jinggoy Ejercito. Despite the accusation of corruption against him, the children are doing well because they know that their parents are not fighting publicly. Patricia should have just turned over the documents to NBI and let the documents speak for themselves. She should not be accusing his husband publicly. That is so devastating to the children

    • She has talked with the president, what more can you ask? Do you think the NBI can stop the exposure of the documents. Children welfare is the primary consideration of a good mother. You are insinuating that Patricia lack these maternal traits which is not part of our business.

    • You are wrong! She is doing it for the good of her children. I heard her saying na paano kung pati ako madamay dahil di ko sinabi ang totoo? Paano kung kaming dalawa ang makukulong., paano ang mga anak ko?

      Its because its her conscience kaya sya nagsabi ng nalalaman nya. And then still, andami nyo paring nasasabi. Tsk tsk! Paano nyo nagagawang husgahan ang isang taong gumagawa ng paraan para malaman ng lahat ang katotohanan???!!!

    • There are bigger things than children and family.
      There is no such thing as irreparable damage in this case.
      People are advocating divorce, annulment, dissolution of marriage. Those things affect children but they recover

    • when you do something good for the country, this would include your family. it is not either/or. it is country AND family. true healing always starts with truth and justice.

    • Nilo del Mundo read the article by Dr. Nina Halili-Jao “CHILDREN CAUGHT IN THE CROSSFIRE BETWEEN WARRING PARENTS ” , Phillipine Star. Maybe you are not a doctor.

    • My take on this issue is this: she should have talked personally and intimately to her children and explain to them the best way she can about the unexplained wealth of their father. That way, a family decision could have been reached among them. The spouses are now both hiding behind their children but….neither of them had the guts to share the facts with them nor do they tried getting their opinion… these parents are just so concerned about themselves…the kids? Oh…they now appear to be just like in an armed struggle….a “collateral damage”…

    • Another diversionary tactics.. again enough of the drama thier kids will not die because of that… lets focus on the issue where did the money came from why he did not include that in his saln

    • Half of what you said is indeed right…but let me just remind you that it was the camp of the Commissioner who came out first in the open, with so many defenses including the welfare of their children. I would recall that it was he whose face first appeared on tv after he was summoned in Malacañang. I realized later that that press con about the meeting with the President expressed his half-truths…that he’s bound to twist stories to make him “kawawa” and, learning from he wife’s lawyer later, his allegations in public – the wife’s 620M demand, etc. we’re entirely false and malicious.
      The wife’s lawyers assured too that the children and their welfare are well taken cared of by their mother…and we should give them the benefit of any doubt, the children being the responsibility of the parents not of anyone else! If there’s anyone to be accused of “abusing” the children, it’s the bullshit father who in the first place provided partly “evil” money for his family, and eventually denied his own children of a fair share of his legal earnings after being estranged from wife. Not because you are the wife, you should always be one with your husband including his wrong-doing! Your values should NEVER be influenced.
      IT WAS THE Commissioner WHO DRAGGED HIS CHILDREN INTO THE PICTURE! He is a USER, ABUSIVE, SELF-SERVING PERSON…He should leave his children and family issues apart from what explanation/scritiny he owes as a questionable public servant.

    • some people loathe patricia of what she did regarding her children’s welfare but none of the same people despise mr. angry bird’s questionable keeping of gargantuan amount of money was detrimental to his kids and all filipino kids’ well-being perse…

    • Carmen Ferraris Justiniano why she came out only when their negotiation did not materialized? If her motive is to expose her husband’s wrong doings? Or could this be just a form of blackmail?
      Good if her expose will be proved true! Let’s all wait and see…hope this is not a joke or another tv-like drama series.

    • It can’t be private because Bautista is a public servant.kung ordinary people sila maari pa..besides we also wanted to know the truth not their private life.but how the commissioner get those bulk of money..

    • It can’t be compared to other cases. Yes she came out in the open and it’s glaring why. The children would all be glad for their mother later since what she is fighting for is their dignity.

    • matanda na rin po tayo para hinde natin alam kong ano ang tama sa ginagawa ni Patricia. wag na natin isangkalan ang tungkol sa mga anak niya dahil siya ang magulang at higit niyang alam ang gagawin para sa mga bata, anak niya po mga yon.

    • If you were the children, what would rather be?

      1. Both your parents acquired and hid ill-gotten wealth; or
      2. At least one of your parent was upright and stood for what was right.

      Which would you prefer?

    • Noyski Navarrete For us , adults, we still don’t know who is right and who is not telling the truth. How much more for the little minds of their children? I can feel their confusion and agony. If I were their child, I wish I was not born.

    • A good mother will not stay quiet when her children is being abused, corrupted or viled. In Patricia’s case, she doesn’t want her children to grow up thinking that their father’s means of providing for them from illegal transactions is right. The crime committed may not be heinous but it still is evil. I pray their children will come to understand the difference between good and bad, and why neither marriage, nor family ties, is an excuse to stay quiet when something inherently wrong is done.

    • San Valdez….her advisers, spiritual or legal, has just came out that as early as Feb I guess when she got hold of what’s in the “box”, she was already contemplating of coming out…it was her fear of her husband’s threat that swayed her against – that he could easily buy the judges, the senators and many lawyers would back him up. In fact, she did try approaching big-time lawyers….didn’t you come across that story that ALL of them refused her because of her husband’s clout? Advise lang…know the answers to your questions first before you judge anyone. I’ve heard the Commissioner’s with mostly CNN phil, and most of his contentions on marital issues- children or otherwise, were mostly “he said, she said” discourse. I’ve also somehow followed the wife’s/her lawyers interviews in CNN Phil and GMA Radyo 5.

    • Maeva Lalas it’s unfortunate that you use being “adult” as excuse to be blind, deaf and callous of corruption even when it is staring in your face. That’s very sad.

    • Nothing compares with Dra Loy Ejercito. While we as empowered women should not allow ourselves to be martyrs, there are other ways of bringing public attention to her husband’s alleged corruption. Let her lawyers do it for her. A press conference is a no-no.

    • In fact, now she faces the accusation of having a lover. Even if it is perhaps not true, the more the children will get upset and confused. If she came out without asking for any amount of money but just plain accusation, she could have appeared a heroine.

    • Enough Maeva Lalas! Do not divert the issue of corruption to children welfare! Corruption is the root problem why the Philippines is in poverty. Now if we eradicate corruption then we can probably secure not just the welfare of our children but the welfare of the country and all the people in it including your stupidity and foolishness!!!! Please lang., wag kang magmaang-maangan!!!

    • Cguro natakot , nanginginig, namangha at hndi mkapaniwala ng nadiskobrehan ang mga itinagong yaman ng asawa n s akala 175M lng ang nasa SALN kaya ito ang natuklasan s ilang taon n itinago n Andy s asawa…Ito rin ang dahilan kng bkit naging malamig ang pagsasama nlang dalawa kc maraming itinago ang lalaki n d dapat malaman ng babae….

    • Ms.Tisha raw said ‘let the universe take care of her children’. Elites wouldn’t of course wash their dirty linens in public but ‘nature’ sometimes comes w/ vengeance.
      A🐔 I’m sure has undergone a ‘prince like’ treatment yet why this thing is happening to him now?

    • Maeva Lalas, the Bautistas, Patricia, Andy, SALN are the topic. Check the main post.

      Who introduced BOC? Nobody! Except YOU!!!

      How dare you accuse me of diverting the issue?

      Are you really an ADULT? Psychology 101 says that those who are not sure of their status tends to claim it every opportune time even if it’s uncalled for. Maybe your (mind) is not quite adult yet.

    • Lahat ng ito ay for Patricias and her childrens welfare…and for the nation…against a liar husband and father and a public official…lahat nayan..dahil gusto ng Dios malaman natin lahat at iwasto ang mali ni Andy Bautista…

    • Maeva Lalas Don’t worry about the children…they are their parents look out, not any other’s else! Maybe we worry more on what is right or the truth, because that is the real essence in all this – the Commissioner’s accountability to the public, US.

    • True should a mother will do but how could she will do were she is like a puppet control by his lover boy who also have vested interest for BBM intention, it’s all clear this woman is the most stupid mother i had known in my life. we parent will die for our children’s, this mother ignore the shame of her children’s instead prepare her sex desire what mental problem.

    • let me says may tinatago chief poll sa kanyang pagkatao,why her wife so much harted for her husband by doing this expose to the public, it was started family problem so long b4 as chief stated interview his statemnt..gaano kalaki ang demand ng mrs bautista?? unfair sharing their asset maybe?

    • Allan Aguirre …what an imagination you have! Are you close…do you really know the personalities you mentioned? Or just took them from the grapevine? Wow…hiyang-hiya ako sa facts mo! Be careful with gossiping 🙂

    • Minsan,may pagkakataon din na di lang lagi pansariling kapakanan lang muna ang dapat isipin lalo na at maraming tao ang nasasakripisyo.masama din kasi maging makasarili kahit ang God ay may babala laban sa pagiging selfish.

    • Ms Maeva is suggesting that Patricia should just be quiet & not teach their children the right morals and virtues of our time.So stereotyped,obsolete view of the issue than seeing the whistleblower as the one who is essentially trying to protect and save the children from such alleged crime.Mr Bautista is public servant w/ crucial govt post that directs a nation to a right,democratic & stable socio-political,economic direction not decadence and oblivion.Public knowledge is inevitable even just reporting such alleged crime to NBI,etc.The ill-effects on children is non-disclosure than ignorance and complicity.

    • I believe that andy bautista should be investigated however i really heard from a reliable source, yung si patricia pinendeho yung kaibigan nyang babae. Yung kabit nya asawa ng isang friend nya.

    • We are not hear to argue about their marital conflict… We are here to asked where the money came from!!! He is a public servant and he should answers all question thrown to him… Where the money came from!!!
      The marital conflict is indeed an icing on the cake… Of course they will do everything to discredit each other but the point is where the 1billion plus came from if it is came from legit transaction as what his brother Martin claimed then sue Patricia for maligning Bautista’s family…
      Come on people we are here to know the truth about where’s the 1billion plus came from!!!
      We have different principle and likes but the bottom line here SAAN GALING ANG MAHIGIT NA 1BILYON NA sinasabi ni Patricia na nag aari ni Bautista na asawa nya… Na Hindi cnama sa SALN ni Bautista!!!

    • Teka lang ms.laslas,bakit alam mong nagaaway di nga lang sa public sina jinggoy at asawa nya? Naging yaya ka ba ng mga anak nila or something? E ngayon, alam na nila dahil ikaw na mismo nagreveal dto sa thread na to.😂

    • Tessie Gomez its none of your business if Tisha has a lover. Ganda yata nya! IKAW?
      Putsa,kung pwede lang sumigaw/tumakbo ang punong akap akap mo, natumba ka na sana.😂

    • Just reminding you Miss Maeva Layla’s,I respect your opinion but Chairman Bautista is a public official,paid by Filipinos money and he is a public servant and he cannot escape public scrutiny including his family,their lifestyle. If you remember,there is a lifestyle check on all government officials. We have nothing to do with the couple’s quarrel but we are after the undeclared wealth and the envelopes with money connected to his work as a Comelec Chairman. We never condemn him but he has many things to explain,as what his wife said,she is only after the clean money not bad money. The Philippine republic must know about his clean money for the SALIN,bad money if where it it come from and for what ?If they’re private citizens,to hell with their own affairs but being a public servant he needs to be honest on serving his public office.

    • The possible effects on the kids of the parents estrangement and associated problems should better be left with expert sociologists or psychologists and which is entirely a separate matter over the present issues of national import.Besides,the Bautista kids are unique or more mature from other kids & even most adults commenting here who can’t even objectively distinguish between a probable grave crime and crème de la crème heroism of the day.Let’s stick with the issues at hand and learn.Avoid personal attacks.People quarrel because they can’t argue.Most of us will likely be one of them because we all share & experience the same human condition.Alienation happens Everytime between humans for myriad reasons,ethical,moral,biological,genetic,philo and all.We only have little time here to know,be more human & humane,perhaps,genuinely love again.Kape!


  • Patricia Tisha Bautista has gone public because she is in danger. Going publicly has saved her from the dangerous LP killing machines. The LP will not just dare kill her because people already know.

  • Instead of shooting her down we should give her our full support. I think every concerned filipino already had an idea of what’s going on especially during the last election. I say, Patricia is one courageous woman. All filipinos should support her for exposing her husbands corruption! Go Patricia! Go! Go! Go!!!!

  • sabi ni ka andy bird (aka) boy latigo… dami daw utang si mam trish sya daw nagbabayad… aba eh natural sya magbayad dahil asawa nya yan db? nanlalaki daw si misis abah napasakit kuya eddie… pesti wala kami pakialam sa bangayan nyo mag asawa boy latigo ang gusto namin malaman kung saang impyerno nag mula ang almost 1billion na nkadeposeto sa pangalan mo pero di nka deklara sa saln mo gayung ikaw ay isang kawani ng gobyerno at yan nakapaloob sa batas ng pilipinas bilang isang lingkod bayan (sabagay di k nmn lingkod bayan lingkod ka ng Lp. na mandaraya sa halalan)

  • the children will understand it because according to her she is doing or fighting for the sake of the children. they are separated before the expose happened and I believe the children are smart enough to understand the situation

  • Range firing and Patricia hitting the target bull’s eye…Nothing wrong since her husband is a public servant…With regards to the welfare of her kids ,she knows the aftermath when she spilled the beans…that is for to resolve later,not us…

  • We filipinos are very sentimental, let’s not join the harikiri of Bautistas, pag walang reklamo walang kaso, let the govt take the lead, me reklamo at ebidensya na, why not keep the ball rolling!!!!

  • Why lay the blame on her? It could have been easier for her if she kept. her silence and asked for half of what he has, but no! she got scared when she discovered a lot more money than what she expected. I think that her explanation is logical, what if she asked for half and it turned out it was ill gotten, then she eill be equally liable by accepting it from him. To me, what Tish Bautista did is logical and for the good of her children, because if she is implicated and put in jail, her children eill suffer whichever way. so, she took the only way out. Good for her.

  • Remember Mr. Bautista allegations are not proofs. Documents speak for itself. So why the 35 passbooks from a lowly and nearing bankruptcy bank? Were you just trying to help the bank rise above its bankruptcy that’s why you put your millions there or you’re trying to elude scrutiny? Come on.

  • she acted on what she thought was the rightful thing to do. who are we to judge her?
    However else you look at it, she has exposed potential corruption and the tampering of our votes, which we would otherwise not have known. So why are people missing this point?

  • Wag na po kayong makialam hindi nyo alam ang tunay na pinagdaanan ng asawa ni Andy Bautista. Hayaan nyo na lang na mag Panic yong mga kandidato na nanalo noong nakaraang ekeksyon.


  • I support this woman big time but why would she go to fu30 the man is a self admitted fentynol abuser murderer and plunderer how does that help her cause against her scumbag husband

  • Ang pinaglalaban ni Mrs. Bautista ay kung ano ang tama. Tama na huwag magnakaw, tama na iwasto ang mali at tama na ang tama ang dapat tahakin ng mga anak kahit minsan ay isa sa pamilya ay maparusahan sa kanyang maling kagagawan para ito’y matauhan!

  • This is just a wild, wild scenario, but bear with us. Imagine, if some time in the future, there was ever a chairman of COMELEC who colluded with a presidential candidate in a national election – say, for example, he allowed the voting machines or the servers to be tampered with in such a way that allowed votes to be transferred to that individual and his fellow party candidates from candidates of other parties. Say, too, the election official was substantially rewarded financially for that assistance and decided to secrete his ill-gotten gains in some little-known financial institution away from the public glare. Somewhere beneath the normal banking-regulations radar.

    Imagine, too, that this make-believe COMELEC chief – like Mr Andres Bautista in real life – was in a near-divorce situation with his wife and he wished to conceal his assets, including the remuneration he’d received from the political party he’d helped in the election. Now let’s take our fictional story one stage further. Imagine if the husband’s financial records came into his wife’s possession and she decided, for whatever reason, to make them public.

    Would the public’s first thought be, what effect such a disclosure might have on the couple’s children? Would that be their overriding concern? Has it ever been in the past? Furthermore, should that consideration be a caution to future wives in that situation not to make such disclosures – even anonymously as that wouldn’t mitigate the facts in any way; the father’s guilt would still be exposed?

  • No matter what the intention is, the fact that a truth was exposed and has given the Filipino voters the chance to know what actually happened to their precious votes, is the most important.

    Let justice prevail in this case, and the cheaters be exposed. It is not enough that Bautista be exposed of his hidden wealth.

  • Andy Bautista i believe has been living an evil life. Just take a look at his SEX FANTACIES! As was not noticed, coz,Karen Davila kept interrupting Patricia whenever she explains! Patricia said something about the credit card and she’s paying it with interests… but she said she used it to pay tge tuition of her children,school expenses. It shows Andy was not supporting his children. Andy with the kind of extra ordinary sexual fantasy is not your typical role model for a husband much more as a father. This is just my personal opinion based on his sexual fantasies!

  • How about our people living in poverty? children starving everyday, sleeping on side walks. I am not interested in their personal problem. Everyone knew part of the wealth was the taxpayer’s money and we are requesting to return it to us. PLEASE

  • Ang mga yellows tinitingnan c patricia sa knyang pagiging isang asawa at ina.. pero kami..ang tinitingnan namin ay yung pinasabog nyang issues for public interest dahil nkka apekto yan sa kridibilidad ng nagdaang election. Ang mga corrupt ay dumidipensa sa pag eemphasize ng marital trouble imbes na ipaliwanag ng maayos kung saan galing at paaano ngkaroon ng mga ganung kalaking yaman. Sino ngayon ang kumakalkal ng mga bagay na nkkasira sa kapakanan ng mga bata? Wala kaming pakialam sa kung anumang issue nila bilang mag asawa.. kayo ang humahalukay ng mga ganyan hindi kami..dahil ang interes naming halukayin ay ang corruption sa comelec.

  • Nasaan na ang Gabriela? D ba dapat silang magrally behind Patricia Bautista. Bakit tahimik sila? Ano naman ang masasabi ni Etta Rosales, Pia Hontiveros, Agot Isidro. Suportahan naman ninyo si Patricia. Tinatapunan na ng putik pagkatao nya dahil sa ginawa nyang pagsapubliko ng pagkakakamali ng asawa nya

  • Halos lahat kasi nang mga misis sila yong hahawak sa lahat ng pera ni mister, kaya yan nagreklamo si madam..pero kung nasa misis lhat ang pera na yan magrereklamo pa kaya si madam? Malamang hindi khit cguro galing sa illegal ang pera na yan.

  • Make no mistake about it, its really a strong possibility that Andy bautista enrich himself. BUT we have to make sure this philandering lady does not get the more than half a billion she is seeking. As a matter of fact she cheated on her husband, i don’t think she should be getting something from her husband.

  • Nainterest lang kayo sa sexlife ng magasawa,eh. Kayo ba pagsex ang subject, nagdadasal muna bago ang lahat at pgkatapos ng lahat dasal ulit? Sino ngayon sira sa dalawa? Mgkano kaya pera mttngap ni patring sa ginawa nya? Malaki laki to,sigurado ko.insured si patring. Kailan nging malinis eleksyon sa pilipinas? Si b.marcos ba tlga nanalo? Ah,ewan. Sino b tlga misinformed? May totoo p b sa mga balita ngayon?

  • I do not think the children will misjudge their Mom for doing the right thing !! I bet they are proud of her for exposing some body who amass a large amount of wealth na hindi pinaghirapan ? She should be congratulated instead !!!!

  • May mga balimbing na kasama c Andy na ka ally ni Pangulo ngunit dilaw cila at c Lenie gusto nila hindi c BBM kaya mga ito matabang sa kaso ni Andy nahahalata ko lang dahil konektado ito sa dayaan at cnu chairman ng comeleak at cnu ang nagprotest sana yung hustisya sa mamamayan ang manaig

  • How many wives of erring public officials have the guts to come out in public and divulge their husbands’ wrongdoing??? Nada. In fact most of them are probably embracing their luxurious lifestyle at the expense of the government. And what kind of message are they trying to teach their children that it’s alright to steal? Patricia is courageous to come out in public. It is also for her own protection that she did. Who knows what Andres would have done to keep her mouth shut from revealing his secrets.

    For sure their children will be affected by this scandal but I would rather hurt them with the truth than let them live in lies about their father. This is also one way of teaching them the importance of integrity and honesty.

  • Few can understand what it’s like to have a 3rd Eye.
    We are witnessing a blessing from heaven that this incident can start an spontaneous implosions of graft ridden government agencies in the likes of COMELEC, BIR, BOC, SC … etc.
    A Miracle is happening to our nation and it take a few to trigger this major changes to rid corruption and built a better nation we deserve.

  • Imagine this to be the start of a new type of revolution. A non-violent but extremely effective heads roller of higher government officials involve in corrupt practices.
    A revolution of conscience where children and relatives tell of their elders ills and save the next generation from poverty and sufferings!

  • We should know the reason why for 30 years our country was on a downward spiral and on a process of gradual self strangulation. Who was responsible for it and who was accountable for it? It seems that the right time has come for us to know the dark secrets of those ” pretenders” holding sensitive positions in government. The only way to know is for “surprise witnesses” to come out in the open, tell the truth and divulge everything. It would be a messy process, but the Filipino nation needs it. It will be a reawakening.

  • She exposed the husband disloyalty , dishonesty and his greed of money that is the issue here. Kung may lumabas man about their marital problem hindi kasalanan ni misis dahil iyon yong pinangcounter attacked ni angry bird sa kanya.