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Bensouda’s ill-advised adventure

chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court Fatou Bensouda

It’s time for some hard stats. Over the past three months, serious crime in the Philippines has fallen by 36.54% from the last three months of 2015. In numbers it looks like this. There were 50,146 offences – ranging from murder, rape and physical assault to robbery, theft and car jacking – in the months of July, August and September last year. In the corresponding months of this year the number of these offences totalled 31,820. That’s an average of 6,108 fewer serious crimes every 30 days.

Less-serious crimes, such as illegal logging and failure to comply with local bye laws and ordinances – contravention of mining standards, for example – also dropped, though by a more modest 11.45%. There were 118,126 of these offences in July-September 2015, compared to 104,600 for the 3rd Quarter of this year.

Don’t expect any applause or even acknowledgement from outside the camp of support for President Rodrigo Duterte – massive though that camp is. Embarrassing though these results are to the previous administration, they will be largely ignored.

And, predictably, they are being disregarded by the cabal of anti-Duterte forces in the international arena for exactly the same reason. They don’t fit the narrative of a crazed madman who bathes in blood – a man who is wrong for the Philippines. After all, how can they argue that the president is encouraging violence in his homeland when the figures clearly show that in three short months he has significantly reduced violent crime and made the country safer for his people?

And so, brushing all that aside as an irrelevance, the chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) – Fatou Bensouda, another elitist Lefty lawyer who’s built a comfortable career from the trough of human-rights litigation – is looking to raise her profile by flying a balloon suggesting that the ICC might have jurisdiction over the Philippines to prosecute those responsible for extrajudicial killings during Duterte’s war on drugs.

We should add here that Her Honour, Mz Bensouda, is alleged to have participated in a financial scam with her husband, Gambian-Moroccan businessman, Philip, involving fraud and influence peddling. If that’s true, she should be the one in court – and not seated on the bench, but facing it from the dock. And, of course, Duterte’s arch attacker and an alleged illegal-drug-beneficiary, Senator Leila De Lima’s hand is somewhere in all this – the script’s not difficult to follow. But that’s all an irrelevance also. To continue …

“I am deeply concerned about these alleged killings and the fact that public statements of high officials of the republic [sic] of the Philippines seem to condone such killings,” said Bensouda in a statement. She believes a case could be brought if they have been “committed as part of a widespread or systematic attack against a civilian population”.

From this it is clear that she has Duterte and the Director-General of the Philippine National Police, Ronald dela Rosa, in her sights. She is also confident – given the repeated attacks against the Philippine administration by the UN, the EU, the US State Department and a flotilla of NGOs – that her target is a soft one.

The realities, however, suggest that is not the case. First, the UN Security Council is never going to refer this matter to the ICC; China and Russia would most definitely oppose it; so that avenue is closed. Secondly, the Philippines joined the ICC in 2011 and is well within its rights to leave it if it suspects that the court is being used as a mechanism to influence the internal affairs of its sovereignty. However, withdrawal becomes effective one year after notification and any prosecution that has already been brought would proceed.

Thirdly, with the exception of Cambodia, the Philippines is the only member of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean) to be a party of the ICC. Thus, prosecuting an Asean member – in a region that universally takes a hard line against criminals – will do little for the ICC’s efforts to draw future signatories from this region.

Fourthly, most of the ICC’s prior cases – brought against countries in Bensouda’s native Africa – involved governments with which the masses were frustrated and angry and wanted removed. In the Philippines, if anything, it’s the opposition to Duterte which the masses want gone. Certainly, the last thing they wish to see is those crime statistics moving back the other way. And, of course, no prosecution can be effective without the cooperation of the state, and that’s certainly not going to be forthcoming in this instance.

And fifthly, the only genocide and crimes against humanity that have been going on in the Philippines have been at the hands of illegal-drug corporations, prostitution rings and large criminal enterprises – none of which, apparently, are of the slightest interest to the ICC. Duterte was elected to rid his country of these destructive elements. That is the people’s will. That is democracy. If she and her court decide, through their lack of wisdom, to charge members of this administration with any such crime, that would be a massive miscalculation. It would reap a world wind.

No Mz Bensouda, the Philippines is not a soft target for the furtherment of your career. It’s a target that could end it and do tremendous damage to the integrity of the ICC in the process. And that integrity is already in question. To date all ICC cases have only been brought against African countries. This has led to a backlash on the continent with the court being charged as a “tool of Western imperialism” and of focusing exclusively on small African states.

This then would seem to be part of Bensouda’s calculations. If she can prosecute Duterte and others in the furthest reaches of Southeast Asia that would show that the ICC is not purely Afro-centric. It would make it more legitimate as a global body.

Using an international court to pursue a political agenda is no different to the kangaroo justice that exists in many parts of Africa. But then maybe that’s Bensouda’s model for the ICC. Certainly, that’s what it look like right now.

This, then, in every respect is an ill-advised adventure which moves from the safe haven of prosecuting unpopular corrupt African politicians to an attempt to bring down one of the most revered leaders on Planet Earth.

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  • Less crimes but at what cost. In other words it doesn’t matter how many deaths it takes, just as long as the crime rate goes down. So i guess we can use this lame argument to justify even more killing so that the crime rate will go down even lower. Manny Pacquiao brought crimes to a standstill every time he fought & the only blood that was shed was his own. So stopping crime isn’t a matter of scaring or threatening people into submission. It’s a matter of galvanizing society towards a common goal without the need for violence. The ICC was established via charter to which the Philippines is a signator. We are honor bound to abide by its by-laws which we helped write. Now that one man decides he doesn’t want to, all if a sudden people are more than eager to alienate our country frim an organization that has poven itself time & again to be fair & just. What is this country coming to? When our country’s economy finally fails-& believe me, it certainly will under this administration-let’s see what will happen to your beloved crime rate then.

    • Then, I advise you to suggest a solution instead of just doing a sermon like a self-righteous priest. Well, based on your comment, I think you’re trying to suggest that we follow Hon. Pacquiao’s footsteps to keep crime at a standstill.

    • If i suggested a solution Azmodeus Uriel you wouldn’t agree anyway so i dnt feel compelled to even try. I did not post this anyway ti change your mind. What i expressed is my opinion which i have every right to do just as you do. Let’s end it here for this discussion will go nowhere….not with you anyway.

    • Then let you tell ICC to first take a hold of the crimes done in iraq syria and other war torn countries around the world which there is genocide and innocents killed everyday for infact there is intervention of superpower unlike in the philippines which is trying to solve drug problem internally using its self supporting ways and means to topple this pandemic problem now …. before they come here and meddle in this

    • You seem like you have a God given gift of foretelling that this country will fail because of the present administration strong stand against crime, what about the crime against humanity being waged against some people of the middle east, why is it that the ICC so silent about it? Its been going on for yrs. You ask what is the country coming to or you mean what will it become under the present administration, its barely 5 mo’s. old, cant you give it a chance?

    • The ICC is under no obligation as to what matters they wish to address & in which order to address then especially when all these tragedies are happening simultaneously. The ICC was created for the purpose of protecting the world citizenry from human rights abuses. Now if Malaysia’s president was doing what Du30 is doing then that person would be in the hotseat as well. Dnt fool yourself into believing that DU30 is being unfairly singled out for persecution. The issue here in my opinion (and the opinion of the ICC) is not the ends, but the means to which the ends are achieved. Of course i want to live in a place where there are no crimes or drugs ibut not at all cost. You may believe that EJK, vigilantism, force, & intimidation are are justified, but I for one do not…& apparently, neither does the majority of the free world.

    • Ganoon ba…mababa crime pag may laban sa Pacman… Sige… request natin kay Pacman na gawin kang punching bag everyday in live TV para bumaba ang crime…

    • No need for PDu30 to prove you wrong. The fact that there is lesser crime means he is effective. Yes, at a cost. But at the cost of those who are involved in drugs.

    • He is being singled out because people are dying in the war against drugs. Why don’t they single out Obama for supporting the rebels in Syria? Obama is contributing to the bloodshed in that ravaged country. Why don’t they single out the US for invading and destroying Iraq in the pretext of WMD? Why don’t Filipinos single out Mar Roxas for installing a 30-year-old HRM graduate to head the SSS? I could just go on but you get my point. 😂

    • Had the previous govt did something by establishing effective program to stem the tide of crime and drugs proliferetion, we will not be seeing this kind of “EJK” thing happening wherein even those perpetrated by drug syndicates against their cohorts is being attributed to EJK and blamed on the Duterte govt…If there’s somebody to be blamed regarding this matter, it is those impotent previous administration’s who should be blamed, Duterte is just trying to get rid of the garbage they manufactured.

  • Salamat po sa administration duterte for making the Philippines safer, criminals should be behind bars and if they resist and fight back don’t let them win. We have the right to be safe in our homeland, we have the right to be free of fear from the criminals, the right to live and die of natural death, to be happy and not to keep on looking behind our shoulders because of fear. I will be a partner for change for the sake of my future, my family’s future and the future of those who want to be safe. Tuloy ang laban…

  • Thank you for a president who has a very strong political will to implement change which the past adminstrations fail to do so, instead they just sit down the real issues, allowed and tolerated the proliferations of illegal drugs now all over at the four corners of Philippine archipelago..some people did not appreciate the move by the president which obviously they were somehow affected with the loss of their bosses ir for any other reasons, sour-grapings continue attacking the president to the extent of carrying them out to international media, without even suggesting solutions on how to solve problems, keeps on lambasting the president, a president whom for the first time in history was elected overwhelmingly with a margin of 6M from the poor second, because despite of less political machinery, no political allegiances, since he was the only one carrying out the right message to the people…eradicating crimes, corruptions and criminality, destined to be the 16th president of the philippines…WE ARE PROUD OF THIS MAN, SINCERE AND HONEST, STRONG AND WILLPOWERED, THE VERY FIRST ONE WE HAD IN HISTORY..NON TRAPO…SORRY FOR THOSE WHO HAVE DIRTY INTENT TO OUST HIM, WE WILL FIGHT FOR HIM, BECAUSE HE IS RIGHTEOUS, MAKING THE COUNTRY GREAT AGAIN..

  • What could we ask more ? Ww have a very good President tunay na nagmamalasakit sa mamayan at nag mamahal sa bayan gumagawa para sa bayan at itinataya ang buhay para sa bayan..Talagang mga adik at baliw na lang ang hindi maka appreciate sa ginagawa ng ating MAHAL NA PANGULO RODY DUTERTE..always pray for our beloved President to give him a PROTECTION FROM HEAVEN..MABUHAY ANG ATING PANGULO ..

  • That s good news but to some who are blinded yet to the princples of the Aquino still headstrong enough to open their eyes , the truth just infront of their very eyes , hope they will feel the changes that is now we enjoyed……

    • Sino nag sabi bagsak ang economiya? Na prove ba na may Davao death squad? Saan galing balita mo? wag naman po natin sirain ang bansa, wala na ngang endo, increase na ang sueldo ng pulis at soldiers, may free irrigation na sa farmers, may peace na sa NPA, 45% crime bumaba, wala ng inuman sa kanto na naka hubad, safe na ang mga kalye, hindi na tayo worst airport, ang ganda ng airport at maayos, at marami pang iba. Bakit pilit mo binabalewala ang mga ito? Galit ka lang kay Duterte pati bayan gusto mo idamay, magpaka Pilipino ka, ikaw din ang makikinabang sa lahat ng ito

    • bagsak talaga? kung bagsak po tayo eh bakit hanggang ngayon ang presyo ng mga basic commodities ay katulad ng kay idol mong PANOT. tanga ka ba, mas maalam ka pa sa mga otoridad, eh ang pinagbasehan mo lang ay yong mga biased na media

    • 100 days pa lng c Duterte nakaupo gusto nio100%ang accomplisement nya.c noynoy nga 6yrs na lulong sa droga mga pinoy, tambak ang mga mag nanakaw sa gobyerno.mga mahihirap lalong nag hirap.mga mayayaman lng at mga corrupt ang nakikinabang .tulong para sa yolanda victim binulsa pa ng mga taong namahala nito.minsan mag isip naman tayo wag maging bias.d ako suporter ni Duterte, pero nakikita ko yong yong pag sisikap nya na iaahon ang ating bansa sa mga tao at mapag samantalang dayuhan.malalim mag isip ang pangulo natin.after sya sa magiging future ng bansa at magiging kinabukasan ng mga pilipino ng bagong henerasyon.dba dapat supotahan natin ang pangulo natin at d yong hinihila natin sya pababa?at cno nanaman ang gusto nio iupo,c leni? C roxas? C delima? Nagkaroon na sila ng pagkakataon magsilbi sa panahon ni ninoy,ano naitulong nila sa ating mga mahihirap? Eto ang panahon ng pag kakaisa nating mga pilipino dahil may isang presidente na nagmamalasakit sa kapakanan nating mga mahihirap.nakakasawa na parating pinagtatalunan yang human rights,extra judicial killings,yang davao death squad.d nio ba napapansin puro paninira at character assassination ginawagawa sa pangulo.kc isa syang malaking hadlang sa mga kampon ng demonyo na mapunta lahat tayo sa impiyerno.ikaw san mo gusto?😁

    • matagal na yang DDS hindi nyo alam. kaya nga nagreklamo yong iba na sya ang nanalo dahil sa extrajudicial killings na nangyayari sa DAVAO na pinamumugaran niya. inamin pa nya in public interview na meron nga at nagmalaki pah. what a very big law violator wheew idol daw ng mga PILIPINO.

    • Then gave us the link kung totoo man ang DDS na yan..then prove it to us kung meron. Media lang naman ang nag sasabi na may DDS ie.. tsaka sir Pusao E Prime lahat naman may reklamu ah.. sinu ba ang wala? Alin ba gusto mu mamatay sir pusao? Ang mga inosente na dinaanan lang ng riding and tandem hinablot ang bag tsaka binaril? Mga batang paslit na narape at pinatay? Buong pamilya na pinatay dahil sa akyat bahay gang? Motor at kotse na pinag paguran bilhin para service ng pamilya na carnap? Buhay ng pamilya na nasira dahil sa droga? Babaeng nag trabaho para sa mga anak na hinablot ang bag tsaka pinatay? Gwardya na nag babantay ng gusali pinatay ng robbery holdup group? Silang tao at ganitong tao ba dapat ang mabuhay sa mundo? Ang walang puso kung mapatay ng mga taong patas lumaban para mabuhay lang…sila ba ang gusto niyo mabuhay???

    • Siguro kung hindi nanalo si PDU30 dili mabukyad ang mga kabulastugan ni de5 sa Bilibid at milyon-milyong payola…AT dili pud unta mag alboroto ning si Pusao E Prime.. hooy! Siguro nahutdan naka ug stock sa shabu maong nagkatiriring-tiriring na jaon imu utok. Tama na ang katol E Prime!!!!

  • We are a sovereign state, we trust our President and they have no business to judge us based on hearsay, there was even no investigation. I am sure the US will use them to oust Duterte, poor Philippines, it is only now that we have a leader who truly cares for the Filipino people. I am sure Duterte haters will be so happy but what they dont realize is that they are going down with the country, hahaha

  • Has anyone noticed that the co-ordinated attacks against PRRD are almost identical to the Democrats orchestrated attacks against Trump ( no matter who it was running against Clinton the same thing would be happening The orchestrated attacks by those shown in the cover photo would be attacking any other person who was not part of that group

  • Its ok to fight crime but its not even OK if lots of lives are lost!these people are presumed innocent til proven guilty,we are a country who have been fighting for our freedom and democracy,it seems like we lost that kind of sentiments.let’s just hope we get our acts together and be sensitive to this issue.

  • Wow Carmen tejada pa copy dhil same sloobin us!now dpat magkaisa us mga nanniwala ky prrd dhil pagnaglaro ang U.S esp.C.I.A ay subrng dlikado f npanood nyo espandable 3 sa portion n Mel Gibson na nahuli mga bataan n Stallon pansinin nyo ang senaryo parng knkasangkpan ng evil para sdyang maghsik ng gulo or pwd pbagskin ang isng stado.

  • Pusao E Prime, tama bagsak ang ekonomiya… sa nagpasasa sa katas ng druga. Mahapdi at masakit ngunit kailangan alang alang sa kabuoang sambayan hindi sa iilang naghariharian

  • Simple logic kill the criminals and crime rate goes down but that translates to state sanctioned extra judicial killings. Use the President as a mouthpiece of violence and provide a deathlist quota to the enforcers who are then promised a bounty. And use a 16 million mob as a cheering squad with a group of trolls in the social media to make the message compelling. Bash all those who provide contrary opinions to silence and create a chilling effect to those elected officials who will not tow the line.

    • thats why so many people chose to remain silent up to this day because whenever and whatever you say against them , you will be deemed wrong and regarded as evil…

    • Ooopz naramdaman lñg ng mga mahihirap na para sa kanila ang ginagawa ng gobyerno natin d kagaya ng past administration na taas daw ekonomiya mayayaman at nigusyanti lñg ang nakikinabang.ang mahihirap lalong nag hirap.

    • Everybody is entitled to their own opinions in a democratic country like us. If u are being liked and bashed on social media that’s called freedom of expression. A simple cure if you don’t want basher is to set your post in private. No hard feelings. If you disagree with me or create a troll to bash me that’s okay with me. At the end of the day I know that I have exercised my right to freely expressed my opinion. And I am thankful.

    • Jhony Walker, takot ang nararamdaman ngayon ng mahihirap dahil di nila alam kung sino ang susunod….marami sa kanila Du30 supporters…..yung mayayaman sa mga village ibang tokhang ang gumagana doon….di pwedeng shoot to kill.

    • Mr cruz kung wala ka namang ginagawang masama o ang isang tao ay walang masamang gawain bakit ka matatakot..beside ngayun ko lang din nararamdaman na medyo safe na ang lugar namin kumpara kumportable na ako na kahit iwanan ko nag ina ko dun sa bahay ay medyo panatag na kalooban ko.anyway sabi nga sa taas kanya kanya tayo ng opinion…salamat po.

    • By your observations.. i guess it is safe to say the govt will have to create a groupto insure the safety of criminals. We shall appoint you and others like you to be the tip of the spear during any and all encounters. We shall post you to all areas of the country to greet these criminals as they perform their transactions with the public. Should you or any of your people fall in the line of duty… it shall be the signal for the police force to use all necessary force to subdue the criminals.
      Your sacrifice shall not be in vain.

    • Pumunta kayo sa mga slum areas at doon sa lugar ng mahihirap at pag may operation ang mga pulis doon ninyo makikita ang takot sa mga naninirahan doon. Hindi dahil may ginawa silang masama kundi dahil na rin sa mga nakikita nilang mga bayolenteng gawain di lamang ng mga may kinauukulan kundi ang mga taong naka bonnet at bigla na lang namamaril. That is socialized terrorism, whether state sponsored, state inspired or total breakdown of law and order.

    • Karl Villanueva the state by the principles of equal protection of the law, must protect everyone regardless of labels placed unto them. Our problem today is due to your philosophy of selective protection of human rights. That is the reason why we have the justice system to take care of the scums of society. Even then, the police had to inform criminals of their Miranda rights once arrested. Of course there are situations that would need the use of reasonable force to suppress criminality. It is people like you and their avenger mentality that is causing the rampant use of violence in curbing criminality which has caught both the local and world attention.

    • Isaias C. Cabalde, I do not agree, cause I live in one and that does not stop me from roaming the eskinitas of tundo and santa cruz. It is only people who do not have the confidence of their capability of protecting themselves who does that. If you allow fear to rule your life then you miss the art of living.

    • Do not feel hopeless in the face of violence and the culture of death. Pray to the Holy Spirit that the Tards maybe enlightened, and the President himself may confess and acknowledge his weaknesses and start respecting life. Continue your comments despite all the bashings and do not let those bullies to silence the voice of reason.

    • What Rolan?
      Are thinking straight?
      Why would the Administration do that?
      Why would they make qouta list of criminal?(time wasting if they do that)
      The bounty system is for wanted list only.
      Have you work in Intelligence?
      Are you a Police?
      If its not, stop thinking like that, its illogical. You dont know the real job of our Police and dont underestimate the PNP.
      Sa pagkaka alam ko, lalo na sa mga slumber area, natatakot na ang mga criminal gumawa ng crimin ang dami mag nanakaw sa amin e perong wala nman kasong pag nanakaw o patayan for the past three months.. Try mo pumunta sa police at hanapin mo statistics nila sa crime rate sa inyong lugar nyo at dyan mo malalaman humihina ang crimin.. Fyi lang sila na mismo tumitigil at wala akong balita agent pumapatay ng mga suspected criminal, sa pagkaka alam ko ,sila sila din nag papatayan. Try mo makipag kaibigan ng mga pusher na ang source nila ay galing talaga sa drug syndicated.

    • You must be either deaf, blind or totally dumb. Sa mga bibig mismo ng chief PNP narinig yan pag di sila nag deliver tanggal sa puesto and your president who claims they plant evidence and his famous matrix do not tell me I do not know how the police works, I have my sources. Natututo na nga kayo ngayon dati lahat ng napapatay ang paboritong baril ng kriminal at pusher 38 na paltik. Nung nagkakantiyawan me mga ibang caliber na pero bakit sabi nung iba habang tumatawa, allegedly defective na raw pala yung baril na nakuha but you do not hear that from the news….di mo alam yan no…..Tanong mo sa mga general mo kung sila mismo naniniwala sa stats nila.

    • Klentoy Sling Paman, sabi ng Du30 mo, ”
      “I said I’ll kill you (if you destroy my country). If I encouraged (vigilantes), fine,” the president said.”

    • Rolan Cruz kapatid ka ata ni matobatu eh,magkamukha kayo eh..affected ba illlegal business mo matanadang utak tae! Wag nyo na kami idamay sa masaklap nyong buhay dahil sa pagiging uto uto, mahilig ka sa desenteng magnanakaw nang bayan isa ka sa dahilan kaya naghihirap ang pinas! Utak tae ka,. Wag mo kaming pinagloloko dahil alam na nang sambayan kung sino ang salut atbusa ka doon

    • Hehehe talagang ganyan mga Tards pag walang maisagot sa isyu puro personal ang patama…..Laruan ni Dutete sagutin mo isyu…hindi puro walang sustansyang paratang… haka haka…baka ma stroke ka niyan…..hahaha

    • ah ibig sabihin po ba kung sinusugpo mo ang krimen at droga eh magiging international criminal ka? hmm sana pala pabayaan na lang ni Digong mga kriminal at yung malalang problema sa droga para hindi siya maging international criminal…hmm makes sense hehehe

  • May nag comment ng tulog comparative report po iyan 2015 versus 2016 for same period July 2015 to September 2015 versus July 2016 to September 2016, hay buhay addict nga naman ang utak nasa paa wala sa ulo

  • leave us alone! there’s no genocide. let d30 be .he’s doing an excellent job fyi. he wouldnt be this respected, loved & revered by the majority if he isnt. he’s a breath of fresh air. finally, we have a leader who has integrity, incorruptible, competent,relentless, efficient,pragmatic, compassionate & has a geniune love for country. dont be manipulated by black propagandists.

  • Sino ba ang dapat masunod sa Pilipinas? Ang sambayanang Pilipino ba o ang ICC? Sino ba ang humaharap sa malaking problema ng bansa, ang Pangulo ba o ang ICC? Kung ang ICC ang masusunod bakit wala silang pakialam sa talamak na patayan nong nakaraang administrasyon na ang halos na biktima ay mga innosenting sibilyan? At bakit wala silang pakiaalam sa talamak na druga sa bansa at sa paglaganap ng mga nabibiktima nito?

  • Estrellita Dacara bulag kb? Ang dami ng napatay n mga inosente ng mga addict n yan kesa mga inosente mapatay nyan sila n lang. Msy mga evidence naman yan bago puntahan ng mga pulis. Mag present k ng isang kaso n pinatay nila dahil napagkMalan lzng at pumunta k sa mga pulis para majustify mo ang comment mo madam.

  • Ms espera ang cnasabi ko lng are on both sides,and Hindi ako bulag,I’ve seen worst during my childhood,pinatay ang drug pushers sa amin pero hindi natigil ang bentahan ng droga.lalong lumaganap.ang pag patay ay di solusyon sa problema.oo my namamatay na mga law enforcers,pero ung mga napapatay na hinihinalang mga addict/pushers my pamilya din po un.sana mg meet halfway ang bawat parte para hindi po ngkakasakitan.

  • go to Syria hypocrite! investigate the mass killings there of civilians, women and children. or are u afraid of the drones? it’s the poor Philippines that u want to bash! then go ahead you hypocrites. u enjoy power here isn’t it? for how much, stupid one?

  • i abhor the hypocrisy of bensouda!! such statement is quite misleading esp. when they are yet to conduct investigation… or do they simply rely on every word written and spoken online?? if yes, they have already judged the philippines and it’s government prior to investigation by ICC…


  • Icc know first whos chito gascon, gascon was an.adviser of mar roxas a presidential bet of former pres aquino, aquino put gascon as human right advicate, we know that.his travel to amstradam is get ur attention, and use the icc as an instrument to oust our presudent. Senator de lima use gascon to get ur attention, why coz sen delima is now facing a drug trafficking cases, the move of this gascon in.sen dlma is to divert attention or even.ti.oust the president, to save her from.the.drug trafficking case shes facing now!!,

  • To: Prosecutor Fatou Bensuoda (ICC)
    We the Filipino people give an 87% Trust Rating to our President. If the EJK Allegations are true, then please allow Us, the Citizens of this Country, to be the judge of that, not you or the ICC. Please do not steal that RIGHTS from us. We are not stupid. We know what is right for our country. And please, allow our LEGISLATIVE and JUDICIAL branch of our GOVERNMENT to do their respective mandate. They are elected by the Filipino people and we have intelligent Supreme Court Justices.
    majority are Poor but EverREADY to defend

  • The ICC render its ruling favoring the Philippines on spratly islands vs china. But could not implement and enforce its own ruling.Now if again they insist inferring internal affairs giving statements without investigation. i would it is not fair.

  • Bwisit na ICC. Anong sytematic attack against civilian population ??? They were addicts and pushers whose brains shrunk and they were armed and dangerous for PNP to handle without using force (GUN) to neutralize. Mukhang sang-ayon sa panukala ni delima itong ICC na gamitan ng megaphone ang kriminals at i-anonuce na “Hoy andito na kaming mga pulis kaya magsitago na kayo at itakbo nu ang illegal drug evidence bago kami makalapit, or unahan nu kami sa pagbaril”. Napaka Bwisit !

  • Tsismosa yan si negrang icc judge daw???? Tanga at bobo man yan. bago kasi magsalita punta mna sya dto at persnal namag imbistiga o research at lahat ng sides of the coin para fair wag masyado epal at pniwala sa kathang isip ng biased media. The phil media now is the worst in the world.

  • After UN, EU and the US black propaganda against the President, now THEY’RE using another international body , the ICC to remove DUTERTE. . It won’t stop until the president would sign the edca for the benefits of Obama administration with the help of yellow ribbons .

  • I am very impressed by what you said tukayo, Roland Cruz. Extra-Judicial and Vigilante killings have no place in a civilized society. Unfortunately, we have a uncivilized President and citizens in our country that is why EJ & V killings exist. Education is not enough basis to say that a person is civilized, but, it will make one person to be civilized. And, to be a law abiding citizen, for me is the basis to conclude that you are a civilized person. The law was invented by men in order to have peace and harmony among its population. And religion, its teachings and words of wisdom, became part of the written laws promulgated by men. Hence, since our country is a country who believes of the existing of our GOD, our STATE LAWS, is a LAW OF GOD, which should not be altered, changed or revised by any man or woman unless altered, changed or revised by the majority of the population itself. Our history and of other countries will tell us, that when a leader, ruler, kings or presidents, made himself a dictator the country fall into chaos, anarchy, more poverty, more crimes and economic bankrupcy. And, in the end it became a failed state.

  • Mr.Pareja and Mr. Cruz both of u obiously dislike our President with regards to ur coments.for me we canot pathom yet d wisdom of the prsdnt,its too early to judge him.for now we have no choice he is our president,were in d same boat,let the captain do his part..i respect both of u..unfortunately wer walking in dfrnt direction but in the same purpose,”must be good.”

  • It is the opposition’s biggest trump card. I bet they were banking on Du30 resisting the investigation, and use that resistance to destroy Du30’s image further. Well, Du30 has called your bluffs. Say goodbye to your trump card.

  • ang pagtatalo hindi makakabuti yan sa ating inang bayan nagaaksaya lng tayo ng oras jan ano kaya kung ang isipin natin ay kung paano tayo makakatulong sa ating bansa?

  • Ms. Bensouda, before you can even wag your little finger at our country for alleged EJK based merely on biased & inaccurate reports, start with your own homey backyard. Please explain the financial scams that your husband is involved in and your alleged participation in it.