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An EU broth of EU wrath

It was only a matter of time before the European Union jumped on the West-Left bandwagon and pointed its chubby finger in the direction of the Philippine administration of Rodrigo Duterte. In typical fashion, the cooks of Western progressive political

It was only a matter of time before the European Union jumped on the West-Left bandwagon and pointed its chubby finger in the direction of the Philippine administration of Rodrigo Duterte. In typical fashion, the cooks of Western progressive political thought are stirring the pot of self-righteous outrage, heavily seasoning it with their own bouquet garni of human-rights concerns, misconceptions and misinformation. It is a dish, however, that will not suit the Asian palate. This is Western cuisine for Western tastes and it won’t be ending up on political menus in Southeast Asia or – possibly ex-Japan – in government kitchens anywhere on the Asian continent.

A resolution passed on 13 September by the European Parliament – more specifically by members of the steamrollering Left’s Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe Group (the ALDE group) – “urges the government of the Philippines to end the extrajudicial killings in the country”.

So, a select bunch of 31 pompous and pretentious members of the European Parliament, languishing in Brussels have decided with kangaroo-court efficiency that the government of a democratic republic 6,525 miles away is responsible for those deaths. No proof of course, but then the ALDE group doesn’t normally get bogged down with things like that. Its purpose is to state what it determines to be the truth. It’s simple; EU pronouncement = universal truth. Quad erat demonstrandum.

The resolution goes on to urge the government in Manila to “do everything in their power to stop the vigilantes, investigate all extrajudicial killings and prosecute all who have participated in these killings”. Presumably, based on their previous urging, that means that the Philippine Government should investigate itself and then, presumably, prosecute itself. Actually, that shouldn’t really surprise us; the EU supports an entire industry supplying itself with internal enquiries. It’s possibly why nothing ever gets solved and no-one gets prosecuted. But implied in this section is that the government is simply standing by and tolerating (maybe even encouraging) thug justice, when in fact it is conducting investigations into countless incidents. The innuendo is appalling.

It then calls on the Philippine administration to “guarantee for a fair and independent legal system and a strengthening of the police and judiciary”. Er… not that it’s any of their business, but again, that’s precisely what this administration is doing. But don’t they have any compasses or at least an atlas in Brussels? Have they lost the EU membership list? The Philippines is in Southeast Asia; not Europe. It can’t even claim Washington’s over used blood-ties argument, that they’re both part of the Pacific family. And what exactly do they mean by the word ‘independent’?

Next, it urges the government of the Philippines “to abolish the death penalty for all crimes”. In other words, Manila should sign up to the European Convention on Human Rights. No matter that the Philippines is located in a different hemisphere; that’s just a detail. We don’t need to bother with that. Sovereignty be damned! Universal conformity to the EU vision; that’s what’s needed, evidently. Virtually the rest of the region can expect an EU memo on this one.

It continues by encouraging “President Duterte to maintain and improve dialogue with leaders of international organisations and other nations”. These would be the same leaders and nations who have been discrediting and defaming Duterte ever since he took the oath of office – them, and their tame army of propagandists that continue to choak the life out of journalism.

And they will continue to castigate him as the final point of the resolution makes clear by calling on “Member [EU] States, the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, The European External Action Service and the [European] Commission, in line with the EU’s Strategic Framework on Human Rights and Democracy to immediately raise the above mentioned concerns and recommendations with the Philippine’s government”. zzzzzzzzzzz. Please!

For The VolatilianTM, all this verbiage merely confirms what we have always known; that the EU has an inflated opinion about its own global importance and authority. It’s a world body because it’s declared itself to be – but that’s almost as comical as the equally delusional Ugandan madman, Idia Amin, declaring himself to be the King of Scotland. Certainly no one in the Philippines voted for EU supervision of its political institutions; or for it to vet its laws. And short of using the trade-blackmail card, Brussels has zero jurisdiction and zero influence to do either.

But here’s a question: how would the EU Parliament countenance a resolution from the Philippine Congress urging it to investigate the rampant thievery that goes on within its institutions and agencies and prosecute the offenders; or, encourage it to disband as an unaccountable autocracy and implement democratic principles in the way it conducts its business. The answer is, it wouldn’t – but then the Philippine Congress wouldn’t be so presumptuous.

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