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Doing Business_Part 11: Labour market regulation
Doing Business_Part 11: Labour market regulation

In this, the last in our infographic series on Doing Business in the Philippines, we look at ‘Labour Market Regulations’ – for Filipino workers an extremely sensitive topic, given the fairly common practice of terminating contracts just short of the minimum six months probationary period, thus allowing employers to re-hire at the probationary rate.

This issue of labour contractualisation – or “endo” (short for ‘end of contract’) as it’s known locally – is also sensitive politically and Philippine president, Rodrigo Duterte, has promised to abolish it and ensure workers have security of tenure in their jobs.

Unlike all the other doing-business categories we’ve covered, the 2017 World Bank report on which this series is based doesn’t provide rankings for how the countries fair with their respective labour market regulations. However, they can be compared, and we do that as we have in the past, in the context of the member states of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations.

But what’s evident from going through these country reports is that labour market regulations are very much a work in progress.

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