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A multitude of sins

Philippine Roman Catholic Church Monsignor Arnel Fuentes Lagarejos has been suspended after police arrested him on child-sex offences

Parishioners of the historic John the Baptist Church at TayTay in the Diocese of Antipolo, in Rizal province, are endeavouring to come to terms with a scandal that’s shaken their community to the core. Their parish priest, Monsignor Arnel Fuentes Lagarejos (photo), has been suspended after police arrested him on child-sex offences. If this priest is prosecuted in a court of law for a child-sex crime, he’ll be the one of very few in the Philippines ever to do so. And – we’ll stand corrected if we’re wrong – if he’s found guilty, it’ll be the first successful civil prosecution in the country of a priest charged with such an offence.

Lagarejos was allegedly caught with a 13-year-old girl prostitute in a sting operation in Marikina City, Metro Manila on Friday. That was launched after the girl had told police that the man – she didn’t know he was a priest – during a previous meeting had threatened her with a gun and warned her not to meet other clients.

Now the 55-year-old priest will face charges under the Philippines’ 2003 Anti-Trafficking in Persons Act. Though detained in custody over the weekend, he was released on bail of PHP120,000 on Tuesday.

Certainly, the Philippine Roman Catholic Church has not been without its sex scandals over the years.
The Philippine Roman Catholic Church says it’s conducting a parallel investigation into the allegations as the police continue with their enquiries. The Church affirms it’ll cooperate fully with the police. And for many Catholics that’s very reassuring news – all too frequently in the past Filipino bishops have failed to cooperate with civil authorities and have protected paedophile priests, moving them to remote parishes.

But it’s the findings of the police enquiry that matter. And ultimately, if found guilty, it’s a civil court, not an ecclesiastical one, that will determine whether Lagarejos goes to jail.

Certainly, the Philippine Roman Catholic Church has not been without its sex scandals over the years. In 2002, Archbishop Orlando Quevedo, then president of the politically powerful Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) – the episcopal hierarchy of the Church – apologised for the sins of the past committed by the Philippine priesthood.

Some 200 priests, he claimed, over the past 20 years had indulged in “sexual misconduct”, including adultery, homosexuality, sexual abuse and child-sex. A statement issued by the CBCP stated: “To the various crises in society, we must now, with great sorrow and shame, add problems in the Church. Sexual misconduct on the part of shepherds of the flock betrays the holy priesthood that Christ has shared”.

It was an unusually frank disclosure by the CBCP which traditionally handles all its sensitive business behind closed doors. What had prompted it, however, were local media investigations into allegations of sexual abuse by priests. It also coincided with similar scandals involving Catholic clergy in the United States, Australia and New Zealand.

The bishops resolved to draft a new protocol for dealing with such cases – including encouraging victims of assaults to file criminal charges.

In 2003, at least 34 priests were suspended in a sex-abuse scandal involving sexual harassment of women. At least 20 of the priests involved came from a single diocese.

In 2011, the parish priest of St. Anne Parish in Tubay, Agusan del Norte province, Mindanao, was accused of sexually abusing and raping a 17-year-old female minor. The high school graduate was supposedly under the priest’s care at the time.

This case became high profile when the activist women’s-rights group, Gabriela, demanded that the then Bishop of Butuan, Juan de Dios Pueblos – under whose diocese St Anne Parish falls – stops “sheltering” the priest who was residing at the Bishop’s Palace in Caraga. Pueblos – he was the bishop who, in 2009, famously requested then president, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, to give him a new car for his 66th birthday – refused.

But while he kept silent, one of his colleagues didn’t. Archbishop Emeritus Oscar Cruz, as head of the Catholic Bishops National Tribunal of Appeals, was far more outspoken. He said that the priest should be tried before a criminal court and, if found guilty, should be given a life sentence. In the meantime, he said, the priest should be tried under canon law, and again, if found guilty, should be dismissed of all clerical duties.

Cruz – the author of “CBCP Guidelines on Sexual Abuse and Misconduct: A Critique” – is now the Church’s lead investigator into allegations of sex abuse committed my members of the Philippine priesthood. When fathers sin.

“I may be offending other bishops but this is a personal stand that gone are the days when you can just close your eyes and plug your ears … as if nothing is happening,” he said in a recent interview with Al Jazeera’s 101 East current-affairs programme.

Cruz has now been asked to lead the enquiry into the case pending against Monsignor Lagarejos. “This case is considered the gravest violation of the commandments, abuse of minors…” he said, adding that he didn’t know how long it would take to complete, though once it has been, the result will be transmitted to the Vatican.

Cruz is under no illusions about how big the problem of sexual misconduct by priests is in the Philippines.
In addition to being suspended from duty as a parish priest, Lagarejos – who’ll likely be defrocked if he’s found guilty by that enquiry – has also been removed as president of Cainta Catholic College where student ages range from pre-teens to late teens. He’s also forbidden from having contact with anyone apart from his lawyer, his brother-priests and church authorities. “He is particularly forbidden from any communication with minors and from maintaining company with them in any way whatsoever,” a statement issued by the Diocese of Antipolo explained.

Cruz is under no illusions about how big the problem of sexual misconduct by priests is in the Philippines. At any given time, the 82-year-old archbishop has up to 60 cases under review and those, he says, are just the tip of the iceberg – they only represent a tiny proportion of the number of complaints against priests that are out there.

That would seem to corroborate the assessment made by Father Shay Cullen, the Irish priest who set up the People’s Recovery Empowerment Development Assistant (Preda). Founded in 1974 in Olongapo City, Zambalas – a round-the-clock sex garden during the time of the US naval and air bases of Subic Bay and Clark – Preda’s main focus is to help sexually exploited and abused children.

Fr Shay – a member of the Missionary Society of St Columban, and a two-time Nobel Peace Prize nominee – had this to say; that in the Philippines there is “rampant sexual abuse of children by the clergy”. It is, he says, “a big problem”. And he had this to say about the clerical hierarchy of the Philippine Church: “We have these bishops who have been covering up so much of this abuse, and we know that it is still going on”.

Our feeling is that this case will go to trial. That will take time, of course – but then what doesn’t when it comes to legal processes in the Philippines.

Our reasons for that are these. First, the Antipolo diocese is handling this very differently to the way the Butuan diocese did. Instead of the wall of silence, it issued an immediate statement which in part said “[The Diocese] makes it clear that it will not in any way condone or abet the trafficking in persons, particularly of minors, nor protect the offenders from prosecution, and subsequent trial and punishment when evidence so warrants”. Furthermore, while promising to “fully cooperate” with the police investigations, it’s already started canonical proceedings against Lagarejos.

Sex abuse by the clergy it will certainly not tolerate.
So far then, there’s been no attempt by the Church to hush this case up. What may have helped focus minds within the CBCP, however, is a new church law that was announced by Pope Francis in June. This allows for the removal of bishops who fail to sack paedophile priests. In other words, the bishops’ jobs could be on the line.

Secondly, Rome has repeatedly directed national churches to follow the rule of law in their countries and not evade it in such cases as it regularly did in the past. They must, the Vatican says, assist the police and the courts.

And thirdly – not least because of the power of social media – the Church is being made to be more accountable by the Filipino congregation. Frankly, they’ve had enough of the Church hierarchy’s unaccountability and it’s involvement in affairs of state. Sex abuse by the clergy it will certainly not tolerate.

To put it plainly, parishioners don’t want to receive the Eucharist from priests who molest children who’ve been put in their care; they don’t want to confess their own sins to a paedophile or sex-abusing priest. They don’t want absolution from such a man; they don’t want his homilies either.

Neither do they want rapists in priests’ vestments – they want shepherds they can trust; not ones who steal their lambs, feeding on them sexually to fulfill their dark appetites.

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  • Some Priests are the New Criminals. Can they be prosecuted ? That is still a big maybe. But if ever there is a priest to be prosecuted as a common criminal, this should be it. The time now is the just tge right time to prosecute this criminals. They had been doing it for so long they tought that they are above the law too, just like the drug lords. If the Catholic Church cannot police their own ranks then our gov’t should step in. This is not meddling in the Church affairs. This is the law of the land punishing a criminal. If they don’t want gov’t to meddle like this, then let’s tax them, why not ???

    • The President have been talking about these misdemeanors of catholic priests. This is a classic evidence of their evildeeds. Maybe they are also into drugs that is why they fight to the teeth against the #drugwar of the present administration..

    • A very big possibility that they are involved. If they can do other crimes, why not illegal drugs where they can become much more richer the easier way. I hope our authority can aprehend one so that we can start exposing all of them. I think only select priests are doing this.

  • The Roman Catholic Church has no moral ascendancy anymore. It’s time to leave the most hypocritical, idolatrous and subversive denomination. It’s time to join the Protestant Christian church under evangelical catholic tradition: The Lutheran Church in the Philippines.

    • The sin of Judas is not the sin of Peter. I am catholic. I love my church but it does not mean I like all priests. Protestant churches have their own share of scandals that are far too horrific. I am hurt of course.

    • It’s a sweeping charges, your religious faith is your own,a mistake committed by a priest doesn’t reflect on the whole catholic church, he is human too and is subject to temptation at times weak to resist evil works, your church as well suffered similar situation and other congregations!

    • Wennie Labarro we are saints on the process…..and being a saints does not mean free from sin and temptations… is how we enflesh the holy spirit the spirit of christ in our every minute journey towards the glory of the kingdom of God.

    • The Roman Catholic Church will remain strong, steadfast and faithful not because of the leaders and priests but because of its basic dogma. The priest is not the Church, rather the people with Jesus our savior is The Church. Other congregations have their own share of scandals and remember other churches allow their priests and pastors to marry while our catholic priests have to remain celibate, a state only few and devoted men can do, so we need to understand that the debil is working overtime to weaken the pillars of our institution and we as catholics must focus on helping each other. Stop the hate specially destroying Pres.Duterte, instead focus on guiding the flock rather than focusing on politics, clean up the house of God.

    • I will remain a Roman Catholic until my last breath, di porket nagkamali ang pari damay na lahat. Mas lalung pa akong maging strong and steadfast and even faithful sa mga ganitong pangyayari. The best way is to pray.

    • NEL VALLS — Your comment brings sadness for all of us — The first sentence is judgmental. The second sentence is judgmental. Who gave you the right to judge another Faith that may be different from yours. The third sentence is Proselyting. What is your Pastor’s stand on Proselytism or of its members proselytizing? I am not Roman Catholic; but if those of us who call ourselves Christians (btw, the RC are Christians too because they follow Christ!) and we claim to know more (hence the ancients protested and became Protestants!) think we are better — then we have sinned as well. And sin is a sin, none the graver and none the lesser. It does not make us any better than the other. 💕

    • Sinning is part of us, all humans, regardless of religions. Being good is also part of us. For us, to be good we must forgive and not make judgement for it is the province of God to do so. He who has not sinned cast the first stone. What will save you it is not what you said right but what you did right. Help the sinners to find themselves back in the image and likeness of God…

    • ,kayong,mga NASA ibang sekta sobra makapanghusga sa katoliko
      bakit..kayo ba walang asawa’t mga anak Ang pastor niyo . Isa pa kapag may sakit member niyo ..bawal magpaopera .khit ikamatay ..dahilan niyo bawal kayo masalinan ng ibang dugo. dami ko na kakilala. namatay ng member ng sekta niyo hindi pinata gal Bukola sa loob ng katawan..

    • saka kayo kung magsalita parang hindi nagkakasala …pwde ba walang pakialaman .masyado niyo pinakikialaman pananampalataya namin.pati mga rebulto . pinakikialaman.niyo dhil gawa ng kamay ng Tao..bakit Yan ba Bible hindi iniimprenta Yan .kamay din ng Tao ginagawa ng papel ,,Tao din Ang pumutol ng puno para gawin papel ,,tumahimik Na lang kayo plz..Isang diyos lang maylikha sa father God.,,,,

    • Monsignor Lagarejos is just one of the many priest the Roman Catholic church ever had. Not all catholic priests commits(if ever he has), so why compare your religion with Catholic? No religion can save humanity, it is our firm belief in God that can save and repent us from our mortal sins..

    • kung wala palang Religion na makakapagligtas bakit mismong ang Dios bakit may Iglesia ng Dios na nakasulat 1 Corintian 1:2
      1 Corinthian 11:22
      1Corinthiab 15:9
      2 Corinthians 1:1
      Galatians 1:3
      1 Thesalonians 2:14
      2 Thesalonians 1:4
      1 Timothy 3:5
      1 Timothy 3:15
      yan din ang Iglesia sa Ilang na sinasabi sa aklat ng Gawa 7:38 na siyang binili ni Kristo ng kanyang sariling dugo na nakasulat sa aklat ng Gawa 20:28 Ingatan ninyo ang inyong sarili,at ang buong kawan,na sa kanila’y ginawa kayo ng Espirutu Santo na mga obispo,upang pakanin ninyo ang iglesia ng Panginoon na binili niya ng kanyang sariling dugo.
      yan ba Gani Adoptante masasabi mong kahit relihiyon na may pangalan ng Dios mismo eh di rin makakapagligtas sa tao?saan mo naman mababasa sa Biblia Gani Adoptante ang sinabi mo na walang Relihiyon na makakapagligtas sa tao at maniwala ka lang sa Dios eh maliligtas ka na sige maglabas ka ng patunay kahit isa lang

    • Michael Cordon — Walang religion na makakapagligtas sa tao. Hindi religion ang magliligtas sa tao. Religion is defined as a particular system of faith or belief; it can be a belief related to worship of a god, many gods, or God. It can be of an inanimate object; it could be an eagle or a cow. Others believe that the sun gives life and strength so they worship the sun. Others are healthy vegetarian and so religiously adhere to a diet strictly of vegetables. Even Bible-claiming christians gave varying beliefs and systems and ways of worship — hence, the various denominations. You may not believe any of these; but to each — his own. I hope you now understand the word religion. Regarding the scripture references that you sited — read the chapters; note the preceding verses — putting the passages in context, the word “church” (ecclesia) refers to the body or group of believers; God’s church or believers who follow/worship God. Hope this helps as you go back to the Word. Sorry, Mataram ako mag Tagalog conversational pero Pag nag e explain o magturo mas madali sa English. Mag type sa Tagalog ino-autocorrect ng cellphone ko paghindi English. 😊

    • sige Eph Capistrano ilabas mo rin ang katunayan mo about personal na pananapalataya saang verses sa Bible mo mababasa yan na tama ang sinabi mo kasi lahat ng sinasabi mong sinasamba ng mga tao eh nakasulat na pati nga hayop sinamba na eh yan ba ang gusto ng Dios pati pagiging vegetarian eh ginawa na ring Religion…sinong nagsabi saan nakasulat yan sa Bible Eph??
      Efeso 5:23 Sapagka’t ang lalake ay pangulo ng kanyang asawa,gaya naman ni Kristo na pangulo ng Iglesia,na siya rin ang tagapagligtas ng katawan.
      ang linaw na may binanggit na Iglesia at ang katawan eh yung mga sumasapalataya sa Iglesia kung sasamba ka sa araw di ba bawal ng Dios yun na sambahin ang kanyang mga nilalang…ikaw pala nag miscontext sa iyo na nanggaling na ang church eh believers of God and followers of God…wala namang aking sinabing building ang Iglesia eh dahil ang Iglesia ng Dios ay kayo (tayo) 1 Corinto Kung gibain ng sinuman ang templo ng Dios,siya’y igigiba ng Dios;sapagka’t ang templo ng Dios ay banal na ang templong ito ay kayo.
      yun naman pala eh banal daw hindi sunabi dun sa talata na building yun gaya ng gusto mong sabihin na sinabi ko daw…and take note Mam yan pong sinasabi jan eh yung mga nasa tunay na Iglesia o Religion na sinasabi sa banal na kasulatalan

    • kaya nga hinahamon ko kayo Eph Capistrano ni Gani Adoptante na ilabas ninyo ang talata na walang Religion na makakapagligtas sa tao at yung personal na pananampalataya lang maliligtas ka saan ilabas ninyo ang talata at huwag puro gawa gawang aral lang

    • matagal ng sira un roman catholic church kasi dami na nila scandal involving not only the ordinary priest but also un meron pa nakakataas na level sa kanila. kung mangaral during the homily eh akala mo npaka banal, mga ipokrito at plastik lang. sira na un kredibilidad nila at wala na silang moral ascendancy.

    • The mistake / wrong done by one or few or several does not make the CATHOLIC CHURCH wrong. Afterall we Catholics don’t condone the wrongs done. We hate the sins. These erring consecrated men and women in the vineyard of the Lord had all the intention to live in holiness becoz it is our Lord Jesus Christ they want to emulate…. unless these erring Church ministers were planted in the Church to destroy this Church founded by Christ Himself upon Peter.

    • Even in Protestant and evangelical traditions, same thing, ang dumi dun ng mga pastor- Hindi Lang nirereport. Please not proselytize to cite a verse from the Romans: “all of us fall short of the target!”

    • Sante Francis Assisi kahit po ang Kristo ay nakikipagtalo din ipinakikipagtalo niya ang aral na bago na dala niya ng mangaral siya sa kanyang katawang tao…paano mo malalaman ang totoo sa mali kung di mo hahanapin sa Biblia ang sagot utos po yan sa Kristiano na saliksikin ninyo ang bawat kasulatan
      Juan 5:39 Saliksikin ninyo ang bawat kasulatan,sapagka’t iniisip ninyo na sa mga yaon ay mayroon kayong buhay na walang hanggan;at ang mga ito’y siyang nangagpapatotoo tungkol sa akin.
      mas nakakaawa nga ang walang alam sa salita ng Dios eh kasi pati ang pagluhod sa mga imahe na ipinagbabawal ng Dios ng ituro ng Simbahang Katoliko na gawin nila ginawa pa rin kahit na bawal ng Dios yun

    • Please don’t leave the Church founded by Jesus Christ! Our Founder is a perfect model. It is him we must follow. Even if there are priests even bishops who failed to do and live their duties as a shepherd because they were not able to control the temptation that Satan has made a trap for them, this is not a good reason to leave the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.
      Satan hated so much the Bride of Christ that he uses those who are weak inside the Church to bismirch it and will ignite others to leave the Church and transfer to other denomination which is hiding some of the truth. Why should you transfer to other religions which are founded by men? Jesus promised that the gates of hell could not prevail against His Church. We must hold on to our faith and trust to God’s true Church. Instead of leaving, we must pray that Church persecutions outside and within will end. God bless us all!

    • Bakit Nel valls wala bang iskadalong hinarap ang lutheran church? Gerald p. Thomas pastor ng inyong simbahan pay 69M for settlement for sex crimes against children , isa lang bro yan sa napakaraming kaso ng lutherano kaya napilitan mag resign ang unang obispo ng simbahan. Wag kayong magalala search ko na sa google lahat ng iskandalo ng mga simbahan, walang malinis sa atin sa mata ng Diyos.

    • Your belief matters. Does your belief causes you to do good or to sin? Or does it make you biased and irrational?

      FACT: Catholics who practice their faith do good things. But when they do bad things they violate their faith.

      But Muslims who do Jihad, justifying war and violence, do bad things because they practice what they believe.

      Fundamentalist Christians spread lies knowingly or unknowingly because they were taught about “revised histories” and misuse of the Bible.

      As for people with anti-God and anti-religion ideologies like Stalin, Mao, Lenin, Hitler, Pol Pot etc did mass murders driven by their ideologies which were absolutely anti-religion and/or anti-God.

    • Basta alam ko hindi kumuha ng alagad ang Panginoon ng madudunong, lahat mababa sa lipunan maliban sa tax kolektor.masaulo man natin ang bibliya at hindi ito isinabuhay walang saysay yan, kumuha ka ng isang seta sa bibliya at isabuhay mo may pagasa un, buti pa tulungan nyo akong masagot ito kung saan nakakuha si cain ng babaing mapapangasawa tutal mahuhusay kuno kayo?

    • Leaving the Church are for those weak in faith. Protesting the Church who is Jesus Christ the head of the body the Church is a severed part if the body which is a dead part. Christ never said that he will leave a Church, one Church to be broken, splintered and again divided to be broken again again. Division is not the intention of the Holy Spirit. Protestants are only United in their anger and hatred , teachings and campaigns against the Catholic Church. As Christ declared not even the gates of hell prevail against the Church.

    • wag niyo ibase sa Bible a ng tunay Na pananampalataya..wag niyo intindihin iba Tao..manampalataya kau sa diyos derikta kausapin niyo..puro kayo Bible. .hindi naman pare-pareho mga nilimbag Na mga biblya .iba sa born again Na madalaw NASA matao g lugar may supot Na dala ..nagiingay sa mga bus…iba din biblya ngprotestants …pwde ba tahimik Na lang tayong magdasal

    • It is impt that we seek divine guidance to know what is True.
      Jesus said, “I Am the Way, the Truth and the Life .” So let us listen to Him and emulate His Values so that we won’t miss the path to everlasting life.

    • Why, if this happened in a protestant church, you’ll do the same thing? I may not be a devout Catholic, but That will be my Christian denomination till death. Catholicism is the first Christian church in history, so it’s not the one being subersive. And not all Roman Catholics practice idolatry or venerate the priests like they are saints, or bow down on a statue.

    • Sorry. I’m RC and we have a lot of sinful priests and religious and laity. However, sinful members and servants don’t change doctrines. My faith remains. How about your sect, do you have sinful ministers and servants and members? If none, halleluia, praise the lord. By the way, our church was founded by Jesus Christ himself. We are not the subversives here. MAN-FOUNDED churches perhaps?

    • Tama ka jinggoy quiblat its not the sins of some priests and other members of religious groups that make me leave the catholic religion because this is the only religion that was founded by our saviour Jesus Christ….our family will remain a.member of this true church

    • only the universal church if you understand…is the true church.all other pretenders will die out.they will not last the test of ages! all others are impostors!

  • As Catholics, how come some CONDONED such EVIL ACTS and just remained in SILENCE! As a GRADUATE of a Catholic School from Kindergarten to College, there was never a time even for a second that we read the BIBLE in Cathechism Class, Religion Class or Theology Class. if only the BIBLE was Read and Preached in Class, we would know that Jesus Christ was a Jew and the Dominant Religion of Joseph and Mary was Judaism (correct me if i’m wrong). But JESUS CHRIST went against the Pharisees and Scribes (eguivalent of our Priests/Preachers) who were committing evil acts and Jesus Christ calling them “WOLVES IN SHEEPS CLOTHING”!.There are alot of VERSES when JESUS CHRIST angrily informed the Faithfuls of their evil acts and for this the Pharisees convinced the Roman Government to CRUCIFY JESUS CHRIST and put to Death! It is about time that the FAITHFULS remove the EVIL PREACHERS in the CHURCH. “FOR EVIL TO SUCCEED, IS FOR ALL GOOD MEN TO DO NOTHING”!

    • Elpidio O. Marteja Jr., how can you practice what is taught in the Bible if you don’t even read it? As is written in Joshua 1:8:
      “This Book of the Law shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall MEDITATE ON IT DAY AND NIGHT, so that YOU MAY BE CAREFUL TO DO ACCORDING TO WHAT IS WRITTEN IN IT.”

    • Nolet Santos I agree with you. What I emphasized was reading and living. Can you not get the very context of my post? Perhaps you are reading it but without comprehending it. Read, Comprehend, and Live with it. The problem with you is that you are jumping to a conclusion without comprehending the context of the post. YOU BE CAREFUL ALSO.

    • Kahit anong church lahat po mi iskadalo bisitahin nyo sa google para makita nyo iskandalo ng simbahan ninyo kaya wag tayong magmalinis at humusga kahit sino walang kapangyarihan maghusga.

    • You have a point, but as a Catholic you didn’t research about your faith and now you’re ranting about the ignorance.

      FYI: The Bible itself is one of the Catholic Church’s TRADITIONS. Note, the Bible is a library of books written before Christ and just after his death and resurrection. It wasn’t written in 382 AD but COMPILED. And sure Constantine wasn’t originally Christian but a converted Christian. And the Bible wasn’t compiled in its final form during Constantine’s reign.

      FACT: The Catholic Church finally agreed on which writings should go into the Bible at the Council of Rome in 382 AD during the time of Pope Damasus.

      – Damasus encouraged St. Jerome to translate the Scriptures into Latin since Latin was the common language of all educated people.

      – Throughout the Middle Ages, portions of the Scriptures were translated into vernacular languages.

      – In the mid-1400s, the Bible started to be translated into European languages more widely.

      – In the 16th century, some Reformers published Bibles with bits missing, faulty translation work, and subversive notes.

      – The authorities tried to regulate which Bibles were acceptable in order to control erroneous teaching.

      – Throughout the years, the Catholic Church encouraged Bible reading, but kept control of the interpretation of the Bible as part of the Church’s inspired authority to teach the truth and preserve the unity of the Church.

      – Pope Leo XIII published a letter in 1893 encouraging Bible study.
      Pius XII in 1943 also encouraged the faithful to study and love the Bible.

      – The second Vatican Council in the 1960s encouraged all the clergy and people to study the Bible faithfully.

    • Catholic School don’t read the Bible? You studied in a Catholic school that didn’t celebrate a mass,where the readings are from the Bible.Either your school was private school in name only as Catholic or you skipped mass.And the text book of your Religion or Christian Living subject didn’t cite one Bible verse.? Unbelievable.

    • There was an adulterer women to be stoned to death by the people was brougth to Jesus, Master this women was caught in adulterous act, under the law of moses she should be stoned yo death, what is your answer . Jesus said ANY OF YOU WITHOUT SIN CAST THE FIRST STONE… all of us are sinners andGOD SEND JESUS TO REDEEM US BY HIS DEATH…LET US MOVE FORWARD Towards God AND SIN NO MORE…

    • “From kinder to College”.Wow,wow…isumbong ang Catholic School na yan sa CEAP o sa Superintendent at ipasara yan.Kawawa naman iton commenter na ito na walang natutuhan sa Cath.School.

    • Sa buong buhay mo na ikaw ay nag aaral ng Biblia, napansin mo ba na ang Panginoong Diyos at si geesas cries ay NEVER NAGKAROON NG KONBERSASYON SA ISA’T ISA…KASE SI geesas cries ay PEKENG MESSIAH!

  • May mga netizen na nagsasabi na hindi natin muna siya dapat hatulan. May nagsasabi na ang walang bahid ay ang ang siyang unang bumato sa dating pari ng Cainta. Narinig ko na siya mangaral. Napakagaling ng kanyang kakayanang magsalita sa pangangaral para sa mga taong naliligaw ng landas. Nakakalungkot kung ito man ay totoo, ito ay isang klasikong halimbawa ng isang taong pastol na nabubuhay ng hindi umaayon sa sinasabi at ginagawa. Isang buhay na may magkaibang pagkatao kapag nasa liwanag. At nagiging ibang tao kapag nabubuhay sa dilim! Inasahan na maipatupad sana ang tunay na katarungan sa kwentong ito ng walang pagkiling sa bumibiktima sa mga taong walang kalaban laban! Lumabas nawa ang katotohanan dahil ang katotohanan lamang ang magpapalaya sa atin!

  • Pathetic! CBCP, why are you so quiet? You are so good in condeming others, specially to PRRD. Now, tama ang sabi ni pres. Some bishops have 2 families.

    • You’re right.
      When PDU30 makes rape jokes, they are so quick to criticize him. But now there’s a priest, a Monsignor at that – someone who made a VOW of chastity – who did the actual crime of rape, and they are so quiet.

  • priest or not, if you violate the law you should be punish!!! for catholic church you should be the first one to condemn the act of your priest, truelly there is something wrong about catholic!

  • Humanity is not perfect!^^,) theres no complaint and be blameless for what mistakes they’ve done!.. Problema na nya yun, pero dont judge people may kanya2 laban lahat bawat isa sa mundo.. All human can do is to repent their sin at gawin itong tama.. Hindi porket may nagawang mali ang tao forever nyang gawain yun.. Just gain understanding attitude emotionally and physically hindi on the same time hindi mgkaka mali tao lng lahat at nasa decision rin ng pressent ang mgiging resulta or bunga sa future!.. Just walk by faith not by sight..

  • Hala cge .lets call father like this “The Prodigal Priest” para la ng madamay na ibang pari at catholic members.although di naman ako katoliko .bilang respeto ang kasalanan ni juan di naman kasalanan ni pedro.

  • matagal ng may mga ganyang pari panahon pa ni Rizal kaya nga naisulat niya yan eh at nagpapatunay lang din ang mga pangyayari sa nakasulat sa Biblia na mismong ang Kristo pa ang nagsabi Matthew 7:15 Beware of false prophets,which come to you in sheep’s clothing,but inwardly they are ravening wolves
    Mateo 7:14 Mangagingat kayo sa mga bulaang propeta,na nagsisilapit sa inyo na may damit tupa,datapuwa’t sa loob ay mga lobong maninila.
    yan mismo ang Kristo ang nagsasalita jan na nagbibigay ng babala sa mga tao hula yan na nangyayari sa ngayon kaya mas naniniwala ako sa katotohanan ng mga nakasulat sa Biblia

  • Kht ano png dahilan nya.kc pari xa at nakipgisang dibdib s panginoon at nangako xa s dios..npkalaking ksalanang mortal at spiritual ang ginawa nya..nag asawa nlng sana hnd xa nauhaw gaano s laman

  • Tahimik ang CBCP. Pero kung isa sa mga kaalyado ng gobyerno ang nakagawa kahit na simpleng pagkakamali todo ingay.
    Mga Archbishops/matataas na kaparian, ano patatawarin ba natin si Father e si President nga hindi nyo mapatawad kahit hindi naman kayo inaano. Siguro mas lalo kayong nagngingitngit sa galit kasi totoo ang mga sinabi ni President dati tungkol sa inyo?
    God bless mga father.

  • Before, a priest comes in jail to confess prisoners and pray for forgiveness of their sins.

    Now, a priest comes in jail as the prisoner!
    With the Spirit of God exposing all these evil activities of priests—more will be coming in jail with the feeling behind bars to stay.

  • malas lang niya . . nahuli siya . . . marami ganayn sa kaparian di lang napa publish . . . nababayaran eh tapos absuwelto pa . . . hay tapos tatawaging “father” kaya ang image ng father “rapist” . . .

  • After decades of similar crimes only now, all the transparency? Religion has gone berserk–and it is happening around the world–will transparency save it now? I doubt it!

    • Duped by bigoted secularists spotted.

      FACT: The Catholic Church is the safest place for children. Sex abuse in public schools in the US are 100 times higher. It’s a problem of all sectors of society.

      The whole picture is this, BASED ON FACTS: it is “not about the Catholic Church”. Sexual abuse cover up crisis is “a social problem” brought about by the sexual revolution in American society in the ’60s that has plagued different sectors, institutions in society, the Church included. Many people love to throw stones at Mother Church when in fact She is “leading the fight” in addressing this social problem unlike any other institution in the world.

      NOTE: When the Church was sending accused priests to psychological treatment in the past, “the criminal justice system was doing the very same thing with convicted offenders – sending them to treatment instead of prison.”

      FACT based on research: There were 149 abusive priests in the whole US of A from 1950 to 2002. Compare this to 225 cases of educator sexual abuse in New York alone in 1994. And yet secular media loves to project the Church as a hotbed of child abuse! All of the accused educators had admitted to sexual abuse of a student but none of the abusers was reported to authorities.

      FACT: The Catholic Church’s record of aggressive and proactive protective measures is unparalleled in any organization today. Since the beginning of the abuse crisis (beginning in 1960 sexual revolution in the US) the Catholic Church has:

      * instituted a “zero tolerance” policy in which any credibly accused priest is immediately removed from ministry. Law enforcement is also notified;
      * has trained over 5 million children in giving them skills to protect them from abuse;
      * has trained over 2 million adults, including 99 percent of all priests, in recognizing signs of abuse;
      * has conducted over 2 million background checks, including those in the intensified screening process for aspiring seminarians and priests;
      * has installed “Victim Assistance Coordinators” in every diocese, “assuring victims that they will be heard”;
      * has conducted annual independent audits of all dioceses to monitor compliance with the ground breaking 2002 Charter for Protection of Children and Young People;
      * has instituted in all dioceses abuse review boards – often composed of child welfare experts, child psychologists, and abuse experts – to examine any claims of abuse against priests.

      No other organization “EVEN COMES CLOSE TO” implementing the measures the Catholic Church has taken to protect children in its care. In this regard, the Catholic Church in the 21st century is the model for other institutions to follow in the safeguarding of youth.

    • True and if ever the said priest is guilty, God is still giving him chance to repent and believe our Lord Jesus Christ , the Way, the Truth and the Life to have life everlasting. Let’s pray for him.

  • We gravely condemned church leader (priest) committed sins but I think no institution (church) is perfect becoz leaders are human….many of us think the benefits we can get, and not we can do and share for the good of the institution….we are selfish and self-righteous, the root cause of “falldowns and divisiveness, abused of authority”. If his kind think and care the churh, he will resign and face the consequence of his frailties…..churh will be perfect only when every person will strive to live in Christ…a member shld strive not to be a burden but to be an asset by overcoming his/her weaknesses as human…otherwise we are anti-Christ ruining His church.

  • .
    Bkt ndi n lng palayasin clng lht at
    i padlock ang mga simbahan
    o gawing library ang mga ito pra
    ndi magumon s drugs ang mga

    wala rn nmn nangyayari s mga
    sermon nito kundi puro pulitika
    n lng.

    gayahin natin ang Britanya
    bilang isang modelong bansa

  • The President have been talking about these misdemeanors of catholic priests. This is a classic evidence of their evildeeds. Maybe they are also into drugs that is why they fight to the teeth against the #drugwar of the present administration..

    • Some are into drugs.One priest in SurigaoSur was apprehended in a raid together with pushers/users about two years ago.It was floated around that he was brought to rehab but not true.He waz seen in fiestas with bishops and priests.Lord have mercy upon the souls that need salvation.

  • In fairness to the Curia, particularly Bishop Oscar Cruz, the Church will not interfere with the prosecutorial work of the Secular Authority. Abangan at bantayan.

  • I will not be surprised if somebody will make some arrangements that the criminal case will be settled out of court then out of the blue the accuser will evaporate or will become a newly rich family…lets w8t n see..

  • Tanong ko lang po bakit pag pari ang nagkakasala ang sinisisi at ang rason ay ang pagiging tao nya at ang dyablo. Ano ang pagkakaiba ng karaniwang tao sa pari maliban sa kanyang sotana? Kung gawa nga ng dyablo ang pagkakasala ng pari pwede din ba nating gawong rason sa mga korte na nakagawa tayo ng krimen ng dahil sa udyok ng dyablo?

  • The Catholic church was undoubtedly the one true church established by Christ was layer named Catholic to ease distinction with other m embers who break away from the church to have their own. But like the church of old there always will be those black sheeps. The government should prosecute these offenders as called for by human laws. But the church law is different… Justice is last… forgiveness and mercy should prevail first according to the teachings of Christ. But oh my God … The credibility of the church is diminished so badly and will let its followers go astray.

    • Berny castillano you can trace the history of the Catholic church as it is called today from st. Peter as the first leader assigned by christ, then st Linus succeeded him, then st anacletus, st evaristus etc. The succession of its leaders has no gap traceable up to st Peter. Its history that will prove you that it is only the Catholic church which has its succession from present up to Peter. It is not only the Catholic church that claims it is also the world history that shows it. If you think that it is not then fine. But those of us who believe are so many like the grain of sand on the shore as prophecied. All churches which was founded several years later claim they are the one true church not considering that the catholic church already exist and was responsible in preserving the bible where the books we are reading was translated from.

  • Let us remember na Priest are but just a human being to commit immoral deeds. Sa priest ko din narinig, na as long as what you did though it is immoral but it is not known publicly it will remain to be a moral act sabi. Eh nabuking di immoral peri caught in the act nga ba? that’s the question. Even in the AFP chaplain meron din bading na pari but are pr

  • Catholicism reeks with filth.. war crimes.. polytheism.. non biblical dogmas.. witch hunt.. islamic genocide.. killings of protestants.. fornication with non christian rituals.. and many more


  • Never in the history that priest to be in jail. Vatican hypocrites wont allow that. They will waste billions of money just to silent the shit!

    • Aduna na pod like Fr. Rodis from Talisayan, Misamis Oriental who eventually died in prison. Any one can be accused of any of the acts or omissions defined as punishable under the Revised Penal Code if the Philipines. But not all accusations tantamount to court declaration of guilty on such criminal offenses. Let the courts decide not the media (print, broadcast and social media).

  • What a shame! Hypocrite…admit your mistakes and leave your vocation. You did it once or twice and for sure you’ll do it for the rest of your life. Ang galing nyong mangaral pero sa sarili nyo lampas langit kademonyohan nyo. Dapat sau subject for death penalty.

  • This is happening for a long time not here but all over the world sexual sin by the see pope ratzinger resign
    Because of this case..and the corruption in the Vatican…

  • Priest are human beings too..Like us they are not perfect! They also commit sin..That’s why we have obligation to pray for our priest.. We condemn as if we are sinless people! We are all sinners! ..God bless everyone!

  • Can i annotate also?. A Constructive criticism- he is but a human being. He needs that pleasure / ingredient as a man. It is high time or a wake- up call to the authorities of the church to allow them to marry. That is not a complicated matter to do to shun in doings. It is stated in the bible ,” Go ye and mutliply”. So , we are all entitled to that.

  • The freemasonic popes and cardinals created vatican II foe the slow self destruction of the RCC much like camcer. The weak formation of priests is one result leading to sexual depravities. Its systemic for decades now. This is just another sratistic.

  • The Catholic Church is like the barka of Peter where Jesus Christ is on board trials like what this priest bishop did is like one of those factors that rocked the fishing boat in the stormy winds and rough seas. Those weak in faith tremble and fear then decides to jump off or abandons Jesus Christ on board the fishing boat. Leaving Christ like what the disciples did where Jesus spoke to Peter where if he should leave him too and follow with the others who left him?

  • Maniwala ba kayo na itong si Lagarejos lang sa kaparian ang gumawa ng ganitong kahalayan sa ating mga kabataan? Wala sa tamang kaisipan ang maniniwala nito. Ilang libo o milyong kabataan na kaya ang nabiktima ng mga paring ito since na napunta itong paniwalang ito sa ating bansa. Simula sa panahon ni Magellan. Sa mga kuwento ni Rizal. At bakit hindi pinag-aasawa ang mga ito? Dahil ba sa gusto nila iba-iba at walang magbabantay sa kanila na asawa? Nagtatanong lang.

  • […] Lagarejos is not the only Filipino priest under investigation for sexual misconduct right now. They are Legion. Bishop Emeritus Oscar Cruz who heads the Church’s investigations into sexual misconduct by priests – and has been asked to conduct an enquiry into this case – has said that he handles 60 cases at any one time and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. A multitude of sins. […]

  • Mga pari na walang morale…kaya pag nag mimisa sa church ang buka ng bibig ay para sa sermon pero ang mata ay naghahagilap ng mga batang babae na bibiktimahin…dahil marami silang magiging biktima lalo na ang batang 13 yrs old na malaki ang tiwala sa kanila…MGA PARING IMMORAL….NA NAGTATAGO SA KANILANG KASOUTAN…

  • Eto pala yung paring nabasa ko sa mga bali balita na kumantot ng trece anos na bata. Para siguro hindi na maulit itong ganitong pangyayari sa mga pari, dapat siguro bago maging pari ay dapat pakapon na muna sila para safe ang mga bata sa lansangan. Nakakatakot ang ganitong pangyayari na may pari na pagala gala na naka SUV na nangogontrata ng mga walang kamuang muang na batang madaling mauto para kantutin…

  • But right now his congregation seems doing everything and anything to protect this man. If you have even a littlle delicadesa in yourself, you can get lost and find a place where you can live alone and repent for what you have done.

  • I inclined to believe that there are many of them who are still engaged in immoral and sinful acts as of this rendition. It was just kept secret by their holy like smiles and actions. Good riddance. Seek for more wolves in an immaculate Godly robes. Am sure there are more. God bless our church and those who stlll believe in them….


  • If this is not pursued to the end and we allow ourselves to be just bystanders then we have no right to complain should a similar case happen in the future . Heavens forbid another one to be victimized

  • … Volatilian, you had my first comment erased again?… grabe naman Admin ninyo… i was about to send it na when it was deleted… hindi naman x-rated ang mga sinulat ko… hmmmpt!!! (nagtatampo.)

    • Ms Eileen Arboleda-Orbeta, Ma’am ako po and admin ng The Volatilian page. I nor any of my colleagues never deleted any of your comments po. Huwag po kayo magtampo. Mukhang nagkakaproblema po hindi lang kayo, kundi ibang FB followers. I have contacted Facebook na po why this is the case because we also noticed certain other FB-related issues. Don’t hesitate to contact me/ us po for feedback whenever you experience certain glitches/ problems with the page. Thank you for your continued support po.

  • tahimik ang SIMBAHAN at CHR dto sa kaso ng MANYAKIS na PARI pero pagdating kay DIGONG ang lakas nilang mangalampag sabagay hnd lng ngayon nagkaroon ng ganyang isyo meron pa noon huli sa akto na ung pari sa loob ng kotse may ka sex, nakakahiyaaaaa

  • I’ve seen a pastor in jail but not a priest… but if we lay the blame to the church as a whole we are not being objective. The whole is greater than the sum of its part.

  • Kung nakapatay ang paring ito, di p gaanong kataka_taka dahil puedeng self defense. Pero yung mang_aabuso ka ng walang malay na bata ay kasalanang mortal at kasumpa_sumpa. Sila ang mga paring “the devil in desguise”

  • sus d bagay maging pari, sa mukha lang mahilig na sa laman,wala sa aura nia ang tunay na paglilingkod sa Dios at sa tao,yan ang marami ngaun sa mundo ang tawag jan demons in the form of human being

  • Patayin na yan!,,, peste! Nasisira ang Pangalan ng Katoliko Dahil sa Mga Gagong Pari na yan. Sa ibang bansa mula Mayayamang tao nag Pari para maranasan ang buhay ng kahirapan.. dito sa Pilipinas,ginawang Negosyo ang Pagpapari. Nagpapayamanan! Salot!,

  • Hindi pa natin alam ang tunay na pangyayari, sa media pa lang ang nakikita at naririniig natin. Hayaan natin gumulong ang kaso sa korte. Wala tayong karapatan at hindi dapat natin pangunahan ang husgado kong ano ang hatol sa pari na ito. Baka sa kangangawa natin tayo ang magmukhang mga tanga at mapanghusga.

  • A rapist fraile is caught but the news is so muted. This poor country is still under the feudal lords where RELIDIOTS blindly follow their RAPIST fraile leaders