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When fathers sin

Philippine Roman Catholic Church Archbishop-Emeritus Oscar Cruz on victims of sexual abuse by Filipino priests

While opposition to Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte goes into overdrive as the 25th February anniversary of the 1986 People Power Revolution nears; while headlines are dominated by allegations about the president’s personal role in extrajudicial killings, wrapped into his War on Drugs; and – more to the point – while a newly emboldened Philippine Roman Catholic Church seeks to recapture the moral high ground and place its battle banners alongside those of Duterte’s other opponents, in the background lurks something far darker.

In the early hours of last Saturday morning, a Church-sponsored ‘Walk for Life’ left Quirino Grandstand in Manila. Its main purpose was to denounce the drugs war’s extrajudicial killings. There was plenty of clerical cloth on show – priests and nuns had answered the call of the event’s organiser, Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) president, Lingayan-Dagupan (LP) Archbishop, Socrates B. Villegas – a regular critic of Duterte and his War on Drugs.

But not far away, another leading churchman is involved in taking a long-overdue introspective look at the Church’s own sins – more precisely, the mounting sex-abuse charges against the Philippine priesthood.

He’s Archbishop-Emeritus, Oscar Cruz – a grandee of the Church; the man whom Villegas succeeded as LP archbishop – and he’s appalled by what he’s discovered so far. This is a latent scandal with the potential of utterly crippling the authority of the Church. And the bishops know it.

And so as the president of the CBCP – the episcopal hierarchy of the Church – moves closer to centre stage to help galvanise a moral movement aimed at pricking the social conscience of the Filipino nation by focusing attention on the alleged sins of the president, the ‘sins of the fathers’ remain under a virtual vow of silence.

The Holy See of Rome and the Archbishops of Manila and Cebu, leaders of the country’s two largest and most powerful archdioceses, are keeping very quiet about the investigations. None have made any public comment about them; they haven’t even acknowledged that there is an investigation.

Cruz, however – a man known for being outspoken – is not prepared to have this brushed under the rug. With a long history of challenging the country’s political establishment, he’s now turned his sights inward and onto the Church establishment itself.

“I may be offending other bishops but this is a personal stand that gone are the days when you can just close your eyes and plug your ears … as if nothing is happening,” he said in a recent interview with Al Jazeera’s 101 East current-affairs programme.

While the full extent of the abuse may never be known, what is clear is that after years of silence and trepidation, victims of sexual abuse by Filipino priests are starting to come forward. And in significant numbers. “The laity, especially in urban areas, have become rather alert and courageous in denouncing the errancy of priests,” Cruz explained. “There are more and more cases of these clerical abuses,” he added.

At any given time, Cruz has up to 60 cases under review and those, he says, are just the tip of the iceberg – they only represent a tiny proportion of the number of complaints against priests that are out there.

The Church operates 16 ecclesiastical provinces which cover 82 Church jurisdictions – archdioceses, dioceses, territorial prelatures, apostolic vicariates, and all the parishes within their respective folds. Were complaints from all these to come Cruz’s way his tiny office would be swamped. As he put it “I would drown”.

But they don’t come his way, and the reason for that is that the vast majority of cases are handled in secret – dealt with internally by a presiding bishop. It’s not surprising then that there hasn’t been a single case of a priest being successfully prosecuted for sexual abuse in the Philippines. The fact is such cases never get anywhere near a court of law.

As in Ireland a decade and more ago, the Philippine Catholic Church has opted for very private reviews of such cases. Above all else, the main consideration has been to protect the priests and protect the name of the Church. The law is skirted and all the legislation in place to protect children is never applied when it comes to the sexual violation of a child by a man of the cloth.

In the case of Ireland that strategy backfired hopelessly. When the extent of the abuse was finally out in the open, Mass attendances dropped, donations plunged and vocations trickled to nothing. The Irish Catholic Church, once the benchmark of Catholicism, became a shell of its former self. And it’s never recovered. And now it never can.

Back in the Philippines, there are cases stacked on Cruz’s in-tray that document complaints against members of the priesthood of rape and paedophilia. Of the latter, Cruz said: “It is a heinous crime and a priest at that? Violating a minor? Come on. There must be something wrong there”.

And there is – but not just in the crime itself; just as heinous is the Church’s cover up, something that’s gone on for many years. As in Ireland, offending priests are relocated to other parishes, or placed on enforced vacation to “recollect”. As there too, in the Philippines, in some instances, complainants are paid off, or pressure is applied to the families of the allegedly sexually abused to get them to drop their claims.

Evidently, the CBCP believes the words of two previous popes don’t apply to them. In 2002, Pope John Paul II stated that there was no place in the Roman Catholic clergy for child molesters. Urging zero tolerance by his bishops he said; “by every standard it is wrong and rightfully considered a crime by society”.

A decade later, Pope Benedict XVI was even more forthright. Travelling to Ireland he admonished the Irish bishops for their cover-up of abuse cases: “You and your predecessors failed, at times grievously, to apply the long-established norms of canon law for the crime of child abuse”. He added that offending priests had “forfeited the esteem of the people of Ireland and brought shame and dishonour upon your confreres”.

In short then, the Roman Catholic Church of the Philippines – the efforts of Archbishop Cruz aside – is repeating the mistakes of the Roman Catholic Church of Ireland. And unless it does something quickly to restore its credibility, like the Irish Church it will transform from being a virile spiritual authority for the flock to being a morality-starved eunuch and a target of derision.

But there’s another area of sexual misconduct that’s dogging the Philippine Church – disregard by members of the priesthood for the vow of celibacy. According to Father Jaime Achacoso, executive secretary of the Canon Law Society of the Philippines, in remote diocese up to one in five priests have fathered children. “That’s the reality that happens in those areas where discipline, where the hierarchy is not so well-organised,” he said.

Certainly, none of that is new. Back in 2010, this writer reported on The Heart of Mary Villa in Malabon City, Metro Manila. This facility was run by the Religious of the Good Shepherd (RGS) – whose service, according to its website then, was “particularly to women and children who have been wounded by life’s circumstances”. And among those “wounded by life’s circumstances” were women who had become pregnant by priests.

To prevent them from aborting their children, RGS sisters provide them with natal care, counselling and spiritual healing. Having given birth, a mother could either keep her child or leave it in the care of the sisters. Those left behind, according to the priest who exposed this facility, were cynically referred to as “Church property”.

But what the Heart of Mary Villa also did was to protect priests who had broken their celibacy vows – priests who would have gone on to hear the confessions of their parishioners – and thereby avert any scandal to the Church.

This then, constitutes the other side of the Philippine Catholic Church which is now involved in vilifying and – yes, actually, though it’s careful not to say it in so many words – lend its weight in efforts to remove the country’s president from power, a position bestowed on him by the people.

We notice too, the glaring absence of the Church’s name among the list of anti-Duterte groups that will join the planned ‘February 25 Power of We’ rally at EDSA, the shrine of the 1986 revolution. And that’s because the Church isn’t confident right now which way the wind is blowing. At EDSA 31 years ago, the Church knew that Marcos was beaten and so it seized the moment and assumed the mantle of the people’s will.

Today, the circumstances are very different. Duterte is mega popular; his support base is massive. If the Church is seen to be betting on the wrong horse here it could lose heavily. It knows that and it won’t come out into full view unless it’s certain of a win.

That said, it will continue to snipe at Duterte from the wings of the stage, ever calling public attention to his “sins”. And it will do that with the same energy and determination it employs in concealing its own. We don’t want to tell the Church how to do its job but the words from the Sermon on the Mount [Matthew 7:5] spring to mind: “You hypocrite! First remove the beam out of your own eye, and then you can see clearly to remove the speck out of your brother’s eye”. Whether that resonates with the bishops, we’re not sure. Maybe, like everything else – laws concerning rape and child molestation, for example – it doesn’t apply to their institution.

On that ‘Walk for Life,’ Archbishop Villegas prayed that the streets would no more be marred by the blood and the bodies of the victims of the War on Drugs. Meanwhile, the haunting shadows of predatory priests continue to fall across the aisles of the Church.


  • the extention of the church built by Jesus Christ thru Peter and Paul, the Roman Catholic church of the Philippines, now is becoming political in nature. existence may be is in jeopardy. but it is because of their own actuations. other churches in the country is saying the flocks must submit themselves to the leadership and be cooperative no matter how uncompartable it may become to them, for the love of the country, the latter is more likely acceptable.

    • Catholic church is not the extention build by JESUS CHRIST,,,,,,,it ‘s the CHURCH OF GOD ,,,,not catholic church,,,,,ksi ang may ari ng lahat ngbagay,,,,,kaya pati church pangalan nya,,,,at walang mababasa sa bible na catholic church,,,,,,,maraming mabasasa CHURCH OF GOD,,,,OR IGLESIA NG DIOS,,,,,

  • #unitedDDS yan po ang official hashtag para sa Feb. 25 event.

    Anyway, before, if some politicians talk against the Church, or if the Church criticizes certain politicians, I stood with the Church. But as the Church’s bishops grow stupidest, I know that only Duterte can change our country. We need his transparent leadership. What have we seen and learned from the hypocrite priests these days? To rally with a woman accused as drug cuddler and is adulterous? You are protected to rape children if you’re a priest? The Church is falling. But we must realize that God is not the hypocrite priests we see on tv. God exists without the priests. And I believe that Duterte is a God-given to us to save this wonderful country from doom.

    • Volatilian, the Church issues has been there for a long time. That will not deflect Duterte’s downfall. Watch the peso/US$ exchange rate instead. Continued political uncertainty because of Duterte will move it to the precipice of economic collapse a la Venezuela. ( I am exaggerating at the moment.) You better watch out. You better not cry.

    • Some people will make it appear that economic crisis is fast rising as if they are fortune tellers. I trust more than people who act like economist here in FB. Lol 😂😂😂

    • Alma Fe Garcia Javelosa, di ka ba nakikinig o nagbabasa ng news, kaya tumataas ang palitang ng dollar dahil nagtaas ng interest rate ang usa, kahit saan bansa, bumababa ang palitan, hindi sa pinas lang. Kung di mo din alam, naging 56+ ang palitan dahil sa world economy crisis. Di lang iyan, tumaas ang palitan kasi di iyan pinigilan ni erap, gusto kasi niya na ilabas ang tunay na halaga ng peso againts sa dollar. Ang mga nakaraang admin, pinipigilan nila ito para good sila sa mga pilipino.

    • It is uncontrollable Alma Fe Garcia Javelosa most countries are suffering from economic crisis. Are you living in mountains and caves to not know that? Lol 😂😂😂😂

    • Forex doesn’t necessarily paint the real picture of an economy’s current status. Better go back to your economy class. 😂 Rising dollar is a world wide trend these days.

    • Global economics is quite beyond your control, Jason Saga. Local economics, however, can be controlled and one of the main controlling factor is political stability which is primarily the president’s doing. Sadly, however, Duterte has caused political instability in the country. Hence, uncertain global economics plus political instability in the country spells disaster.

    • Alma Fe Garcia Javelosa Local economy greatly relies on Global economy. Moreover, it is not political instability that causes some problem with our local economy. The drug cartels and mining companies are doing their best to put the blame to Duterte with the help of LP.

    • On October 5, 2016, BMI research gave this forecast. “BMI Research highlighted that “risks to our peso forecast are tilted to the downside.”
      “Firstly, we believe that the sudden weakening of the peso in September has been driven largely by deteriorating investor sentiment triggered by Duterte’s rhetoric about disrupting ties with the US and other major allies, over criticism of his administration’s hard-line stance on the war on drugs in the country. In the event that these fears translate into something more tangible leading to prolonged political uncertainty, we believe that a further slide of the peso beyond 50:$1 could be likely,” BMI Research said.

    • On June 30, 2016, the FX rate was 47.0175. On February 20, 2017, it was 50.23. .. a trader attributed the peso’s continuous slump against the dollar to a “very bad sentiment driven by no particular reason.”

      “Sentiment in the Philippine peso is not that good at the moment,” the trader said. “Over the past two weeks, other currencies have not been that weak against the US dollar but the peso, it’s like it’s moving by itself weaker against the US dollar so investors have not so much interest right now in the Philippines.”

      “Since the year began, we’re seeing consistent outflow of foreign money in the local equities so I think that’s one key reason also why the peso is weak.”

    • Si Benjamin Romualdez ay nagmamay-ari ng mining company at taga pagsalita ng industriya ng minahan. Ang asawa naman niya ang may-ari at presidente ng Philippine Daily Inquirer, si Sandy Prieto.

      Kaya magpost ka pa ng news Alma Fe Garcia Javelosa. Dahan dahan ka baka mahulog utak mo at matapakan mo.

    • Humina man ang peso, lumakas at bumilis naman ang pagpapaabot ng relief goods para sa mga biktima ng kalamidad. Walang nabubulok na donasyon. May Duterte Kitchen na para sa mga tao sa lansangan. Wala ng pork barrel. Halos bumagsak ang kalakaran ng droga at kriminalidad. Ang palitan economy na iyan, hindi yan naratamdaman ng mga ordinaryong tao. Ang economy na iyan, hindi yan nakakapagpababa ng presyo ng crudo. Ang importante, ang pagbabago ay dama ng masa. Hindi lang mga rich ang may karapatang mabuhay. Masaya din mga OFWs dahil lumaki ang napapadala nilang pera. Alma Fe Garcia Javelosa ang hirit mo panis!

    • My goodness, Jason. Your response is logically fallacious. The fallacy is called Red Herring or Ignoratio elenchi

      (also known as: beside the point, misdirection [form of], changing the subject, false emphasis, the Chewbacca defense, irrelevant conclusion, irrelevant thesis, smokescreen, clouding the issue, ignorance of refutation, judgmental language [form of])

      Description: Attempting to redirect the argument to another issue that to which the person doing the redirecting can better respond. While it is similar to the avoiding the issue fallacy, the red herring is a deliberate diversion of attention with the intention of trying to abandon the original argument.

    • Alma Fe Garcia Javelosa And you? How will I call your posts? Psychosis? You are having flight of ideas. The topic here is about Government and Church yet you keep pushing your economic propaganda. Lol😂😂😂 You’re crazy. 😂😂😂

    • Ordinary citizen like me want a transparent govt. A govt..who will fight for the poor,not corrupt and doing their given task without self interest..yan ang importante sa amin!..and we can see clearly how Duterte administration do their jobs so well..kitang kita ang ebidensiya compared to the previous administrations..mabilis. Umaksyon !!!

    • #unitedDDS ….the first step is the hardest steps for change but united citizen can ease the hardship for change… let s start it simple… in our living.. economy ,idealogy our social outlook.. and even in our beliefs.. let start in moderateness..and will see the result.

    • Dagdag ko lang sa economy natin, siguradong itong patuloy na panggugulo ng oppostion at pagbagsak ng mining industry ay nakaipekto ito sa pagbagsak ng peso. Pero hindi ako nawawalan ng pag-asa kasi daming nag-open na foreign market sa ating pilipino products kya hindi magtatagal babawi rin tayo. Sana nga lang tigilan na nitong mga LP na gahaman sa kapangyarihan ang panggugulo para mapagtuonan na natin ang mga pangunahing problema sa ating bansa.

    • Puhunan sa drugs, puhunan sa online gambling, puhanan sa illlegal mining, kaya pwedeng bumaba ang peso pero later tataas yan pag nawala ang kurapsyon, druga at kriminalidad, apurado naman si economist eh, hayaan mo mawala ang mga maruruming anyu ng businesses dito, kakaumpisa pa lang ni Pres DU30, naglilinis pa lang sya ng bakuran d pinapagpag pa nya ang mga maduduming inupuan nung mga nakaupo dati😂😂😂

  • Volatilian, the Church issues has been there for a long time. That will not deflect Duterte’s downfall. Watch the peso/US$ exchange rate instead. Continued political uncertainty because of Duterte will move it to the precipice of economic collapse a la Venezuela. ( I am exaggerating at the moment.) You better watch out. You better not cry.

  • The Catholic Church are full of lies and hypocrisy, charging fees for Mass during Sundays, Burial, Baptism and Wedding, teaching Doctrines outside of the Biblical Principles. Investing in Mining and other businesses such as Private schools while not paying taxes. Establishing home for the aged and orphanage to solicits more money and donations while the orphans and the olds are eating recycled food and and water only. They are blinding the public on some political issues for their personal gain. Now urging the public to join them since they are losing much profit. You priest and nuns should FEED THE POOR in from of your churches out of donation of the faithful whom you deceived.

  • sus maniwala kayo jan bkit ang chinese sobrang laking bansa pero my sariling paniniwala . kng hnd lng tayo nsakop ng mga español wla sanang mga hayop na kaparian na yan na pumatay ky Rizal at ky lapulapu . ngkataon lng na ignorante mga pilipino noon kya npaniwala nila .

  • Ang agenda dito ng mga oligarch/cia ay ayaw nilang umunlad ang pilipinas kahit malaki ang potential nito.gusto nila na habang buhay na alipinin o slave gaya ng ginawa sa mga tunay na people of the book ..

  • Filipino people wanted Genuine change. President Rodrigo Roa Duterte started to give us the Genuine change that we longed for since EDSA of 1986. We will not falter supporting him. Democracy is not all freedom. It is transparency in the government. It is discipline to all. It is accountability to all government leaders. It is responsibility for all not just for few. It has to have vision that give due importance for love of the country and its people. It is growth and development of all. We shall pursue what he started and will eliminate all obstructions that will hinder the realization of true Filipino dreams. It is our goals. And with the blessing of the Great One, we will win with our President Duterte as the annointed one. Filipino people will WIN!


  • Paedophiles and charlatans, that’s the true things that are happening to some of our priests and they are fighting like the devil to let the old status quo to remain. We suspected individually before that we were being conned into believing that the EDSA revolution was legitimate and the Aquinos were the good guys because they are endorsed by our church leaders like the late Cardinal Sin. We gave Cory the chance because that was the church’s battle cry that was brought by the majority. But when the church was silent about the Mendiola Massacre, I said to myself, why in the hell was the church silent about it. Our church acted like the Pharisees when they gave the silver coins to Judas, and that is the reason why they can’t stop now. Doing so would mean they have to accept they were wrong before and ego like Judas made him hang himself. Now our church leaders are tightening the noose around their necks because of their own personal greedy interests.

  • Volatili-tili-an, the research was good, the slant was not, as spinmaster of this piece, you purposely omitted the fact that the church knows the abuses of its clergy and even tried to use Cruz as a ploy to foment dissension among its flock. Here you fail because catholics are not as stupid as you think they are. So go ahead, I for one recognize that you are a paid hack thou trolls will relish that you seem to put out intelligent discourses,unfortunately that’s not the case, its a sandwich,as far as I’m concerned, a BALONEY sandwich…..

    • what slant? i think volatilian clearly stated that the “church” knew everything only that they decided to keep it to themselves and i know for sure you know why. Yes i agree Catholics are not stupid and thats why time will come when they will see the truth and nothing but the whole truth. Listen if you have ears to hear, speak if you have mouths to speak and see if you have eyes to see so you won’t be blinded by your own doing.

    • Only the blind cannot see the slant. Objectivity is one thing, propaganda is another, are you saying volati….li-an is objective?????reading from all it’s posts,it never has been nor it will be..,..that’s consistency for you

    • Rico Quimsing Thank you for your comment. Allow me to clarify what this article actually said which was that Archbishop Emeritus Cruz is conducting sex-abuse claims against members of the Philippine Catholic Church’s priesthood. We have not, as you say, “purposely omitted the fact that the church knows the abuses of its clergy…” In fact, far from it, we have explained how the Church has dealt with those abuses – by relocating priest, putting them on enforced vacation to “recollect”, by paying off claimants in some cases and pressurizing them in others. All this is well documented and has been verified by Cruz and others. And, for the record, the last thing we want is to see the break-up of the Philippine Catholic Church. Thus, the references in this article to the Irish Catholic Church were by way of a cautionary tale. The parallels right now are strikingly similar to what happened in Ireland and that’s why these things need to be said. Cruz certainly understands the dangers of repeating the Irish Church’s mistakes.

      The Volatilian™ encourages discourse on any subject and never censors those who engage on the site who happen to disagree with our reports or analysis. That’s precisely the freedom of expression we want to encourage, not stifle. However, when debate degenerates into base name calling – in this case that The Volatilian™ is a “paid hack” or that it’s a publisher of “fake news” (an overused allegation by those who have no argument to offer) – we take exception to that. That’s not rational argument, it’s libel. Furthermore, that is intended to stifle freedom of expression. Also, just for the record, The Volatilian™ has never taken a penny from anyone. That said, you are more than welcome to come on our site at any time and have your say. Your views – the defamations aside, of course – are as relevant as anyone else’s.

      – Editor, The Volatilian™.

    • As prophesized by a catholic priest in the 1930s,the fall of the religion maybe due to its political affiliation which is a violation of our constitution that says” the church and the state are2 entities separate&distinct from each other”…that priest stated that the church of today is the church of the political cult,existing on political mandates. It prophesizes without God and without faith that makes it an empty chatter..We don’t need a church that celebrates the cult of action in political prayers..

    • … the catholic church as holier than thou institution is NOT acting holy as they are into destabilizing our government out of their hate for President Mayor… the Cardinal is being side-lined by an Archbishop who i noticed seemed to be calling the shots…

    • Rico Quimsing, and there you you go assuming again. did i ever mention anything about them being objective? yes it’s propaganda, who said it wasn’t? clearly they are just stating the obvious so that the “blind, the blinded, and those who chose to be blind” as can see. If you are calling this article slanted, then how do you think shall we call the catholic’s church actions are?

    • Volatilian, I cut you to the chase. Stop the criticisms on the Church. It is not perfect because the members are human beings. Real Catholics do not worship the priests. Our faith is based on the teachings of Jesus Christ. And one of those teachings is “Thou shalt not kill.” This is the meat of their actions nowadays and that is their role in society. Rather than pointing at the Church as the one who can oust Duterte, I told you outright to watch instead the peso/dollar rate. Its substantial deterioration will oust Duterte because people will suffer then.

    • Volatilian, no offence meant or taken, I admire the effort you took to press your point.What I mind though are the adjectives you use like e.g. dark,sinister,etc to impute a conspiracy by groups critical of the present dispensation. Such criticism meant to correct perceived wrong should not be interpreted4

    • Repost: should not be interpreted as prejudiced or destabilizing.In fact, the church has the moral obligation to remind its constituents of the dangers such conflicts within the political strata will cause.Personally, I would be grateful if objectivity be observed at all times so that readers like me be enlightened more on issues that affect our daily existence…..

    • Sir Rico Quimsing, sana po pati sa pages ng ABS-CBN News, Inquirer, at iba pang malalaking mainstream media sa bansa ay magkaroon din po kayo ng reactions sa mga news articles nila. Remimd them the adjectives they are using to impute a conspiracy by groups critical of the present dispensation. Such criticism meant to correct perceived wrong should not be interpreted (Rico Quimsing, 2017). Thank you and Godbless po.

  • I’m really curious why a lot of priests engaged in Pedophilia
    I can’t help but think that entering Priesthood is one safe way to express their perverseness , among other things:(
    And with regards to the vow of celibacy, can’t a person be serving his God with the benefit of a family?
    Its just utter hypocrisy since Men are vulnerable to sin especially with regards to sexual ones.
    I was born and raised a Catholic but even in my younger years I have always been wary of Priests being confessed to and telling us we are forgiven when they are just Men who are sinners themselves….

  • I remember this 2013, in Cork, Ireland when i asked a filipino baptist who helped us bring and forth in buying some christmas decor and gifts for our christmas party on board.
    I asked him if there is a catholic church near by, instead he directly told me of what had happened about the 2 catholic priests who had violated and sexually abuse some children in that place.
    Im a catholic but what i see now, is that priest or bishops are not the representative of God.
    They have committed worst mistakes and sinned than a well trained man in this universe…

  • In 400 years that the priests have been around this is the first time that a Phl president dont bow before the archbishops. The Phl govt have always been subservient to the roman catholic heirarchy.

  • Mr president keep up the good work.for me church should separate themselves from the state! Or rather say there must be separation of the church and state!Ang mga pare Sana ay hwag nakikialam sa mga ginagawa ni Duterte,ang dapat gawinnila magdasal ng taimtim para mahugasan man lang ang mga kasakasama nila(Hindi Naman lahat kasi mayron pa rin mabait at maitulong pare)

  • CBCP , Iimbistigahan nyo yung Public Revelation “PRESSCON” ni TRILLANES na info nya kay Lascanas na galing daw sa Confession ng isang sinner. So , CONFESSION is no longer SACRED and TRUSTFUL/TRUTHFUL : o tatahimik nalang ba ang CBCP at ano naman ang magiging palusot ! IT SEEMS, CATHOLICS CAN NO LONGER TRUST PRIEST IN A CONFESSION. kung sabagay ang confession sa Bible ” one confesses to the person he has done wrong. If it is impossible to do it, confess it to GOD and a VOW NEVER EVER commit it again.

  • The sins of the priests goes a long way back to the time of the friars. Remember Jose Rizal’s Noli MeTangere? Who was implied as the father of .. was it Maria Theresa, the love interest of Ibarra? The writer seemed to imply that Maria Theresa was the daughter of Father Damaso?

  • People don’t see or know who the real GOD is….that is why catholic Priest takes advantage of that. With or without religion GOD is always on our side waiting for us to talk to him on a personal conversation. That is why God created us in his own image so that there will be reason that we cannot connect to our creator:-)


  • The bishops succeeded in polarizing their sheeps by necrologically clinging to the most hated personalities we have in our country today! Why cling and defend a political party who sinned against the people? Is it pecuniary greed that forced them to go all the way with the corrupt or blind loyalty to the yellow cause?

  • Finally we have a leader who is so aggressive & sincere in leading this nation to a good change, regardless of his unorthodox style. But the old guards, the conspiring giants of forces who held the reigns for so long, whose interests and egos are now getting bruised…are salivating for revenge. They rejoice inwardly for every downturn that the country faces…& wish for more to come. The thing is, they may have hand on these. There’s no rest for the wicked really. May God sort them out.

  • For those who understand the reality,kuhanin nyo ang suhol at mag siuwi dumaan sa palingke mamili ar mag loto pag dating sa bahay safe ang family,wag mag paniwala sa mga taong mandaraya,sila ang binigyan nang pagkakataon pwro inabuso at pinahirapan tayong mga pilipino.nag pasarap sila habang tayo ang pinipiga sa lahat nang pangangailangan nila pag nakapag nakaw na.mga mapagsamantala lahat nang mga mayayaman diyan kaya pag bayad na magsiuwi kayo ha ha ha makikta natin kung ano ang gagawin nila.

  • Hindi lahat ng pari ay masama at hindi natin dapat iadol ang mga pari dahil tao lang din sila na instrumento ng panginoon pero hindi rin nio dapat kampihan si duterte dahil mas masahol pa siya sa mga pari !! Tao lang din si duterte at makasalanan din !!bagamat nakakagawa din ng kasalanan ang mga pari sana huwag naman nio idamay yun iba !! Panahon ni damaso tangay na ng hangin ang nakalipas dapat ang harapin ay ang sa ngayon !! Hindi ba nio napupuna taas ng palit ng dollar at lahat kada buwan tumataas ang presyo ng mga bilihin ibig sabihin bagsak ang economiya natin na syang magpapahirap sa gutom ng taong bayan !! Kada buwan mahigit 1libo napapatay balak ubusin mga pinoy sa bandang huli at saka kayo magsisisi ngunit huli na ang lahat si judas ibenenta panginoon ngunit itoy kanyang pinatawad pagkasama sama man ng tao tao parin sila at panginoon lang ang odeng bumawi sa pinahiram nia na buhay natin !!si pedro itinangi si jesus ngunit itoy pinatawad nia kaya hindi lahat ng apostoles ay naging tapat ky jesus pari pa kaya

  • Imbes naa na gyoy Presidente nga me sirbisyo nga matinod-anon naa poy mga asongot nga walay laing programa sa kinabuhi ang mo alkontra dile motabang ug trabaho para sa kausaban ug kauswagan para sa Pilipinas ug sa katawhan!
    Basta kung kinahanglan ug supporta ang atong Presidente Duterte, ako mo supporta gyod sa pag-ampo nga unta geyahan, protectionan ug bahala na ang Diyos kaniya!

    • Aw, dile ra ako ang mo todlo asta ikaw… Kitang tanan naay tagsa2 ka mga kaalam, ang nahitabo siya ang ge boto ug maoy PRESIDENTE dapat ato e respeto kay dile baya ta perfecto.
      Unsa may mahitabo sa atong nasod kung puro ta kontra unya wala magtan-aw sa kaangayan…
      Mag-ampo ug tabang sa GINOO nga magiyahan ang atong mga leader!

  • Ang katoliko ay negosyo lang sa pilipinas.hindi na banal ang tingin sa kotoliko sa atin.wala na rin silang pakialam sa mga naghihirap na tao basta sila ay ang dami nilang nauuto.