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The threat from a terror magnet

American troops have been given their marching orders. Philippine President, Rodrigo Duterte, has said they should remove themselves from areas of southern Mindanao, the country’s Muslim heartland, where their presence is inflaming the situation as the Philippine Army steps up its campaign against Islamic extremist groups. The Volatilian™ believes, however, that a US military presence anywhere in the country will do that right now.

Former president Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino’s ratification of the 2014 Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA) – by which US forces were welcomed back onto Philippine soil  and given 10-year rotational lodgings on five bases – did not take into account the sensitivities in the south. He may have thought it would provide greater national security, vis-à-vis Manila’s South China Sea islands dispute with Beijing, but in the context of the terror threat in Mindanao, it could only have one result – a further angering of Philippine Islam.

Moderate Muslims, too, are far from comfortable with the US presence among them. This is the former Republic of Mindanao and Sulu, a successful independent state from 1949 to 1967, the flag of which is still flown openly across this region. These people form the vast proportion of the south’s Muslim population; they are the last sector of society that needs to be alienated – and at a time when all efforts are being put into a brokered peace settlement that will usher in a new territorial entity, the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region.

But the problems of the EDCA go beyond Mindanao. Having US troops re-stationed in the Philippines has effectively painted a target on the country’s back. It’s not surprising then that since this agreement was implemented, Islamic State (IS) has also increased its presence and influence in the country. No fewer than five groups – among them Abu Sayyaf which carried out the 2 September Davao City market bombing which left 14 people dead – are now IS affiliated. And as Islamic State territory is increasingly reclaimed in Iraq and Syria, Southeast Asia – and staring in the southern Philippines – is being prepared as its next homeland; its new caliphate; Islamic State 2.0. Over the last year, IS flags have flown into parts of Mindanao like migratory geese. An anatomy of an atrocity.

America – and particularly its military – is the number one enemy of the jihadists. What EDCA has done, then, is to bring that prime enemy within striking distance of a number of groups eager to earn their spurs with IS and other multination terror organisations. “They have to go,” says Duterte. “I do not want a rift with America, but they have to go”. And he’s right. Any US military presence down there will raise tensions and make the situation more combustible.

Mindanao is the last place they should be – although they’ve operated there since 2002, with a force of 1,200 at one point. Since 2015, the number of US troops on the island has been cut back; most – according to the US officials and spokepersons – are there as advisers and technical/logistics support personnel, or “acting in limited liaison roles”. But the point is, they’re still there, they’re still American and the EDCA plays straight into the jihadists’ hands.

IS’s military planners – many of them former high-ranking, battled-hardened capable generals from Saddam Hussein’s Republican Guard – are not stupid and they know an opportunity when they see one. And so, as long as US forces remain in the Philippines, the chance of the problems of the south becoming the problems of the north and the problems of the centre, increase. It’s like hanging a magnet over a box of iron filings.

Presently, US military personnel are stationed at two bases in Luzon, Basa Air Base in Pampanga and Fort Magsaysay in Nueve Ecija, and at one in Central Visayas, Mactan-Benito Ebuen Air Base in Cebu. Lumbia Air Base in Cayayan de Oro provides their home station in Mindanao. This gives the American military a presence in every island region of the Philippines. This is like a red rag to a bull to militant Islam and greatly increases the risk of the insurgency spreading.

Duterte is right to require the removal of US forces, special or otherwise, from the southern theatre, but a fresh look – and soon – at the EDCA itself would also be prudent.

Furthermore, not only has this agreement inflamed large sections of the country’s Muslim population – peaceful and militant – it has also angered China, which also does not help the Philippine nation. Duterte is well aware of this also.

Big Brother Washington’s soft sell of his troops re-engagement in the Philippines was nothing more that to assist the US ‘Pivot to Asia’ – US President Barack Obama said as much; though the implied signal – largely from Aquino – was that if things got tough in the South China Sea, BB Washington would be on hand to deal with it. How’s that?  BB didn’t deal with the 30,000-plus army of the Islamic State where it resides, nor the Syrian Arab Army’s 125,000 troops in the Syrian civil war – both in a part of the world away from which he is now trying to pivot – so why could anyone possibly believe that he’d deal with the People’s Liberation Army which numbers 2.3 million personnel; the largest military force on Earth?

President Duterte, of course, is well aware of this also, which is why even before he entered Malacañang he was trying to diffuse the tension surrounding the issue. He knows that the only way to settle the South China Sea dispute is by diplomacy and hard negotiating. Armed conflict is not an option.  “If a battle can’t be won, don’t fight it” – the wisdom of the ancient Chinese military strategist, Sun Tzu, has not been lost on this president, even if it has elsewhere.


  • kung sa akin lang mas maganda na may US base para di tayo kaagad malusob ng mga karatig bansa katulad ng china inaagaw na nila ang ating mga islands at wala ng balak umalis kung may american base tayo natatakot sila.isa pa binubuli na tayo ng china…hindi pa tayo malakas .hindi sila makagalaw pag may base sa atin lalo na ang mga masasamang tao sa lipunan hindi basta basta makagalaw mahadlangan kaagad ang masamang balak…saan ba ang mga utak nyo mag isip nga kayo hindi naman masama mag independent pinaalis ng mga kupal na government officials dati ang american base anong nangyari nakatayo ba tayo sa sasiling paa natin.ang sagot wala dahil sa maling pamamalakad sa bansa lalo tayong humina. sa ngayon kailangan natin ang american base…

    • I agree with you on a certain point,kc nga naging busy sa corruption, drugs and other self interist govt official natin, habang nangyayari un tinitira nman tau ng buong mundo kaya nakarating na tau sa ganitong siteasyon. AND NOW THERE IS NO COMING BACK! so backdoor an enemy is waiting,on the west door: more enemies are waiting,on the windows: much more enemy….a friend became a friend of our enemy,so forth and so on…..nalilito na kami….help us in anyway u can.

  • Crazy idea the philippines benefits more from america than they from us they are concerned about intrrnational security and yes that is their self interest what about us, what is our self interest? Just to follow duterte because he says so? There were plans before to bring american companies operating here back to the usa like call centers, what if they will push through with it, or withdraw all american investment in our country or ban our nurses to work in america or deport all filipinos living there or in worst scenario order an economic embargo against us, what can we do? Yes every nation respect our sovereignty but we are just a small dot in the world map we can not just show our cockiness in the name of sovereignty, is china respecting our sovereignty? What are we trying to prove to the international community of nations? That we are a self-sustaining nation and no need to befriend other nations? The problem with us is that we tend to befriend a nation that bullies us and ignore a nation that befriend us and helped us to become what we are now. God help this country and its leaders

    • relax boys,may be the president don’t want to agitate more this dangerous situation, we are just a catch on a volatile trap by many countries trying to prove they build much powerful bomb,a nuclear contest of those cowards.

    • Have you heard or read what happen to Vietnam now? ITS NOT WHO CAN HELP YOU ITS HOW YOU HELP YOUR SELF. Umaasenso ang Vietnam na walang umaayudang world power friend, bakit? Kasi walang corrupt public officials at ang government position is a public service not for personal interest. Also dapat stricter laws… Kung di mo kaya makipagdigma bakit ka makipagdigma? Kung alam mong masisira ang bayan o bansa kung gawing battle ground ito, bakit ka magpapagamit? Ano ang ngyayari sa Syria, kawawa ang mga mamamayan lalo mga bata. Papayag ba kayo na maging refugee ang mga Pilipino? Isip isip po tayo…

  • Much better less talk ..less comment to media kasi sila lang ang nakakasira sa mga kababayan natin isipin natin ng mabuti bago bago natin tuligsain ang america..mayroon tyo mga anak pamilya na gusto magtrabaho dito..kaya ba ng pilipinas na bigyan ng trabaho pagpinauwi ang pinoy dito..lalo na nurse doctor seaman..ang mga anak nyo may pangarap din yan.kailangan ng pinas na magunite sa us ano man ang sabihin natin mahina pa rin bansa natin..bakit natin makipag ally sa china na chinese nagdala ng shabu sa pinas nag agaw ng spratlys..

  • Hwag tayong masyadong magmalaki at umaasa pa rin tayo ng tulong sa America.kung tayo ba’y lusubin ng ibang bansa may magagawa ba tayo?sinong unang tutulong saten sa palagay ninyo?

    • at bakit lulusubin?…kung hindi naman tayo nakikipag away…e yong ww ll hindi naman tayo nilusob ginawa lang tayong battle ground ng america at japan…sino ba unang nag away sa Pacific di ba hapon at america unang putok sa pear harbor.

    • Tatanungin nyo p kung bkit lulusubin? E nalusob n nga tau.. Nga! Nga! N nga dhil nkuha ng china ung spratly tpos nalason p utak ng mga pilipino n america ang kaaway tpos sasabihin bkit lulusob e nalusob n nga?

    • Itanong nyo sa gobyernong nagpabaya kung nilusob ba ang Pilipinas o benenta nila? Bakit hanggang ngayon walang kapasidad military ang Pilipinas? Dahil umaasa lang at mga walang silbi ang mga namumuno, di iniisip na I modernized ang sandatahan, ang inisip lang ang bulsa nila. Kelan tayo tatayo sa sariling paa? Aasa ka na lang naipagtanggol ka ng iba? Di sa lahat ng oras aasa ka, dahil malamang ipapain, gagamitin at buhay o bansa mo ang masisira.

  • You should all know our sovereignty, first and foremost our national territory, we are on a transition to our true identity as a sovereign nation. The hierarchitypal form of government has to end. The linear dimensional type of principle will absolutely end.
    We are on a higher dimensional being the reign of autocratic monarchy one world government. Much peace and love & sovereignty

  • we,have everything in our place,oil marine deposit in spratly island,including Palawan island,duiteriuom uranium stone,at surigao deep,we have also beggest american company in Mindanao with a thousands hands, too work with this company,.soo wat will goes wrong too us,pls don’t stick with media outlook,..

  • Will some of you put your dicks away with all this sovereign nation patriotic BS. US troops on RP soil is not an insult, slur or a return to colonialism. It is an result of being allies. Much of Europe has US bases and has had so for longer than most of us have been alive. That might change soon, who knows, but mutual protection is a reality, not a liability. It costs the US more than it costs the RP.
    Having said that, Du30 does make a good point. Such a small contingent of US personnel is more of a target than an asset.
    Too small to help the RP or even defend themselves, especially as it is in a hot spot.
    He is doing them a face saving favor asking them to leave

  • With all due respect would it be better that the international community Australia, those anti-duterte and political opposition to continue and focus their calling for China to respect the PAC rulling on the South China Sea and/or the West Philippines Sea and respect our country as a soveriegn republic instead why picked on President Rody Roa Duterte?

  • Ang presensiya ng pwersang militar ng US sa kahit na anong bansa na kanyang pinananatilihan ay ISANG BANTA sa segiridad nito. Ang tanging pinagsisilbihan ng mga ito ay seguridad at interes lamang ng US!
    Mahirap paniwalaan ang mga DEKLARASYON ni pangulong Duterte, tila ito ay sumasalamin lamang sa kanyang intensiyong paglaruan ang kamangmangan ng sambayanan,deklarasyon kada deklarasyon ngayon, pasisinungalingan bukas. Nauubos ang oras ng kanyang mga kabinete sa pagtatanggol ng mga iresponsableng PAHAYAG na nanggagaling sa kanilang Amo kapag kaharap na ang may talinong sektor ng masa! Isakatuparan nalang sana ni pangulong Duterte ang kanyang mga PAHAYAG! ITO NAMAN ANG PINANINIWALAAN NG KANYANG MGA LOYALISTANG TAGA SUPORTA!

  • Pull all US troops and warships from Europe, the Pacific and the Middle east—put them on the US borders with shoot to kill orders and watch life improve in the US!

  • Tim Richards that is the very best idea I have ever heard. Go police your own country that is virtually in Meltdown in anarchy & BLM BS & an insane & dying hag who with her spouse & daughter used public office to get filthy rich. It started when an African was POTUS in 2008 until now

  • This article is about the Filipino Islamist group. For individuals known as Abu Sayyaf and other uses, see Abu Sayyaf (disambiguation).

    Abu Sayyaf

    Abu Sayyaf (Listeni/ˌɑːbuː/ /sɑːˌjɔːf/; Arabic: جماعة أبو سياف‎‎; Jamāʿat Abū Sayyāf, ASG; Filipino: Grupong Abu Sayyaf)[22] is an Islamist militant group based in and around Jolo and Basilan islands in the southwestern part of the Philippines, where for more than four decades, Moro groups have been engaged in an insurgency for an independent province in the country. The group is considered very violent,[23] and was responsible for the Philippines’ worst terrorist attack, the bombing of Superferry 14 in 2004, which killed 116 people.[24] The name of the group is derived from the Arabic abu (Arabic: أبو‎‎) (“father of”), and sayyaf (Arabic: سيّاف‎‎) (“swordsmith”).[25] As of 2012, the group was estimated to have between 200 and 400 members,[26] down from 1,250 in 2000.[27] They use mostly improvised explosive devices, mortars, and automatic rifles.

    Since its inception in 1991, the group has carried out bombings, kidnappings, assassinations, and extortion[28] in what they describe as their fight for an independent Islamic province in the Philippines.[29] They have also been involved in criminal activities, including kidnapping, rape, child sexual assault, forced marriage,[30] drive-by shootings, extortion, and drug trafficking,[31] and the goals of the group “appear to have alternated over time between criminal objectives and a more ideological intent
    we were long gone when they formed so you annalists and excuses why they did this is wrong and on the Philippines themselves….in fact propaganda like this, supports the cutting off of peoples heads, the terrorizing of those innocents living there is the result of wanting money, not for the “injustices” you are covering for them with… welcome the Japanese who are taking your gold, when in history were throwing your babies up and catching them on bayonets, killing thousands Filipinos by starvation alone and 1000’s just for fun…but conveniently you forget who stopped them…your own newly elected President evens agrees……if not for the US you would already be swallowed up by much more powerful countries, and if allowed to run the Philippines the abu sayf would make sure you never spoke out against them….that’s reality my friend…

    • Well written. The “real” world is an awful ugly thing and every nation needs to guard against it spreading and that takes a force willing to face it head on and willing to die if needed to defend against it and the American’s are that, and hopefully not needed now in that area so should leave it to an equally qualified force.

    • they are..but the phil soldiers are finally getting to ditch the 3 digit serial number m-16 for newer and more modern weapons who’s use really should be taught by experts and what better experts than US SF teams…I have no doubt that the phil military can take it from there….also should be noted the phil bad guys went by the hundreds to train with isis in Syria and Iraq…before that went to terrorist hot spots and had visit al-Qaida bomb makers and such without US SF experience and intel in dealing with isis and al Qaida it could also put the phil military at a disadvantage for awhile costing them many more lives than necessary…

  • Nang palayasin ang mga base militar ay iyon ang dapat at tamang desisyon! Ginawa iyon sa diplomatiko at mahinahong pamamaraan. Tinagap iyon ng internasyonal na opinyon ng may pagrespeto at paggalang sa ating desisyon.
    Ngayon!? Iilang pwersa lang ang gusto nating paalisin ay dumadanas tayo ng internasyonal na KONDEMNASYON!
    Bakit? Sa kadahilanan lamang ng mga deklarasyong may lingwaheng KABASTUSAN! BUTANGERO ang dating at paningin sa ating lahat dahil may roon tayong pangulong nag aasal PALENGKERO!

  • Nobody will help us.except US.they been helping us for almost decades…they risk lives of their own soldier just to save us.greedy china.they don’t care about people.only Americans treat us good.

    • Help? Do you really think that our closest ally would come to our immediate rescue in case of nuclear war? This is the highest form of ignorance and stupidity!

      Do you not know that before military assistance and support on the ground and on the air is given to another sovereign country, that purported saving factor has to be debated for ages before the approval of and by the majority vote of both houses of the US Congress? By the time that vote of confidence is secured, the Philippines will have been already obliterated and pulverized to dust. God forbid!

    • So what do you want Mr?…got any better idea? Well if u have then well its great I’m just sayin better allies like US instead of simple as that.I’m not ignorant like u are saying.maybe try to look at ur self in the mirror

    • Every nation have allies since world war started,BEST ALLIES BETWEEN U.S & CHINA YOUR CHOICE Roi Abajo.AS THE SONG LYRICS “NO MAN IS AN ISLAND,NO MAN’S STAND ALONE”if he wants U.S. out and so with CHINA & RUSSIA TOO.

  • Sa mga kontrabidang nag papanggap na pinoy lamang, hindi niyo ba nararamdaman ang ginagawa ng mga intsik sa ating bansa bully ang tawag don?.. bakit kinukontra ninyo ang America na siyang tumatanggol sa pilipinas. At pinapaburan pa ninyo ang mga magnanakaw na china na yan? Na sisiraan na ba kayo? O baka dahil dugo at mga lahing chinese kayo?.. kaya kontra Pilipino at kontra America kayo.

  • Wag nga kayong mag papanggap na loko-lokong kontrbida?.. ng dumaan si bagyong Yolanda sa Pilipinas sino ang tumulong sa atin ka agad diba ang alied nation natin?. At ano ang ginawa ng china nag tigas-tigasan ng ulo.. hindi pa nga sana tutulong ang china sa Pilipinas kung hindi binatikos ng ibang Nation?.. i am favor to America.

    • di na kailangan, kung bukas lang ang isip ng tao patungkol sa mas nakakabuti ng bansa, hindi yung maka sariling iniisip gaya ng mga maka kaliwa na sinasabi nilang pantay pantay ang kumunista… North Korea and China is a pure communist country pero ang ordinaryong mamamayan parang alipin sa kanilang sariling bayan. limitado ang galaw at marami pang iba. .sa pilipinas ang mga komunista ang lider ang nagpapa sasa sa kaban ng pondo at ang maralitang manggagawa ang taga sigaw sa kalye ng hinaing pero pagdating sa kanilang bahay, kapos at nag hihikahos pa din… lahat maganda ang adhikain pero sa una lang… ang pananatili ng pwersa ng amerkano sa pilipinas ay sapat na dahilan ngayon dahl noon libre ang pagpapatrolya ng teritoryo at walang naagaw na isla… kahit pa sabihing check and balance ng bawat gobyerno ang ganitong sistema, nananaig pa rin ang pulitikang miiral para sa destabilisasyon ng isang bansa laban sa mga gustong gumawa ng mabuti para iangat ang lipunan.

  • marahil itong mga nag ra rally na mga kabataan ay mga schoolar ang mga ito libre tutution sa paaralan gamit ang mga manipis na utak ng mga ito sayang yang mga talino nyu na ginagamit nyu lamang sa maling cameno mas mainam gamitin ny yan sa buen cameno eja ejo???

  • sana magkaroon ng world war 3,,o nuklear war para komonti nalang ang tao sa mondo….ng mAtigil na ang cold war nayan….halos lahat ng kontinte ng mondo may gera..otay otay na kc bino boo ang worl war 3,,..inaantay nalang USA omataki. sa pinas ang china ng makomplito na..good luck world war 3

  • It should be DU30 and terrorist Bandits,Leftist Communist should go and pull out from PINAS…it is they ,why all this bickerings is happening among Pinoys ..let them find their own territory..we re much better without them,than the GI s!!

  • Masasabi ko addict un againts sa us. Yayabang nyo bunganga lang magaling sa inyo. Mga sira ulo. Kayo dapat irehab. Mga addict. Anung yaman b hahangarin ng us. Mga pamilyado ang sundalo n yan. Pero nagtitiis para lang alalayan tyo. Mga tanga. Nakaka bad trip ang mga utak addict nyo. Nagamit ba kayo. Kasi mas nauna pang. Lumiit utak nyo

  • kase ayaw nila nandun ang america kase nga andun mga terrorista ayaw nila malaman ng america mas magaling kase intel ng america kesa sa mga pinoy palpak tapos dami pa bayaran

  • bsta ako ayaw q ng china or chinese d2 sa pilipinas tsaka ung half chinese na kumakampi sa china umuwi na kayo doon sa china hwag na kayong mag nenegosyo d2 sa bansa namin,yon lng masasabi q FUCK U china chinese,

  • alalahanin ninyo ang us d yan palalamang gusto nila cla ang beda s lahat ng bagay ang napaka tuso ng mga yan kaya nga may kasabihan tau cnakot ng ng us kaya namana ntin sa kanila mahilig mki alam cnakop tau ng hapon namana natin mang rape cnakop tau kastila namana ntin mag handa kahit ipangutang.

  • hindi nmn kayang kalabanin ng kano ang china kc malaki ang utang nla doon.mgkaalyado pa rin cla,tayo ang naging tanga ,wla nmng knakampihan ang mga kano ,pareho nlang allies.

  • Ang gusto nyo ang mga americano d2 s ating bansa.cguro ok nman un pero wla nman cla karapatan mag hari harihan d2 at mki alam s gobyerno ntin..kung s bgay marami nrin pinoy n s pkiramdam nla americano nrin cla ..mka apak lng s america hindi n mrunong mag tagalog daig p ang mga tunay n americano..pki ramdam nla dugong americano nrin cla..kso lng hindi nman mtago yan kc pango prin ilog ntin n mga filipino..kya khit ano p sbihin ntin pinoy prin tau..

  • Mark Anthony Dacer, naririnig mo ba sarili mo? Malaking tulong sa atin ang USA, sa pangkalahatan lalo na sa seguridad at ekonomiya. Sa gagawin yan ni duterte, binigyan niya ng oportunidad ang china para madali at malaya nila tayong sakupin. Yun ba ang gusto ninyo? Ang masakop tayo ng mga tsekwa at maging komunista bansa natin? Gumising kayo at idilat ninyo mga mata ninyo at buksan ang kaisipan ninyo para makita at malaman ninyo ang mga totoong nangyayari sa ating bansa. Huwag kayong magpakabulag.

    • Hindi nyo ba alam na ang America ang nagbebenta ng baril sa abu sayyaf mas malalakas ang kalibre ng baril nla pansinin nyo simula ng dumating sla sa lugar na yan lalong lumakas powers nla ang tunay na kalabaw natin kano ksi nagbebenta sla ng baril sa kalaban ng gobyerno magisip isip kyo mga mahal Kong kababayan

    • Angelina Chu, ang tunay na kalaban natin ay china at hindi USA. Ang masaklap lang nito, mas pabor at kampi sa china si duterte. Kaya wag kang magtaka kung isang araw magising na lang tayo na sinakop na tayo ng china. Kayong makaduterte ang mag-isip isip. Masyado na kayong nabulag sa mga black propaganda at memes.

    • Mary Jane Luste Patilano, anong di apektado? Bagsak na nga ekonomiya natin eh. Sa loob lamang ng dalawang buwan na umupo siya. Marami ng mga nagpu-pull out ng kanilang mga investment sa stock market dahil sa EJK na yan at may mga nagsasara na rin mga company dahil sa pagbabanta ng mga rebelde.

  • Tensions are high between NATO-US and RUSSIA,CHINA WW3 in univitable kaya ayaw ni pres duterte na gagawin naman tayung battleground kung sakaling magka ww3,like what hapen n ww2 kung saan genawa tayung battleground ng hapun at amerika,

  • Hahaha, mga kakatawang lahi ang lahi ko.
    Mga masyadong matalino, mga husgado. China agad? Kaya lang di makatayo sa sariling paa kailangan may kaibigan na umalalay. Hahaha, kaya kahit corrupt ang gobyerno gustong pagtiyagaan basta magaling makipagkaibigan. Hinayupak na yan, hanggang kelan kayo magpapagamit? Manindigan naman kayo. Porke inaabuluyan kayo kaibigan na, pag nagyera yan sila at dito sa bansa natin mangyari tayo ang kawawa. Yun dapat ang iwasan. Ng gyerahin ba ng US ang Vietnam, may ibang bansa ba nakialam?

    • Kung girahin tayo ng china at walang makialam kakayanin mo? Kaya nga kailangan makikipagkaibigan para at least may makakaramay kung sakali man. Kung di naging maganda ang international ties ng dating gobyerno kakayanin mong tulungan ang yolanda victims? Ikaw hangaang kelan ka magpapakatanga sa ideyang di corrupt ang idol mo?

    • Hindi tayo gegerahin kung makipag usap tayo ng matino. At yun dapat ang iwasan, dahil kung di maiwasan kahit kumampi pa buong mundo sa atin, tayo pa rin ang kawawa dahil tayo ang maging battle ground at tayong sibilyan ang sasalo ng mga bala nila. Di mo ba alam ang ngyayari sa Syria? Maraming sibilyan ang namatay sa mga pagbobomba nila. Gusto mong mangyari din sa Pilipinas yan. Ganun ba ka bobo tingin mo sa gobyerno ng China na gyerahin na lang tayo basta ng walang dahilan? Terorista ba sila?

    • Tanga ang nag iisip ng gyera, na gyerahin ng China ang Pilipinas. Negosyo ang pangunahing pinagtutuunan nila ng pansin di ang manggyera. Sa panahon ngayon anong bansa ang ugali ay sumawsaw at gumyera sa iba? Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq at marami pang iba. Sino ang bansa na ginagawang negosyo ang gyera?

  • yang mga nag rarally ang dapat lumayas sa kalsada mga perwisyo kayo sa mga katulad naming mga nagtatrabaho dahil sa ginagawa ninyo laging trapik ang kalsada at ang mga kalat ninyo sa kalsada mga peste kayo sa korte suprema kayo magsampa ng kaso d ung sa kalsada kayo lagi ano ba naitulong ninyo sa gobyerno ha? wala na nga kayong naitulong dagdag perwisyo lang kayo

  • Actually, the US has no interest in occupying the Philippines militarily. There are so very few remaining US colonies. Most super countries are nolonger invading any country with intent to colonize. With PR as an exemption, colonization is nolonger the way to control a foreign nation or the use of miltary force. The rich nations control Third World undeveloped nations through neo-colonial means, that’s they control other foreign nations economy…you need a loan, they lend with high interest rates…the nation becomes indebt and is unable to payback the loan and the interest so in exchange to their obligation to pay back the lending country from the world bank, they export all their valuable resources, receiving low payments for their marketable goods only to pay it out. The US is not concern about the terroist conflict in the Philippines…they are concern with their investments falling into terroist or communist hands should they coupe the exsisting government and nationalize all the American businesses that are investing billions of US dollars here..

  • aasenso ang bawat pilipino pag nabago MINDSET natin ..pag na emulate natin ang yellow race Japanese Koreans Chinese and the white race ..tayo magaling lang tayo as a servant pero as a self employed tayo .dun tayo may run tayong MANANA HABIT

  • Yung mga pro-China at pro-Conmunism tuwang-tuwa ngayon. Between US at China mas may tiwala naman ako sa US dahil unlike sa China, ang US ay hinde nang agaw ng ating teritoryo gaya sa Spratlys at Scarborough Shoal na ginawa sa atin ng China. Noong maganap nga ang Yolanda dito sa atin pakitang tao lang ang China sa pagtulong sa ating mga kababayan na nabiktima ng Yolanda habang buhos naman ang tulong ng Japan, South Korea, US, at ng mga European countries sa mga lugar na winasak ng Yolanda. Naaalala ko pa noon napakalaki rin ng tulong na ipinagkaloob ng Canada, Taiwan, Australia at New Zealand.

  • baka mapareha to sa Iraq at kay saddam hussein, kunwari lang yang mga american forces na yan. . baka binenta na ni aquino ang pilipinas kay obama. .

  • Mga ignorante talaga kayo linoloko lng kayo ng mga cano. My isang cano na si Meiring sumabog ang kanyang amonium nitrate na bomb by accident sa loob ng evergreen hotel sa Davao. He has two metal boxes with bombs inside which he accidentally detonated inside his room in which his legs were severely injured. Tinakas sya agad ng mga FBI agents in the middle the night sakay ng learjet bgo sya makasohan ng city of Davao the nxt day. Nabolabog ang incident na yun na ung mga ang cano esp the CIA are the ones conducting the terrorist bombing in our country and blame it on the muslims. Para madivert ang attention sa media ang bombing incident inutosan ng cano si trillanes na mg mutiny sa oakwood. Nawala sa news tungkol ky Meiring lumipat ang attention kina trillanes. Trillanes is a CIA asset. Hanapin nyo sa google ang Meiring murder subversion and treason at basahin nyo ng maigi para gumising kayo at huminto na kayo sa pgdidila sa pwit ng americano

  • Our president made the right decision that the US must go. How can you trust a governtment that has the audacity to murder 3000 of their own citizens. God bless america or godamn america? I prefer the latter

  • Better remove US soldiers in Mindanao if this can ease their hatred .Mindanao was they’re ancestral domain long before it was Christianize.The massacres that US soldiers had done to our Muslim brothers cannot be easily forgotten by their younger generation.We cannot blame them for this ,for it was in the history how our Muslim brothers fought bravely to depend their land from invader which is America.Sad to say that most of us adapt western style not knowing of who really our ancestor are before we are colonize by diff.invaders.