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Liberally illiberal Liberals


With nauseating predictability, the Liberal establishment continues to honour its political mules with petty awards and denigrate any who dare to defy its will with the sort of hysteria you’d expect from a hormonal adolescent. It’s just another manifestation of the hypocrisy which propels this movement’s ideology.

Two recent examples. In November, Liberal International honoured Philippines’ Liberal Party stalwart, Senator Leila de Lima with its Prize for Freedom – its “highest human rights honor”. Liberal International is a global federation of Liberal political parties dedicated to imposing a Liberal Order on the world. It described De Lima – presently in police custody for alleged serious drugs crimes – as a “political prisoner” and as setting a “shining example for other human rights defenders”.

End December, the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) ‘honoured’ Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte as its “Man of the Year”. He earned that, apparently, as the “individual who has done the most in the world to advance organized criminal activity.” Among OCCRP’s sponsors is Open Society Foundations, founded by wealthy Leftist, George Soros – benefactor of all that’s Liberal.

While previous “Man of the Year” winners include Russian president, Vladimir Putin, and the Parliament of Romania, the Castro brothers of Cuba and the Hamas-led government of Palestine have never been nominated for this award. That should provide some clue to the OCCRP’s political bent.

The Liberal Order is an incestuous movement comprising political groups, parties and individuals who crave power like a crack head yearns for a snort of nose candy. Its muscle is found in the mainstream media, the human-rights cabal and academe whose workers and members take their cues from the Liberal elites.

Bereft of integrity, sadly for them they have no authority, no credibility and are little more than a laughing stock in the eyes of those who refused to be cowed by their incessant bullying. They are, in fact, everything they profess to despise.

Bankrupt of any vestige of scholarship this bitter brigade of poor losers believe they have some sort of clout which will make the world sit-up and pay attention. They have neither authority nor clout; all they have is a rapacious will to seize power and a bullying capacity to match.

In the Philippines – as elsewhere in the world – they’re to be found right across the mainstream media, the Roman Catholic Church, the university campuses, the human-rights industry and within the environmental elites, all of which have their own sycophants and hangers on.

They can’t be engaged in any form of constructive discussion – but then thick bullies rarely can. Largely intellectually challenged, they have one strategy only; to quash any who dare to question them. They are, in fact, the worse form of fascism the world has spawned since the Third Reich of Nazi Germany established in 1933.

They’re brutal and brutally dishonest; their currency is lies, manipulation and deceit. And at a time when the world needs genuine dialogue – honest and serious debate – they behave like Vandals and other members of the barbarian hoard which butchered and plundered its way to brief power in an orgy of anti-Rome hate that ushered in the Dark Ages in Europe in the first millennium.

The weapons and the tactics might have changed, but the venom and the hatred is the same. These are not people who seek to argue rationally; these are people and interests who believe in persecution and oppression – as we said, the things they profess to abhor in others.

They have no interest in discourse; their preference is for intimidation and coercion. Their quest is not for the truth; it is to subjugate any who dare to threaten or question their “right” to establish a World Liberal Order. These are supremacists who prey on the weak, dragooning them by using all the worst elements of fascism at their disposal. They are bullies by every definition.

The mainstream media has long squandered any respect the public had for it. Indeed, they did the almost impossible by becoming more despised by the public than the political classes. And one reason for that, of course, is because they became part of the political class. They became its workhorse; its mouthpiece; its fag.

They forsook objectivity and impartiality for a vulgar creed of political dogma; censoring and self-censoring in a heady revel in an attempt to make themselves relevant. They turned their news sheets into political pamphlets, their editorial floors into bastions of Liberal thought; their editorial meetings into gatherings to discuss political strategies – and, in the process, made themselves even more irrelevant.

Those coming into this profession today – from universities and journalism courses – believe their purpose is to perpetuate Liberalism; to push the Liberal agenda. That facts are negotiable; that verification is optional; that censorship is essential; that accountability is expendable. Ill-trained in the true purposes of journalism, they are Establishment’s yes-men and yes-women.

The age-old free-thinking and questioning spirit of the journalist has been replaced by pre-programmed automatons, pressed out on an assembly line in a Liberal-owned factory. Chuckies. They lack wit and insight and have been reduced to little more than workers at the coal face. In fact, actual workers at the coal face, possess far greater amounts of these qualities. After all, they live in the real world. Mainstream journalism is now a dead man walking.

Freedom of the press and of expression are supposed to be sacrosanct – a human right no less in a democracy which the Philippines is supposed to be. And yet, the likes of the National Union of Journalists of the Philippines which recently released what it deemed to be fake news sites – no Liberal ones of course among them – is no better than the Soviet-era censorship ministry, Glavit, which expunged all opposition to Establishment ideology.

Free thought is dangerous to such organisations. Free expression even more so. As far as the Liberal movement is concerned, there can be no room for any of that; such traits must be sanctioned. Opinions, other than their own, cannot be tolerated. After all they might be called to account and have to justify the propaganda they put out in the name of news and analysis. Their moth-eaten research might be put under the spotlight and shown up for the blatant deceit that lies beneath its masquerade of truth.

The Philippine Church, perhaps, is guilty of the greatest sin of all. It pawned its moral authority by embracing mammon in the form of political riches to elevate its Earthly glory – forsaking souls (at least those that possessed a contrary political persuasion to its own) to act out some warped theatrics of pastoral heroism in an ugly play for power. It chooses its martyrs carefully while throwing those who contradict its dictums on the breaking wheel.

Princes of the Church – the mitred and the mighty – have exchanged their vocation to serve the poor for a mess of potage which seemed to them full of political promise. It would give them power and prestige, they thought; make them statesmen as well as churchmen; make their voices resonate as they gushed from their pulpits using scripture as a political tool.

But, instead, it’s tarnished the institution of the Church; scattered the flock and created a schism among the faithful. Mass numbers will continue to dwindle, parishioners will continue to seek God in the churches of the Protestants; or simply ignore the Liberal doctrine around which the homilies commonly take shape. This is a judgmental Church and in pursuing a political path, the priesthood has lost its way and the Church’s moral authority has leaked away like black ink from a broken pen.

The problem with these two groups is that they both live in bubbles. Far removed from the things of life that many are forced to endure, they proffer cheap, trite ‘wisdom’ which is as relevant to the real ills of society as snake oil is as a cure for brain cancer. They are not just out of touch; they’re living in a parallel universe where reality has been replaced by a fluffy fiction.

But, how dare they denigrate those who look to President Rodrigo Duterte for an escape from a living Hell on Earth which these groups did nothing to contain? How do they make their prayers in the university chapels and the proud basilicas as, in their hovels, the poor and the marginalised pray for their president and for deliverance from that life of Hell? How much of the Church’s energy goes on the political cause to bring Duterte down? How little of its considerable wealth goes to materially helping the destitute – particularly those who love their president?

The human-rights groups, too, with their depthless capacity for political spin and manipulation, have become caricatures of themselves. In everything they do and say they’re an open book of Liberal causes.

In the Philippine context, their flowing rhetoric of standing up for those beaten down is shameful and as hollow as the dead crater of a long-extinct volcano. Their mission is political – unreservedly so. There are no shades of grey in their world; you either subscribe to what they say or you’re outcast – irrespective of how downcast. Human rights, it would seem, are not universal in the Philippines – to really qualify for them you need to first embrace the Liberal cause.

It matters not to the likes of arch Duterte critic, Human Rights Watch, if you live in a place where crime stalks around the clock; where men’s daughters are raped; where thieving is a daily act and fact of life, you’re only a legitimate cause if you subscribe to their doctrine. You must hate Duterte first and all he stands for before you can become worthy of being featured in their reports.

Fealty is what all these groups demand. And nothing short of that. And yet what they’ve all failed to realise is that people cannot be bullied into believing. In fact, as history has shown time and time again, subjecting people to this sort of behaviour only steels their resolve to resist.

The problem is the Liberal movement seems oblivious of that fact. Self-absorbed, their minds are closed leaving them incapable of stepping back from the trees to see the wood. They have no need of understanding; for them there’s no other point of view other than their own. Their will must be upheld and others must be made to bend to it.

Whether we’re talking about the Liberal political clans, the media, the human-rights cabal or the Church, it’s all about securing power. They can dress it up however they want but their motives and their mission are as transparent as a pane of glass. But it’s glass that one day will shatter into a thousand pieces.

And while in their world they attempt to portray white as black and black as white, back in the real world, the truth is there is no black and white – it’s all a thousand shades of grey. And that can’t be filtered by a blind ideology and a myopic media. It needs more than sight; it needs insight. It needs all the political baggage checking at the door. And that, this movement is incapable of doing – it will hang onto that baggage like a child clings to a comfort blanket. It’s its security; its raison d’être; the totality of its being.

There are still good men and women in Congress, in the media and in the Church in the Philippines – but the bullies always have the loudest voices, and they’ll continue to drown out dissent, stifle all opposition to their cause, vilify and demonise any who dare to question them and their motives.

But bullies like these only survive when they’re allowed to bully. Certainly they have power. And from the altar to the press card to their international affiliations they’ll use it. But in the end – like the fascists that have gone before them; the Nazis and the Barbarians – they’ll fail and one day they’ll become just another odious footnote of history. A rejected cause.


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